Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 10


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


“Yes, I will explain it. I would first of all like to reintroduce myself. Cornellia El Lucent, the first princess of The Elven Kingdom, at your service.” (Cornellia)

And there we have our answer. Ms. Cornellia, the S-ranked adventurer I had formed a party with is actually the first princess of the Elven empire.

Doesn’t that mean that I just lopped off the arm of the prince of that empire. Fuck. Well, he was the one at fault, right? I’ll say that him suddenly attacking me scared me and my hands slipped.


Like hell that’ll work.

“So…. you are the first princess.” (Sam)

“Yes.” (Cornellia)

I couldn’t stop the sigh that escaped my lips.

If I go according to the Light Novels I’ve read back in my world, the situation should be like this.

“Then, I assume the situation is like this. You have actually run away from your country for some reasons, and your brother here came along with his elite troops to search for you.” (Sam)

“T-That’s………. Yes, you are absolutely correct.” (Cornellia)

She agreed with an amazed look on her face.

Huh? That was actually true?

“Then, can I also assume that the reason you ran away had to do something with the healing abilities you just showed?” (Sam)

“Haaah…… Yes, you’re once again correct.” (Cornellia)

She agreed again, this time with a sigh.

So it really was just as I expected, huh? Wow.

“I understand. It was nice partying up with you. But I’ve just realised that there are some important businesses that I must attend to. So, farewell.” (Sam)

I turned around and started walking after saying that.

What else am I supposed to do anyway. I have no reason to make enemies out of an entire nation due to a woman I met just two hours ago. Although other naive heroes who are filled with the sense of justice would have listened to her and tried to help her, unfortunately I’m not that kind of person. The world works on logic, and logic dictates that the demerits of helping her far outweigh the merits.

“W-Wait! Who allowed you to leave!” (Brother)

The one who tried to stop me was the brother.

I turned around, and mocked him.

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who just got his entire arm cut by me in a single swing.” (Sam)

“Kugh!” (Brother)

The brother groaned after remembering the humiliation he felt from before.

“B-But I won’t let you leave! I will kill you no matter the cost!” (Brother)

His dedication is impressive in a sense. I just hope that he was dedicated to something more constructive, like jumping off a cliff.

“Why do you want to kill me so much anyway. I don’t remember doing anything to you, except cutting off your arm, of course. And that too was because I got scared after you suddenly attacked me and I tried to defend myself.” (Sam)

I went ahead and actually said that. Wow.

“Why, you ask? You have the nerve to ask me that after seducing my cute little sister and inducing her to betray the empire just for your own benefits!” (Brother)

Eh? I seduced his cute little sister? Me? It would have made a tiny bit of sense it if he had said that his sister had seduced me, but….

Ah, I see. He’s a lost cause as well. And here we have a siscon. I pity the one who’ll marry Cornellia.

“What the fuck are you talking about? I met her just two hours ago. And you seriously think that she’ll be seduced by someone who’s appearance is as bizarre as mine?” (Sam)

“Th-That’s certainly true….. No wait! You cannot fool me! You must have used some kind of mind control on her!” (Brother)

Yeah yeah, the Hero who was summoned just a month ago is going around brainwashing people. Do I look like the type of person who has that much of free time on his hands? What would I even get from brainwashing her?

He was just about to agree there, wasn’t he? Is my appearance that strange? What am I, the G*bl*n Sla*er?

Anyway, just how delusional can this siscon get? I need to stay the fuck away from him.

Just as I was about to retort in return, the siscon was punched from behind. The punch sent him flying and he crashed into a tree. The one who punched him, was of course Cornellia.

“I’ve had enough of you, brother! Just when will you stop interpreting things in a way convenient to you?! This was the reason I ran away from home! You, mother, father and everyone else just fucking want things to go your way! All of you tried to bind and use me just because of my healing magic! Did you ever ask me what I wished for?! What I wanted?! No! I even lost Alice because of your goddamn selfishness! And that’s why I ran away, not because someone seduced me!” (Cornellia)

She shouted in rage.

Cornellia’s switch finally flipped, and she vent out everything she had been feeling. Probably.

Her face was filled with rage, but tears were also streaming down her eyes. Looks like she has faced a lot in her life. Should I try to comfort her, and offer my shoulder to cry on? That might be a bad move. Trying to comfort her would be an insult to the rage she’s feeling right now.

The elves surrounding us along with the brother looked dumbfounded. Perhaps they never considered the possibility that they were the ones at fault? I expected the brother to spout some nonsensical shit about how he is not the one at fault and that I must have used mind control on her, but looks like that he is not that much of a lowlife.

The moment he heard the name of Alice, his face was filled with remorse and immense guilt. It looked like that he would soon start crying.

Maybe this Alice was important to him too?

Cornellia soon wiped off her tears and looked towards me.

“Let’s go, Sam. We have nothing to do with these people.” (Cornellia)

Is that the right thing to do though? And why do I have to go with you?

“W-Wait. Please listen to me, Cornellia.” (Brother)

“I have no reason to listen to you, 1st prince of the Elven Empire.” (Cornellia)

“Please wait! This was the sole reason I came looking for you! I know of a way to bring back Alice!” (Brother)

“What did you say?!” (Cornellia)

She asked in shock.

Huh? From the way Cornellia was talking about Alice, and from the way this siscon reacted to her name, it should be safe to assume that this Alice is dead. Then bringing her back would mean resurrecting her, no? Does such a way exist in this world?

Just before it seemed that Cornellia would not listen to a single word said by her brother, but that one single sentence changed it. Cornellia grabbed the collars of her brother and shouted in desperation.

“A way to bring her back?! What is it?! Tell me right now!” (Cornellia)

Uhh…. how is he supposed to speak if you constantly shake him like this? But I didn’t say this out loud, lest she might grab my collars instead.

Now this should be the scene where this siscon would demand something outrageous from Cornellia, like asking her to give him her body or marry him. Or that’s I thought would happen, but the brother once again proved me wrong and said.

“The only one who can bring her back, is The Ancient Dragon Shiggurath.” (Brother)

Wait. What did he just say? He just spoke the name of Shiggurath, right?


The siscon has gone insane! He just spouted the name of the being that once killed both the Demon King and the Hero just because they pissed him off!

“Give me more details!” (Cornellia)

Cornellia has also gone mad. Wow.

Time to get the fuck out of here before I get dragged in this bullshit.




  1. Hmm I wonder what kind of theme I should go…
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    • It’s better to go with an unusual one. There are just too many usual ones out there.
      Ah but make sure that you enjoy what you write. That’s the most important thing.

    • I’ll be looking forward to see it if you decided to apply 😉

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      • We take it seriously so it’s done slowly and carefully. Nef has started reading it, he found some spelling mistakes (whoops), after we have gone through the story, we will provide the feedback summary. Please give us a couple of days (give or take).

    • Pick an unusual one or take a usual one and flip it on its head. Can be ways to find unusual takes on the usual tropes

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