Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 12


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


I was now walking behind Cornellia. We were going through a large hallway, to meet this person called Alice. Due to the way Cornellia had talked and acted when it came to Alice, I had previously thought that she was dead, and that we’re going to ask Shiggurath to resurrect her.

But it later turned out that she’s still alive. And based from what Charles, Cornellia’s brother, told us about the story of the 2nd elf king, I think it would be safe to assume to that this Alice is suffering from an incurable illness. Well, I’ll probably know after meeting her.

This also means that we want Shiggurath to cure Alice, and not to resurrect her. This also means that I misunderstood what Charles had said. I thought that he meant that it was easy for Shiggurath to resurrect someone. However, what was easy for Shiggurath was to cure Alice’s ailment.

We continued down the hallway in silence, and after some time reached a room. Cornellia knocked twice on the room, and then opened it. I entered after her. What I saw after going inside was a large, simple room. There were no decorations or anything like that. It seemed that I had come into the room of a commoner.

The only exception was the bed, which was quite large for the use of a single person. Cornellia sat on a chair beside the bed, but since there was no chair for me, I remained standing behind her. Not to mention that it seems that Cornellia has totally forgotten about me. This Alice must be very important to her.

A blue-haired girl was lying on the bed. It looked as if she was sleeping, and I knew that she was alive from the ever-so slight motion of her chest due to breathing. But overall it looked as if she was in such a deep sleep that she would never wake up.

This girl reminds me of her. She’s also in an eternal sleep, but unlike Cornellia I still have no way of bringing her back. No, it would be more precise to say that although I have a method of bringing her back, I still have no way to execute that method. Well, let’s focus on what’s in front of me.

Cornellia, who had been sitting silently till now, started speaking.

“I’m home, Alice!” (Cornellia)

Albeit the tone of the voice was her normal cheery one. From that point on Cornellia started speaking as if Alice was talking to her. Perhaps she’s considering the faint possibility that Alice can still listen, and hence she doesn’t want her to feel lonely? That’s probably it. Alice sure is loved very much by Cornellia.

This continued on for about an hour. Cornellia kept talking and I just stood behind her without making a single noise. Though I must admit that Cornellia has good story-telling skills. Even I was engrossed in her stories. But when she reached the point in her story where she met me, she suddenly stopped speaking. As if having suddenly remembered something, she hurriedly stood up, and turned around to look at me.

Oh yeah, I am also in this room with her and she had completely forgotten about me. Well, I also forgot about myself and was lost in my reveries and Cornellia’s stories. But Cornellia, who has no way of knowing that, panicked and started bowing and apologising.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry! I completely forgot about you even though I was the one who asked you to come with me!” (Cornellia)

“Don’t worry about that. Please don’t mind me and continue doing what you were doing.” (Sam)

Cornellia glanced at Alice who was still sleeping on the bed, but then faced me and shook her head.

“No, that’s enough for today. And I want to talk with her for real next time. I now have a way of bringing her back after all.” (Cornellia)

“Good for you.” (Sam)

“Yes! And now that I think about it, I haven’t told you about Alice, have I? Let me tell you right now!” (Cornellia)

Not that there’s any specific need to do that. And wait, is she going to tell me about Alice right here without offering me any place to sit? Cornellia, who was now too engrossed in telling me about Alice, was unable to notice such small details and started talking.

“You see, Alice is actually my little sister. And she is the person I love and treasure the most in this world. Unlike others around me who treated me like a tool and only tried to use me for their own benefits, Alice treated me like an individual. She was the one who brought colour to my life. I still remember the times when we played together like the sisters we’re supposed to be.” (Cornellia)

Treated like a tool? Ah, that must be because of her healing magic.

But after that point, her expression darkened, and her tone contained hostility and wrath in it.

“But one day, Alicia suddenly fell ill. I wanted to use my healing magic to treat her, but my parents, the current emperor and empress of this empire, sent me out to heal a noble who they were on bad terms with. The noble had apparently badly injured himself after encountering a very powerful monster while he had gone out for hunting. I protested fiercely, but I was still forcibly sent there. They thought that helping in healing that noble would improve their relations with him and hence make them more powerful. But when I returned after 3 days, Alice was already in this state. And there was nothing that I could do to reverse it. Neither me, nor any doctor. No one knew what happened to her. But I know, I know that I would’ve been able to cure her if I had not been sent to that damned noble’s estate. And that’s why hate everyone around me. My parents, brother, everyone and everything belonging to this empire, I hate it from the bottom of my heart! And so I ran away from here so I could find a cure for Alice’s sickness. But who would have thought that the thing I’ve been desperately searching for my entire life was right under my nose……” (Cornellia)

Her story ended there, but she once again spoke. Although this time, it was almost like a whisper, and felt like a cry for help.

“Do you know it, Sam? Do you know the pain of losing something very precious to you?” (Cornellia)

It almost seemed that she just wanted someone to vent to. And I fulfilled that role. But I didn’t answer her question. I have no way of conveying my feelings anyway. The pain of losing someone precious, she asks. The answer to her question is that unfortunately, there’s probably no one who knows the pain of losing something precious better than me. But it’s not me we are talking about here, is it?

“I understand. Then we don’t have any time to waste, do we? Let’s go find this Shiggurath right now and have him heal your sister. You have my full support, provided that you teach me that healing magic, of course.” (Sam)

“And what about the other condition? I remember you said something like running away the moment it seems that your life would be in danger?” (Cornellia)

“Of course that still applies. Though in this situation, the only ones who’ll threaten my life are Shiggurath and the entire elven army. And I doubt that either of them will let me just run away. Depending on the situation, I might have to fight.” (Sam)

“Heeeh…. there’s no need for male tsunderes, you know.” (Cornellia)

“What would you mean by that?” (Sam)

“I said it before, right? That you cannot fool the eyes of an expert. Just so you know, my brother Charles is the 10th strongest in this empire. And you cut off his arm as if you were cutting butter with a hot knife. There wasn’t even a speck of blood on your sword. For someone as powerful as you, simply running away would be a piece of cake.” (Cornellia)

What?! That siscon is the 10th strongest in this empire? But………… I don’t know if that’s impressive or not. For example, I knew at a glance that the knight commander of the elven army, Kazark was at least as strong as my teachers back at Gundia. And that siscon cannot even compare to Karzark. I can probably beat him though.

“Whatever. Let’s go right now. Since it was night for us just 3 hours ago back at Gundia, I am not tired. I assume it’s the same for you. So let’s go right now.” (Sam)

“Okay! I’ll call my brother right now to have him lead the way.” (Cornellia)

Good. Let’s save Alice.

Hey, right now, aren’t I acting like the naive Heroes I despise? Good grief…… Well, it’s true that I want to help Alice. But that’s not because of a sense of justice, but a selfish desire. Not to mention that I want to learn the healing magic, and also want to meet Shiggurath. Let’s see just how strong the strongest creature to exist in this world is.




  1. Hanks for the chapter

    So the love interest has yet to be seen and MC is head over heels for her

  2. This girl reminds me of her. She’s also in an eternal sleep, but unlike Cornellia I still have no way of bringing her back.

    There is a typo that should be replaced with Alice instead of Cornellia.

    • Uhh, no. In the latter part of this sentence, Sam is comparing ‘himself’ to ‘Cornellia’. In other words, Cornellia has a way of bringing Alice back (namely Shiggurath), but Samuel doesn’t.

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