Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 14


Author: Anit666

【Chloe’s POV】


Due to not paying attention while training, I’ve already been reprimanded by Liera 3 times. Well, I can’t help it, can I? For me, the issues with my love life are more important than today’s training.

But as Liera had declared on the first day, I did cry tears of blood during our training. Looking back at this past month, I can’t help but wonder how I’m still alive. In fact, this much seems normal now. Let’s hope that I haven’t become some training freak.

The training ended after some time, and me and Jack came back to the castle. Contrary to my expectations, Jack immediately went back to his room. Usually, he would hang around a bit more before going back. Is it really my fault?

No no! I shouldn’t think in such a negative way! Yeah, he was just too tired so he went to rest! It’s not my fault!

Though I don’t think that I can keep deluding myself with such baseless thoughts for much longer. I need to take concrete steps to win over Jack. For that, let’s take advice from others.

With that goal in my mind, I went to meet to Liera. She’s the one I’m most comfortable with, and since she’s already more than 5000 years old she might be able to give me some good advice. I arrived at her room, and knocked on the door.

“Teacher, it’s me, Chloe. I have something important to discuss with you. Can I come in?” (Chloe)

“Sure. Come in.” (Liera)

I opened the door and went inside. Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve come into her room. The room was quite large. There was a bed in one corner, while the other corner had a sofa set and a table, probably for visitors.

The wall on my right was filled with many different kinds of swords, except the centre where a portrait of Liera was hung. The art style of the portrait was different from what I’d seen till now in this world. Maybe this was a portrait from when she was young? Though she still looks young. Maybe she’s forever young? She has achieved the goal that women can only dream of.

As I continued to look around in the room, Liera, who was sitting on the sofa, finally spoke.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” (Liera)

Oh yeah! I came here to talk about Jack! I sat opposite to her. She poured me some tea. After taking a sip, I told her about my worries.

“It’s actually about Jack…… After Sam left this morning, Jack has barely talked with me. I’m worried that he hates me.” (Chloe)

“Ah, the worries of a maiden in love huh. So that’s why you weren’t paying attention today. It sure is nice to be young.” (Liera)

“L-Love?! That’s no-” (Chloe)

“Just drop the act. I knew it from the first day that you liked Jack, and that he showed no particular interest in you. That guy….. I don’t know what’s going on in his mind. He always has a poker face.” (Liera)

“That’s true…… In fact, even I can’t tell what he’s thinking most of the time.” (Chloe)

“So he’s the same with you too, huh….. Just what’s his deal?” (Liera)

“Dunno.” (Chloe)

We started thinking in silence about Jack for some time.

Wait, this isn’t what I came here for! Since she already knows that I have a crush on Jack, I might as well be completely open about it and ask for some love advice.

“Let’s leave that aside for now. I actually came here for what you may call love advice. Teach me! What should I do to win over Jack?!” (Chloe)

“Whoa, hold your horses there. I’m not a love guru or anything like that. Not to mention that despite living for such a long time, I don’t have much experience with love. So yeah, I might not be able to help you.” (Liera)

“Th-that’s……” (Chloe)

My voice dropped at the end. So even Liera can’t help me, huh…..
My head drooped as I started to get depressed, but.

“But there are a few things I can tell you.” (Liera)

A sudden ray of light in this hopeless situation! I looked towards her with great expectations.

“Please tell me!” (Chloe)

“Okay. First of all, know this: Love is madness, love is war. You can’t just sit around hoping to somehow win over his heart. You’ll have to work for it. Work very hard. And don’t stop thinking about it. Agonize and strategize over how to make him love you. Don’t falter, maintain your resolve! Don’t go the wrong way, just walk straight ahead! For love, for love, just slaughter them all for love!” (Liera)

Looks like Liera got too excited as she was now almost leaning over me and breathing roughly. And although I have some doubts about that last part. Just who am I supposed to slaughter? But….. what she has said is completely right!

What am I doing getting depressed over Jack not paying any attention to me when I haven’t even done everything I can?! I see, so love is war huh. So that’s why they say that everything is fair in love and war. Good! From now on, I’ll take the offensive to win over Jack’s heart!

“Thanks a lot, teacher! I’ll take your teachings to my heart and put them in practice starting now!” (Chloe)

“Good! Always remember this: love is something that must be earned. And in that endeavour, everything is fair.” (Liera)

“Yes!” (Chloe)

This has made me see Ms. Liera in a completely new light! But just as I was about to thank her once again,

I heard a very large explosion, and the whole castle shook. The shaking was so violent that I almost fell over. The castle would have already fallen down if it had been made with normal methods. I looked towards Liera in confusion, hoping to get an explanation for what was happening, but she also looked bewildered.

“That sound…. it came from the main gates of the castle….” (Liera)

Just what is happening here?




  1. Demon attack!!! Run for the hills everyone! Women and children after me! I’ll boldly lead the way, away from the monsters.

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  3. Well, it couldn’t be helped that it was short.
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