Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 15


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


“Okay! I’ll call my brother right now and have him lead the way to Shiggurath.” (Cornellia)

After saying this Cornellia went out of the room to call her brother, leaving me alone with Alice.

I’m currently in the royal castle of the Elven Empire, and I’m here to help Cornellia negotiate with Shiggurath to cure her sister’s illness. In return for my help, she would teach me the Healing Magic which practically restored Charles’, the First Prince of this Empire, arm. I had no choice but to agree after she gave me that offer. But now that I think I about it, isn’t this situation kinda weird? I was summoned as a Hero just a month ago.

Going by the manual, or the Light Novels that I read back in my world, I should right now be in some low-levelled dungeon fighting weak monsters with my friends to become strong. Then I would’ve encountered a really strong monster there, and somehow killed it with the help of Nakama Power. Yet here I am, alone, perplexed, and getting ready to meet the strongest existence of this world which might kill me just on a whim. Truly a ridiculous situation.

I continued cursing my fate in silence, and was about to get depressed but Cornellia suddenly barged into the room, with Charles and Karzark behind her. Wait, why is Karzark also here?

“I’m back with my brother. Oh and Karzark will also be coming with us. Apparently he’s worried about my safety.” (Cornellia)

He’s probably coming with us to keep an eye on me. From a country’s perspective, letting both the First prince and princess travel alone with a suspicious masked man, me in this case, would be the height of foolishness. Well, having additional fighting prowess wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Or maybe it would. That would depend on Karzark, I guess.

“Got it. Let’s go then.” (Sam)

But now that I think carefully about it, what if all of this is a trap? What if this situation was actually fabricated in order to lure me to the mountain? What if there is a strong foe on that mountain who can possibly kill me? In fact, what absolute guarantee do I have that these elves are not working with Demons? The possibilities are endless, but the information is limited. I’d better stay on my guard.

Damn, I should’ve brought Hargreave along with me. Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. Moreover, if I can survive in that Hell, then I can survive anything.

“W-Wait. Are you sure you want to go right now, at night? It would be dangerous to go in the night, you know.” (Karzark)

“Yes, we’re going right fucking now! If you have any objections, then you’re welcome to not come with us.” (Cornellia)

“N-no…… I’ll be coming with you….” (Karzark)

Karzark’s voice was quite shaky now. Are all elven men like this, or is it just due to Cornella? Maybe Cornellia is a tyrant? Not that I care.

“Well then, brother. Please lead the way.” (Cornellia)

The siscon brother nodded and started walking. We followed him. After walking through many hallways of the castle for about 20 minutes, we finally reached a very large door at the end of a hallway. Two guards were standing at the either side of the door, but they immediately opened it after seeing us.

After going through the gate, we found ourselves out of the castle, on the foot of the mountain behind it. The mountain wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but it was still half as big as Mt. Everest.

“Shiggurath is at the summit of this mountain.” (Charles)

So this has unexpectedly turned into mountain climbing. Damn, I forgot to bring my mountain climbing kit. We’d also need Oxygen cylinders, no?

Why do dragons always live in such hard to live places anyway? Is it like, a fashion trend or something among them? If I was a dragon then I’d definitely live in open plains or a forest, or someplace that’s comfortable.

We started walking along the mountain trail that went to the summit. The whole mountain was covered with a very dense forest, so the path led us through the middle of it. The forest was so dense that I felt that I would never return if I got lost in it.

Coupled with it being the middle of the night, and there being absolute silence around us, this situation felt quite eerie. And since this a forest on a mountain, it surely must be inhabited by monsters who might come attack us any time. It would be better to be on my guard.

Aside from the occasional questions that I asked to satiate my curiosity, we continued on in absolute silence. Cornellia was probably too focused on meeting Shiggurath that she couldn’t make any idle talk. That’s good though. Since we’re going to negotiate, it’s better to be prepared beforehand so that she can get what she wants.

On the other hand, Kazark was the silent type, probably, while me and Charles weren’t interested in talking with each other. Who would talk with a siscon? But wait…… How can I judge him? He’s an elf, while I’m a human. It might be wrong of me to judge him based on my race’s common sense and values. It’s possible that marriage between siblings is allowed in the Elfs.

I asked Karzark about this, and he said that although there’s no law that prohibits it, marriage between siblings is still avoided. Well……. Fuck it. There’s no point in thinking about it.

Aside from this pointless information, I was still able to learn a few things. The first one being that there are actually no monsters on this mountain. This is…… bad. In the worst-case scenario, my first real battle after being summoned might just be with Shiggurath. Wow.

Though I don’t actually know how that fight would progress. It’s possible that I might be able to easily win, and it’s also possible that I would be insta-killed. I would be troubled if it’s the latter. Although I have no particular interest in living, there are still some things that I have to do, so I cannot die yet.

The reason that there are no monsters on this mountain is due to monster-repelling artifacts. According to Kazark, since having the mountain just behind the castle being filled with monsters would raise many issues with the security of the castle, they specially arranged for and installed many monster-repelling artifacts on this mountain.

Artifacts, are basically magical devices. They are just regular objects that have a magic formation embedded into them for a single magic. But since it’s difficult to make them, they are rare, and also very expensive.

While I was thinking about this, we neared the summit of the mountain, and it was amost the time for the sun to rise. Though now that I see it, it looks more like the top of a volcano from here. Does Shiggurath likes it hot? We climbed and finally reached the summit.

Looks like what I assumed earlier was true. This is a volcano. However, the volcanic crater didn’t contain the boiling hot lava I was expecting it to. In fact, it wasn’t even hot here, evident by the cool breeze that occasionally seeped in through the gaps of my mask.

The surface of the crater was flat, and at it’s centre lied a lake filled with crystal clear water. The lake was surrounded by a small clearing, followed by a forest. But unlike the forest we had just travelled through, this one was just a normal forest.

The sun had already made it’s presence known beyond the horizon, and the sunlight being reflected of the surface of the lake along with the faint chirping of the birds and rustling of the trees due to a gentle wind created a very beautiful and tranquil scene. I can probably live the rest of my life here. I now see why Shiggurath chose this place as it’s home.

But before I could lose myself in this scenery, the trees a short distance away from us started rustling and something suddenly popped out of them and went up in the sky. It then stopped when it was just in between us and the sun, and started floating. Due to the sunlight from behind, I couldn’t see what it was clearly but that silhouette, it’s clearly of a dragon. A very deep, heavy voice resounded as that figure spoke.

“You elves, what have you come here for? Answer wisely, for I might destroy you depending on your answer.”

Yepp, that’s Shiggurath alright. And geez, why so violent?




  1. Thanks for chapter
    Hmm after I make 5 chapters, I decided to remake it again…
    I wonder what’s wrong with that …
    It’s lack something

    BTW i look at yours senpai I feels like reading yhko

    • There might be many reasons why you’re not satisfied with what you’ve written. Assuming that this is your first time writing a novel, I suggest that you head over to Jerry Jenkin’s online guide for aspiring authors and read his blogs. That’ll teach you all the basics of writing a novel, including how to develop a plot, how to write characters and make them real, how to make the dialogues intriguing etc.
      Moreover, if you have some free time, then I recommend reading ‘The Elements of Style’ by William Strunk. It’s one of the best books for people who want to improve their English writing style.
      Hope this helps.

      And my novel feels similar to yhko? In what way? Is it due to the writing style? Or the plot?

    • It can happen a lot, especially when you are writing for the first time. 90% of the time you haven’t found the right “voice” or tone for your story. A good idea is to narrow the spectrum of your story, take that first couple of chapters and make the plot as rigid as possible, don’t leave things open-ended, unless you are a glutton for insanity like I am.

      Another good book is Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. It’s great for understanding punctuation and readability as well.

  2. Yepp, that’s Shiggurath alright.

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