Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 17


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】

“Very well, I shall form the contract with you.” (Sam)

But now that I think about it, how would we form the contract? Shiggurath, seemingly satisfied with my answer, spoke again in a delighted tone.

“Good. Let’s form it right now.” (Shiggurath)

“And how are we going to do that?” (Sam)

“It’s simple. We just have to kiss.” (Shiggurath)

“Oh Oka- Wait…. Did you just say kiss?” (Sam)

“Yes.” (Shiggurath)

What’s with that bizarre way of forming a contract? Can’t we do something more normal, like writing the terms and conditions on a paper and signing it? More importantly, how the fuck am I even supposed to kiss a dragon? And he’s a male goddamnit!

“Isn’t there….. any other respectable way to do it? Something which would let me maintain my dignity?” (Sam)

“Another way, huh…… Well, there is one. But it has some complications.” (Shiggurath)

“Complications?” (Sam)

What could be more complicated than kissing a male dragon?

“Yes. In that method, we’ll have to drink each other’s blood. Because of that, we’ll be able to get a glimpse at each other’s innermost desires and emotions. Are you fine with that?” (Shiggurath)

My innermost desires and emotions, huh. Hmmm……. I don’t think there’s any problem with that. It’s not like he’ll be able to understand my emotions. Even if he does, it wouldn’t matter to me. And this definitely is better than kissing him!

“I’m fine with it. Let’s form the contract then.” (Sam)

“Is that so? Okay then. Oh, and by the way, do you know how to use floating magic?” (Shiggurath)

“Floating magic? Yes, I do? Why?” (Sam)

“Good. Start using it and get off my back.” (Shiggurath)

I did what he said and started floating. Unlike the usual one where people use gusts of wind to float, I alter the effect of gravity upon myself to float. Using this method, you can even fly in any direction you want, which is not possible with the conventional floating magic. It’s difficult to use, yes, but it’s much more useful once you get the hang of it.

But now that I think about it, how would we drink each other’s blood? We don’t have to bite each other’s necks like vampires, right? But before I could ask, Shiggurath started glowing with a red colour. That glow continued getting stronger, so strong that I couldn’t even look at him. Then that light suddenly vanished, and what came out was an insanely beautiful woman. The woman had long silver glossy hair, and her eyes were crimson.

Wait, a woman?

“Now then, Sam, let’s form the contract.” (Shiggurath)

“Who are you?” (Sam)

After hearing my question, the woman became expressionless for a moment, and then exclaimed.

“Eh? I’m Shiggurath, The Ancient Dragon!” (Shiggurath)

Huh? This woman is Shiggurath? What the actual fuck? Shiggurath was actually a female? And he- I mean, she can transform?!

“But I thought you were a male! Even your voice was like one!” (Sam)

“All dragons sound like that. I’m a legitimate female dragon.” (Shiggurath)

Both female and male dragons have the same voice? What’s with this messed up system?

“Anyway, let’s form the contract.” (Shiggurath)

Ignoring my visible confusion, she took out two small bowls out of thin air and gave one to me. She actually used space manipulation magic there. She produced a distortion in space around her to open a portal and connected it to the place where these bowls were, took them and then restored that distortion.

Although it sounds very easy, manipulation of space and time is the highest realm in magic that all magicians aspire to reach. But she just pulled it off like it was nothing. And people say that I am the one who does outrageous things. Good grief….

Shiggurath then bit her wrist and poured blood in the bowl. I did the same, albeit with a knife, and then we exchanged our bowls. The blood inside the bowl was red. Phew.

“Now we have to drink it. You go first.” (Shiggurath)

I complied and drank the blood. It’s taste was just like a human’s blood. I drank it all, and then closed my eyes to feel the process of forming the contract. I could feel an enormous amount of mana flowing inside me, and all that mana went to my heart and started collecting there. I could feel the mana trying to alter my soul and make the contract. I allowed the mana to do so, and my soul was altered a little bit.

And that’s when unknown foreign emotions started flowing into my mind. They came suddenly, and I was feeling all of them at the same time. Grief, rage, hopelessness, guilt and finally, loneliness. I was feeling them at once. It’s not like that there weren’t any positive emotions. There were times when I felt happy, but they were few. What dominated the most was the feeling of loneliness and guilt. The demerits of living a long life number many, huh. After feeling all those emotions, I was finally able to take a peek at what Shiggurath desired the most. She just……. wants to resurrect someone. That’s all that she wants.

Sorry Shiggurath, but your wish would never come to pass. No one has the authority to alter the cycle of life and death. Well, there is one, but…..

I opened my eyes. Shiggurath was still standing in front of me.

“I drank your blood, and felt your emotions. You sure have it hard, huh…. Anyway, drink my blood and let’s complete the contract.” (Sam)

“Don’t pity me, child. You are far too young to comprehend my emotions.” (Shiggurath)

Her tone was slightly colder this time. Looks like I stepped on a landmine. I’ll have to be careful next time. Shiggurath, now started drinking my blood. Like me, she also closed her eyes. Perhaps she also wants to feel her soul being altered? I wonder whether she would be able to understand my emotions.

As I continued watching her, Shiggurath started trembling. Sweat started appearing on her forehead, her breathing got heavy, and she was clutching her chest so hard that I got worried that she might just rip it off. She then started swaying, and suddenly she started to fall! What the fuck?!

Did her floating magic get cancelled?! I rushed after her to catch her, and finally managed to do so. How ironic, a human has to save a dragon from falling from the sky.

I looked at her face, but she was still in anguish. Since I didn’t know what to do, I just kept floating while carrying her. Before long, she opened her eyes, and spoke in a trembling voice.

“You……… just what are you? Just what did you go through to feel something like…….. this? How are you still calm, and alive after feeling these emotions? How can you talk so normally, and act as if nothing happened? Tell me, just how?” (Shiggurath)

She asked in an almost pleading tone. She asked me a similar question earlier, didn’t she? I wonder how should I answer her.

“Me? I’m just a human, Shiggurath. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.” (Sam)

Yepp, let’s go with this. I neither have the interest nor the time to tell her about me and my story.

“You don’t want to answer huh… Fine. I didn’t answer either, did I? Moreover, how long are you planning to carry me? I’m fine now, so let me go.” (Shiggurath)

Oh yeah, I’m still carrying her. I put her down. Though I say ‘down’, I just let her go gently and she started floating once again.

“The contract is complete with this. We are now comrades. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you in case of any danger!” (Shiggurath)

“Likewise.” (Sam)

I could feel a strange connection with Shiggurath. This connection gave me a feeling of closeness with Shiggurath and a feeling of security, making me strangely calm.

And thus, I became the comrade of the strongest being of this world.




  1. Slightly curious if Sam regrets not taking the kiss option now. ?

    • Lemme ask him.

      Sam: If a day ever comes when I don’t regret something like that, I want you to kill me in the shittiest way possible.

      Yepp, he’s very regretful

  2. “There’s no way you can comprehend my feelings, you… HOLY CRAP ON A POPSICLE STICK how the hell are you SANE after all that!”

    Well, it was already clear that he’s _not_ your average high school student… just what is his true background, him and his lackey Jack?

    Eventually, all will be made clear… or not.

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