Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 18


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】

I am now the partner of The Ancient Dragon, Shiggurath. But aren’t things progressing quickly? Too quickly, in fact. Well, who cares.

“Since I’ve fulfilled your condition, I presume that you’ll now cure the illness of Cornellia’s, that elf, sister, right?” (Sam)

“Of course. I promised after all.” (Shiggurath)

“Good. Then let’s go.” (Sam)

I started to fly downwards to reach the summit of that volcano, where Cornellia and the others were. Shiggurath followed me in her human form. Does she plan to meet them like this? I’m sure they’ll have the same reactions as mine.

Shiggurath was using air to fly. However, her control on the air was superb, so she was able to fly just like me.

“Hey Sam, just what kind of method are you using to fly? You clearly aren’t manipulating the air around you.” (Shiggurath)

She asked in a confused tone. Well, it’s only natural that she’d ask that, given how I’m not using gales to fly.

“Ah I’m just using magic to manipulate gravity. This method lets me fly without any restrictions.” (Sam)

“Giraviti? What’s that ominous sounding thing?” (Shiggurath)

“Ominous…? It’s just the force with which this planet attracts you. Every object exerts an attractive force on other object due to their mass. That’s the gravitational force.” (Sam)

“…… What?” (Shiggurath)

‘What’s this guy saying?’ was written all over her face.

Yepp. Just as I thought, she couldn’t understand it. How should I explain it….

“Look at it like this. The reason you fell down earlier was due to gravity. The reason you can stand and walk on earth is also due to gravity.” (Sam)

Her eyes widened in surprise at this surprising discovery, and she spoke in an excited tone.

“Oooh! So, if get rid of this giraviti then I can fly however I want!” (Shiggurath)

Isn’t that a bit extreme?

“No, please don’t get rid of it. If you do so, then you’ll keep floating and go into space and die. You just have to alter the effect of gravity on you.” (Sam)

“Hmm…. sounds difficult.” (Shiggurath)

“Don’t worry. I’ll teach you about it later. Let’s cure Cornellia’s sister first.” (Sam)

“Very well………….. You’re just like the first hero.” (Shiggurath)

The last part of her statement was spoken in a low, yet nostalgic tone.

“The first hero? The one that angered you and so you killed him?” (Sam)

“No, you’re wrong. I never killed the first hero. In fact, she was my first partner. This was a story made up by the humans.” (Shiggurath)

“Is that so? And how am I similar to her? “(Sam)

“The way that you treat me as an equal to yourself without being intimidated by me is very similar to her. And then your way of explaining things. It’s almost the same.” (Shiggurath)

“Is that all?” (Sam)

“What else do you want?” (Shiggurath)

“True……” (Sam)

After a few minutes, we reached the summit of the mountain. I could see Cornellia, Karzark and Charles talking to each other. Cornellia looked worried. We landed a short distance from them.

“Sam! You’re back! And…… where’s Shiggurath? Don’t tell me………” (Cornellia)

Cornellia’s eyes started tearing up. Perhaps she thinks that I failed to fulfil Shiggurath’s condition so she won’t help us. Seriously, where is the calm and calculating Cornellia that I met in the Adventurer’s Guild?

“Whoa, hold your horses there. The negotiation with Shiggurath was a success. She has agreed to cure your sister.” (Sam)

Colour returned to her face after hearing that Shiggurath had agreed to cure her sister. She asked with a beaming smile.

“Good! So, where is he? And what was the condition anyway? And who’s that woman standing behind you?” (Cornellia)

“That woman is Shiggurath.” (Sam)


They asked in bewildered tone.

“Yes. I am The Ancient Dragon, Shiggurath.” (Shiggurath)


They all screamed in shock. Please don’t do that near me. You’re hurting my ears.

Anyway, that’s the natural reaction to have in this situation. I explained them about how Shiggurath was actually a female dragon, but they still looked like they were having a hard time believing that.

“Anyway, let’s go and cure your sister first.” (Sam)

“Oh yeah! Let’s go right now!” (Cornellia)

“Shiggurath, can you escort us to the castle?” (Sam)

“What, you’re already using me as a ride? Haaahhh………… fine.” (Shiggurath)

She asked in a disbelieving tone, but sighed and accepted my request.

She transformed back into her dragon form. This should have convinced those three that this woman really is Shiggurath. We got on the back of Shiggurath, and she started flying towards the castle.

“By the way Sam. What was the condition that Shiggurath gave you?” (Cornellia)

“Ah she just wanted me to form a contract with her and become her partner.” (Sam)

“What! You formed a contract with Shiggurath?!” (Karzark)

He shouted in disbelief. You’re hurting my ears again, Mr. Karzark…………

“Y-Yes, I did….” (Sam)

Why is he getting so restless anyway? Ah, is it because having Shiggurath as my partner would practically make me invincible? With her help, I could easily destroy the Elven Kingdom if I wanted to. Karzark, the knight commander of the Elven Kingdom cannot possibly ignore me.

Since Shiggurath was flying really fast, we soon reached the castle. Though I had already asked Shiggurath to go into her human form a short distance from the castle. After all, the sudden appearance of a dragon right into the royal castle would invite nothing but trouble.

We reached the door which we had used earlier to exit the castle. Two guards were guarding it, and they opened it the moment they saw Cornellia. Though they did eye Shiggurath with suspicion, they didn’t say anything. We continued walking inside the castle. Cornellia’s pace was faster than usual, and it seemed that she would start running anytime. Well, who can blame her? She can finally fulfil her wish and bring back her beloved Alice.

We soon reached Alice’s room. Cornellia knocked on the door twice, and then opened it. Just like before, Alice was sleeping on the bed.

“Here’s my sister. Please cure her.” (Cornellia)

Shiggurath stepped forward, and started examining Alice.

“Hmm….. well, this should be easy. Everyone, please get behind me.” (Shiggurath)

We did as she told. Shiggurath then put her hand over Alice’s forehead and closed her eyes. She then started casting magic. I could feel the mana in the air moving according to her will. Her mana control is truly perfect. Soon, a golden light covered Alice, which vanished after a few moments. Shiggurath opened her eyes.

“H-How is it?” (Cornellia)

She asked in a worried tone.

“Why don’t you look for yourself?” (Shiggurath)

Shiggurath stepped aside, and let Cornellia see Alice. Alice opened her eyes, and spoke in a quavering voice.

“Sister……… Welcome back.” (Alice)

She smiled charmingly.

“Yes! I’m back” (Cornellia)

Cornellia replied in an excited tone, but she couldn’t control herself anymore and jumped at Alice.

Tears were streaming down her eyes as she hugged Alice. Alice looked around in confusion. Looks like she doesn’t remember anything that happened while she was asleep.

We, except Cornellia and Alice of course, left the room. Karzark and Charles formed a group of their own and took a distance from us. Well, who can blame them. Objectively speaking, I’m just a bizarre looking adventurer who they know nothing about, and Shiggurath is a being that can destroy them just on a whim.

After about half an hour, Cornellia came out of the room. Her eyes were red, probably due to all that sobbing of happiness. She came to me and Shiggurath, bowed deeply and spoke in a grateful tone of voice.

“Thank you very much, Lady Shiggurath, Mr. Hayden. Thanks to you, I was finally able to talk to Alice once again. I don’t know if I can ever repay this debt to you.” (Cornellia)

“Don’t worry about me. I already got what I asked for.” (Shiggurath)

I also wanted to say something along those lines, but before I could do that, I received a Message from Chloe. The Message I’m talking about was sent to me through communication magic, which uses mana to directly send messages to someone’s mind. Though they aren’t in much use as they can be intercepted. The communication said.

[Sam! The castle has been attacked! Come back right now!] (Chloe)




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