Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 19


Author: Anit666

【Chloe’s POV】


“That sound…. it came from the main gates of the castle….” (Liera)

“We should probably go and check it out.” (Chloe)

I suggested. There’s no use in just sitting here and trying to understand what’s happening.

“Yes, let’s do that.” (Liera)

We left the room and quickly headed towards the main gate of the castle. But even though there was a huge explosion just now, the nearer we got to the main gates, the more silent it got. Though there was a peculiar smell in the air.

Finally, we reached the corridor that led to the gate, and what we saw was………. carnage. There was absolute silence at that place. After all, the dead do not talk. Yes, the soldiers guarding the gate, and the soldiers who probably came running after hearing that explosion, were are all lying on the ground still.

The gate had been completely destroyed, and the walls were covered with blood. The corpses were so horribly mutilated that it was impossible to determine who they belonged to. I now understood what that peculiar smell earlier was, it was the smell of blood.

I felt bile rising from my throat, but had to deliberately suppress it. This is not the time for such things, as there was someone who was still alive. That man was standing in the middle of that horrific scene, and his whole body, except of his head was covered in blood. But the expression on his face was tranquil, as he was strolling in a garden, as if he couldn’t see the corpses lying around. Even my inexperienced eyes could tell that he was the enemy that cause this horrific scene.

“You… You DEMON! How dare you!” (Liera)

Liera howled in rage.

But, did she just say demon?! He looked just like a human! Black hair, tanned skin and stark red eyes.

Demons are supposed to look like humanoid monsters. Their looks vary from individual to individual, just like us humans. Although they look similar to them, demons are actually very different from monsters. Demons possess intelligence, and they can also use magic.

In fact, demons who have good mana control can transform into their demonoid forms. Demonoid form of a demon looks just like a human, except that every one of them have blood red eyes. Each demon’s demonoid form is determined at the time of it’s birth.

In other words, the demon standing before me was currently in his demonoid form.

“Greetings, humans. I am one of the Four Commandments of the Demon Army, Almarick. Are you the hero?” (Almarick)

I felt rage welling up inside me after seeing his nonchalance even after killing this many people. The soldiers who greeted me every day and smiled warmly when they saw me were now lying on the ground, dead. As the hero, I cannot let this go!

“I am the hero! Demon, you will pay for what you’ve done!” (Chloe)

“W-Wait Chlo-” (Liera)

“I see, you’re the hero. Then, prepare for your death.” (Almarick)

The demon suddenly appeared right in front of me, with his sword about to cut my neck.

Fast! He’s too fast! My head will be blown off before my body can react. But before I could be cut, he was sent flying. Liera had punched him right before he could kill me.

“You mongrel, you think you can just ignore me and go after her? Naive, too naive. I’ll make sure that you die the most gruesome death.” (Liera)

Liera declared.

The demon who had just been sent flying, stood up as if nothing had happened. There wasn’t even a scratch on him. He lightly dusted his clothes, and spoke in a mocking tone.

“Ah, I’ve heard about you. You are the member of the Hero party that was formed when the first Hero was summoned. Her majesty had told me to beware of you, as you’re apparently too strong for us. But don’t worry, I have already made arrangements to deal with you.” (Almarick)

After saying that, he snapped his fingers, and we heard three more explosions which shook the castle. The demon smiled maliciously after hearing them. Shortly, a soldier came running to us.

He cowered the moment he saw the scene that lay in the corridor, but managed to get a hold of himself quickly and spoke in a loud voice.

“L-L-L-Lady Liera, Lady Hero! A large army of demons appeared out of nowhere and is attacking the castle! Also, a man who calls himself a member of the Four Commandments is leading them!” (Soldier)

“What!? And Reygus and Olivia had to be absent at a time like this! You, go and support the soldiers who are fighting on the front line. I’ll quickly deal with this fucker and join you.” (Liera)

“Yes!” (Soldier)

The soldier left in a hurry after saying that. It’s possible that this is the last time I’m seeing him. And although Liera did say that she’ll quickly deal with this demon, that doesn’t seem likely because he is also very strong. I can feel it. I quickly sent a message to Sam through communication magic. If we’re lucky, then he might still be in the city.

「Sam! The castle has been attacked! Come back right now!」 (Chloe)

「What? Is this a joke?」 (Sam)

He asked in a worried tone.

「You think I’ll joke about something like this?」 (Chloe)

「Wow, what the actual fuck Chloe……………..Can you hold back the enemies for fifteen minutes?」 (Sam)

「Probably. I’ll try my best.」 (Chloe)

「Then do so. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.」 (Sam)

He cut the connection after saying that. Now, what should I do? Sam might be able to handle him, but I’m not strong enough to fight this demon. My instincts are already screaming at me to run away from this place.

“What the hell is happening here?”

I suddenly heard a voice from behind me.

I turned around to see whose voice it was, and Jack was standing behind us. Looks like he had come here after hearing those continuous explosions. He first looked at the corpses lying around, then at the Demon standing in front of us, and finally at us. He then spoke in his usual apathetic tone.

“Teacher, you go and kill the army that’s attacking from the other side. Me and Chloe will handle this somehow.” (Jack)

Did he understand the urgency of this situation just from a glance? As expected from him.

“Have you gone insane? You really think you can kill a commandment?” (Liera)

Liera asked in a mocking tone. Well, she is right about that.

“Commandment? What’s that painful sounding title? Anyway, I never said anything about killing him. We’ll just hold him back until you can come back. And don’t worry, I have a trump card that I can use if push comes to shove.” (Jack)

Trump card?

That demon just stood there without doing anything. Perhaps he welcomed the idea of Liera leaving us alone. On the other hand, Jack still had a bored expression on his face. Liera looked at the apathetic face of Jack, and then looked at me. I nodded to her. She finally gave up.

“Fine! Just don’t die till I come back!” (Liera)

“Don’t worry about that. Like hell that demon can kill me.” (Jack)

Jack declared with confidence. Just where is it coming from?

Liera left after hearing that. But wait, why does Jack know that our enemy is a demon?

“So, you sent away your only hope that could have saved you, just so you could protect those lowly humans? As expected, all Heroes are just naive. Oh, and to the newcomer there, I’m Almarick, one of the Four Commandments.” (Almarick)

He sneered at us.

“Almarick, you say? I’m Jack Hargreave, one of the Heroes. Pleased to meet you. And just to clarify things, I’m not sacrificing ourselves to protect those humans. Someone on your level cannot kill us after all.” (Jack)

“Wait, you’re the hero? But that girl over there said that she was the hero.” (Almarick)

“That’s because this time, two heroes were summoned instead of one.” (Jack)

Jack lied as naturally as he breathed. Looks like he wants to keep the existence of Sam a secret.

“Is that so? Well, that doesn’t matter, because you two are going to die here.” (Almarick)

After saying that, the demon took a fighting stance. The previous nonchalance was replaced by seriousness and bloodlust. And he covered his body with mana, due to which a certain aura started emanating from his body. But…

Overwhelming. The aura that he just released is overwhelming! No, we’re not strong enough to fight this! He really intends to kill us! I can barely stand, and Jack is also only as strong as me! We’re fucked!

“Oh? You aren’t intimidated even after feeling my power?” (Almarick)

“Well, what can I say. I’ve always been good at being unfazed no matter the situation.” (Jack)

This isn’t the time to joke around, goddamnit! Our survival is at stake here!


And so, the first battle between the mankind and demons started.



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