Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 20


Author: Anit666

【Chloe’s POV】


“Well, what can I say. I’ve always been good at being unfazed no matter the situation.” (Jack)

“Overconfidence isn’t healthy, child. Though you won’t get the chance to regret that overconfidence. Now, prepare for your death.” (Almarick)

He sneered.

The demon once again vanished from my sight, but this time he appeared in front of Jack, with his sword already on it’s way to cut Jack’s neck.

“Jack! Look out!” (Chloe)

Jack ducked to save himself. But, that strike was so powerful that just it’s shockwaves were enough cut and blow off the wall behind us. I managed to duck and save myself just at the nick of the time.

Jack launched an upper-cut, but the demon jumped back and swung his sword once again. His sword was very far from both of us, and hence couldn’t reach us physically, but the earlier spectacle had already shown us that we could die just by being in the trajectory of the sword’s swing. I once again ducked to save myself, while Jack jumped in the air.

Though this time, his swing did nothing. It was just a normal swing of a sword. It was a trap! But alas, we were too late to notice it. The demon jumped to appear behind Jack who was still in the air, and swung his sword right at his neck. But this time, Jack brought out his own sword and swung it behind him to parry the demon’s strike. They exchanged a few more strikes in the air, and finally landed.

The demon took his distance from Jack, and spoke.

“Wow, you’re much better than I expected. Looks like I’ll have to get serious.” (Almarick)

“Likewise.” (Jack)

Jack spoke in a bored tone.

The two once again started the fight. Though this time, Jack was on the offensive. At first glance, it looked like they were evenly-matched. But I could tell, the demon wasn’t even serious. He was just playing around, and could probably kill us whenever he wanted. On the other hand, Jack was trying his best just to keep up.

Fuck! Is this our limit? Aren’t we the heroes that are supposed to be the hope of whole of the mankind? And we can’t even defeat a single demon! Is Sam the only one who’s supposed to be the hero? Are we just extras, sidekicks that can only fight with the low-levelled mobs? Will we have to leave everything to Sam and our teachers whenever a strong opponent appears before us?


This isn’t the time to wallow in despair goddamnit! I have to somehow help Jack! In fact, Jack was supposed to be a magician that would support us from the rear, while me and Sam would fight on the frontlines. But he has to fight directly with that demon because I was too scared to act!

I started to use magic to strengthen my body to its limits, unsheathed my sword and attacked the demon from behind.

“Oh, so you’re going to join the fight too. Perfect. I was getting bored anyway.” (Almarick)

Me and Jack looked at each other for a moment, and lunged at the demon from both the sides. The demon unsheathed his second sword, and crossed his swords with ours. I attacked every opening I could find, like his back when he was parrying Jack’s strike, or his legs. But that little shit always manoeuvred his body in the weirdest of ways to somehow parry or dodge our strikes.

It had already been 5 minutes since the fight had started, but I was already breathing heavily. On the other hand, that demon was still acting nonchalantly. The demon jumped backwards to take his distance from us, smiled maliciously, and then started running, towards the place where Liera had just gone to. That fucker, does he plan to join up with his army and then fight?!

We followed him, but he was fast, very fast. We soon exited the castle, and reached the castle grounds. The demons and soldiers were fighting all around us, while I could see Liera in the air fighting with someone else.

The demon who we had just followed, yawned, and spoke.

“Haa… this is getting boring. I’ll just kill you and then annihilate everyone here.” (Almarick)

He once again spoke in a nonchalant tone, but it still contained enough bloodlust to send a chill down my spine. He took a step forward, and suddenly appeared right beside Jack. But this time, before Jack could even react, he kicked him right in the chest and sent him flying.

“Y-You!-” (Chloe)

But before I could rush in to save Jack, the demon appeared right in front of me. I swung my sword at his neck, but he just slightly lowered his head to dodge and punched me in my stomach.


His punch sent me flying up in the air.

I-I cannot breathe……. and my head is spinning due to the sheer force of that punch.

But before I could regain my composure, something suddenly blocked my view. It was the demon from before. He put his hand gently over my chest, as if he was trying to help me breathe, but his eyes told me another story.

“You will be the first one to die.” (Almarick)

He whispered gently. He started gathering mana to cast magic. But due to the punch I received earlier, I couldn’t even move. The demon completed his magic, his hand started to glow, and he fired a white beam from point-blank range right into my heart.

“!” (Chloe)

It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts IT HURTS!

A hole was opened in the place where my heart used to be, and I fell down on the ground. The demon didn’t even look at me and went to the place where he had sent Jack flying. I wanted to stop him, but I couldn’t even move anymore.

My body wasn’t listening to me and I was feeling so much pain that it almost made me insane. I was already starting to lose consciousness due to the severe loss of blood and my heart.

Ah… is this…. is this how I’m going to die? Without ever accomplishing anything, without being able to protect anything……? This really is the worst. I’m still so powerless even after becoming a hero.

I looked up at the sky. The sky was clear, and I could see the moon and the stars. The moon sure was beautiful tonight. My vision was already darkening though. But my thoughts were still clear. Looks like I’m really going to die.

I continued looking at the moon, but suddenly, a black spot appeared on it’s surface, and it started getting bigger. Before long, it turned into a silhouette, of a human. No, it wasn’t just a single human, it was a group of them.

What, am I seeing hallucinations now?

But I still spent my remaining power and used magic to focus my eyes to get a better look at those silhouettes. There were four of them.

Four people are falling down from the sky? What the fuck?

And after looking closely, one of them…. was Sam. Yepp, I’m really hallucinating. Fifteen minutes haven’t even passed yet. But suddenly, bright blue coloured spots started forming around him. Tens, hundreds, then thousands. Their number kept increasing. And then they fell, just like rain. As they neared me, I could see that they were actually arrows, formed of what seemed to look like electricity.


I started hearing screams around me, and those screams were clearly belonged to those despicable demons.

Don’t tell me…. is this happening in real?

The silhouettes quickly got near me, and before long Sam, and the people with him, landed beside me.

“Yo. Are you still alive?” (Sam)

He finally asked in an apathetic tone.

You are late you bastard!




  1. You should have aimed for the head…


    • I agree, why are demons so stupid and do illogical things every time. I know that you like it when your victum agonies but you see you should not take a chance with people who have the capability to kill you.

  2. Because if they actually behave as if they are up against a real threat, the fight won’t last long enough for the cavalry to arrive…

    IT’S. A. PLOT. DEVICE!!!!!

    Besides, they’re bored. Why they’ve waited this long to attack when they overpower everyone I don’t understand… except that once they achieve total victory it will be even MORE boring for them. So, they’re trying to stretch everything out as long as they can, to wring as much emotion out of it as they can. When you are that much better than your opposition, efficiency can go hang.

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