Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 21


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


「Sam! The castle has been attacked! Come back right now!」 (Chloe)

Huh? What did she just say?

「What? Is this a joke?」 (Sam)

「You think I’ll joke about something like this?」 (Chloe)

She asked angrily.

What the fuck? I leave them for a day and they get themselves attacked? This is bad.

「Wow, what the actual fuck Chloe………………Can you hold back the enemies for fifteen minutes?」 (Sam)

「Probably.」 (Chloe)

「Then do so. I’ll arrive till then.」 (Sam)

I stopped my conversation with Cornellia, and turned towards Shiggurath.

“Shiggurath, if you were to fly at your top speed, how long would it take you to reach Gundia, the capital city of The Holy Kingdom?” (Sam)

“At my full speed, it would probably take around ten to fifteen minutes.” (Shiggurath)

What? She’s that fast? What is she, K*ro-sensei?

“Good. Then go out of the castle and transform into your dragon form. It’s an emergency, so do it right now.” (Sam)

“Yes.” (Shiggurath)

“And you, Cornellia and Karzark, are coming with me.” (Sam)

“What? Why? What happened? And where are we going?” (Karzark)

“We don’t have the time for that. I’ll explain you on the way. Just consider this as a way of repaying the debt of helping you to cure Alice.” (Sam)

“But-” (Karzark)

Karzark was once again about to object, but Cornellia cut him short.

“Fine, we’ll go. Take us wherever you want.” (Cornellia)

“But Princess-” (Karzark)

“If you’re unsatisfied, then you’re welcome to not come with us.” (Cornellia)

“B-But…… Fine. I’ll come.” (Karzark)

“Good!” (Cornellia)

We four then headed to the balcony where we had earlier been transported by Charles. I urged Shiggurath to take her dragon form, and she complied. The soldiers in the room attached to the balcony started raising a commotion due to the sudden appearance of a dragon, but I don’t have any time for that. We three got on the back of Shiggurath, and she started flying.

However, as it later turned out, I was wrong. Shiggurath isn’t K*ro-sensei, she’s better than him. She’s flying so fast that I can’t even see anything goddamnit! The reason that we can still stand on her back without being blown away is that she is using magic to form a barrier surrounding us, which prevents us from feeling the wind that normally would have hit us hard enough to shred us. At this rate, we actually might reach the caste in a mere span of ten minutes.

This is an emergency. To think that a possibility I had considered but dropped would actually come true. The castle has been attacked by the demons, and I’m not there. Well, I did leave Jack there, and I’m sure that he will protect Chloe. I did ask him to hold back on his powers, but he is capable of understanding the situation and adapt accordingly.

“But Sam, where are we going? And what’s the emergency?” (Shiggurath)

Cornellia and Karzark had faces that said they have the same question. I turned towards Cornellia, and spoke.

“Before answering your question, I’ll have to reintroduce myself. The Hero summoned from another world, Samuel Hayden, at your service.” (Sam)

“What?!” (Karzark)

“Ah, is that so.” (Cornellia)

“Hmm? You don’t look that surprised.” (Sam)

“Well, I don’t know why, but this doesn’t seem to surprise me. Anyway, what does that have to do with where we are going?” (Cornellia)

“Oh yeah. Actually, I just received a message from one of my friends there that the Royal Castle has been attacked. And the only one who can think of attacking the castle is the Demon Army. That’s why I’m hurrying back.” (Sam)

“The castle is under attack?! And that too by the demons?! And you still want to take the princess to such a dangerous place?” (Karzark)

“Don’t worry about that. You are merely for support. As long as I’m there, you probably won’t even get the chance to fight.” (Sam)

“And what about me? Will I get to fight?” (Shiggurath)

She asked in a slightly excited voice. Does she want to fight that much?

“You’ll be backup, in case something happens to me.” (Sam)

“Sounds good.” (Shiggurath)

And we continued on. It really took us only ten minutes to reach Gundia.

“Cornellia and Karzark, can I assume that you know how to use floating magic?” (Sam)

“Yes.” (Cornellia)

“Of course…….. But why do you ask?” (Karzark)

“Good. Shiggurath, the moment we are above the castle, take your human form. We’ll jump down from there. I don’t want the demons to know that you are on my side.” (Sam)

“I understand. And by the way, we have already reached the top of the castle, so I’ll transform into my human form.” (Shiggurath)

“W-Wait-” (Karzark)

After she said that, red light filled our eyes as she transformed into a human. We started falling down.


I used magic to propel myself towards the ground. I started to get near the land, and could see many soldiers fighting with demons in the large garden behind the castle. Liera was also fighting with someone who looked like a human. Looks like my assumption that the ones attacking the castle were demons was correct.

I started searching for Jack and Chloe. And I soon found Chloe. She was……… lying on the ground. What? I used magic to enhance my eyes to get a clearer picture of what had happened to Chloe. And I could see it, that Chloe was lying in a pool of blood with a large hole in her chest. She was barely alive, and she was looking at me.

Chloe has been hurt, so badly that she might die any moment. A person that I hold precious to myself has been hurt.

Something inside me snapped.

The sounds I was hearing vanished, and the speed of my fall and my movements decreased, as if time itself had slowed down. And there was only one thing I could see: the figure of Chloe lying on the ground, on the verge of death.

How did this happen? Why did this happen? Where did I go wrong? Wasn’t Hargreave supposed to protect her? He should have known how precious she is to me, and yet Chloe is lying there. Why? Did I fail to understand him? Come to think of it, I never told him directly, did I? Is that where it went wrong?

Even after all that deliberation, planning, training and making sacrifices over those countless years, is this the result I’m left with? Another failure? Another loss?

I could feel the blood inside me boiling and adrenaline rushing through my veins. I could feel my judgement clouding up, with bottomless rage trying to take over me.

How dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they, how dare they hurt her! Unforgivable! Not even a thousand deaths will pardon them for this crime!

I prepared to call upon Maxwell to end everything once and for all, but before I could do it, a heavy, croaky and repulsive voice resounded within me. A voice which would make one dread its owner from the very depths of your soul, no matter how fearless he is.

⟦Are you going to lose yourself to your puny emotions once again, Samuel Hayden? You do remember, right? Exactly what you, no, what we lost the last time you did that. Are you going to repeat that again? Is this all your, the Ruler’s, resolve amounts to? Hmph. How funny.⟧


I will never, I must never repeat that again! No matter what, I have to eliminate all of my emotions and act purely on logic!

I finally managed to calm down, and time returned to its former speed.

I need to heal Chloe before it’s too late, but before that, I need to get rid of the demons surrounding us.

I quickly started gathering mana to cast a large-scale annihilation magic. Countless balls of mana formed around me, and then those balls were covered by electricity that was formed by taking out electrons from the atoms in the air around me.

They were then turned into arrows, and I fired them at every demon that was in the battlefield, killing every single one of them. The only exceptions were the man Liera was fighting with, and someone else who was some distance away from Chloe.

Is he the one who hurt Chloe? I’ll have to make sure that he doesn’t escape form here alive. I’ll kill him in the cruelest way possible!

I landed right beside Chloe and said.

“Yo. Are you still alive?” (Sam)

I said this in a light-hearted tone. But after seeing the state she was in, the rage I had finally managed to bury in the depths of my heart resurfaced again.

These demons have incurred my wrath, and that would become the reason for their demise.


It’s time to obliterate the enemy.




  1. Thank you for the chapter
    Now theory time warning there might be spoilers
    The one that is the strong love is Chloe or to be precise Chole previous life like in the seven deadly sins with meliodas and Elizabeth

    • Then how would you explain Sam? Is he like Meliodas, in the sense that he has also been living for a really long time?

      • Ins’t he the “ruler” oh hell with his he’ll gaurds? I think immortality or maybe reincarnation due to past incident ie those five he wants to kill

      • An interesting theory, though I can neither deny nor affirm its validity.
        But I’ll tell you this: you’re almost on the right track.

  2. One quick question is this novel going down the harem route with Chloe, Cornelia and the dragon whatz it’s name

    • I haven’t decided that yet, unfortunately.
      Maybe I’ll decide on the basis of readers’s demands?
      What do you want?

      • I am kind of interesting in it and really want the see the reaction of the siscon prince when he finds out, so I would see yes but Chloe should be main waifu. And there is potential since the dragon has felt his emotions and can bond over them and sam did save Alice life so Cornelia will be great full and love might sprout plus she has show interest in him and he has in her due to same loss of love ones

      • Why Chloe as the main waifu, especially when she already likes Jack?

        Oh and I would like to correct my statement from before. There would be a number of girls falling for our MC, but whether he would reciprocate those feelings is still a mystery.

  3. Because MC is head over heels for Chloe and it would be nice for the guy to win the women he loves also it is implied that Chloe has an unusual connection with MC in the flass back chapter where they first meet, this is also the basis of my theory on the whole reincarnated loved one.

    And for the unreciprocated feeling I am okay with it but please, PLEASE don’t make it out so that the MC does not notice their feeling and is as dense as hell.

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