Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 22


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


“Yo. Are you still alive?” (Sam)

I said that after landing right beside her.

But I know that she probably won’t be able to answer. I’m surprised that she is still alive even after her heart and lungs have been destroyed.

I somehow quelled the hellfire burning inside me, and asked Cornellia.

“Cornellia, can you heal her?” (Sam)

“I can, but…” (Cornellia)

“But?” (Sam)

“Her wound is too severe. My healing magic uses a living being’s mana to operate, and it would take a large amount of it to heal this wound. That would require a lot of time, and I don’t think she would survive for that long.” (Cornellia)

She spoke in an apologetic tone.

That’s bad, insanely bad.

“You said that you need a living person’s mana. Would it work if I were to supply you with mine?” (Sam)

“It should, but I can’t promise anything.” (Cornellia)

“Good. Keep her alive for as long as you can. I’ll deal with these fuckers during that time.” (Sam)

While saying that, I looked at the demon that was standing a small distance away from us.

He was taller than me, so he was naturally looking down on me with eyes saying that he found all of this interesting. For him, we probably nothing more than toys meant to played with for entertainment.

Well, it would soon be clear who the puppets are.

Cornellia started using her magic to stop Chloe’s bleeding and somehow create her heart anew.

“Just in case Shiggurath, if I don’t defeat them in 10 minutes, then heal Chloe.” (Sam)

“Although using my magic to heal such a large injury could cause a few mutations in her, but, fine. I’ll save her if it becomes necessary. By the way, are you going to fight them alone?” (Shiggurath)

She asked worriedly.

“Nope. Jack is going to fight alongside me.” (Sam)

Where the fuck is he anyway?

“JACK! Where are you!” (Sam)

I shouted. A few moments later, Jack came running to me. He had some light bruises here and there, but his overall condition was fine.

I turned to Shiggurath and Karzark to give them their orders.

“As for you two, you’re going to protect Cornellia while she heals Chloe. Make sure that no one can even touch them. Is that clear?” (Sam)

“Yes! Leave it to us.” (Shiggurath and Karzark)

“And you, Jack. I have many things to say about how Chloe got wounded to such a degree even though you were supposed to protect her, but we’ll talk about that later. For now………” (Sam)

I paused for a moment before giving the order.

Is it really alright to do this? Wouldn’t it be better for him to stay with Chloe and protect her? These two demons aren’t the only threats after all. And although I’m sure that Shiggurath would be able to handle whatever is thrown at her, I still can’t trust her. What should I do?

“Sam?” (Jack)

Jack called me worriedly, thus bringing me back before I could drown in the sea of my thoughts.

This isn’t the time to think too much goddamnit!

“Hargreave, annihilate. Make sure that not even a single one of them leaves this place alive. And don’t do anything to that pest, I’ll deal with him myself.” (Sam)

I gave him my order. An order that he’d love to fulfil, no matter when and why it is given.

“Your wish is my command, my lord.” (Jack)

He smiled viciously with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

His eyes…. they also held anger and guilt. So, he does realise what a blunder he has made, huh.

He headed off towards the demon that was currently fighting with Liera. I then turned around to look at the demon who was still looking at us.

As if waiting for that moment, he bowed courteously and started speaking.

What a gentleman.

“Greetings, human. I’m Almarick, one of the Four Commandments. You just said that you won’t let us leave alive, didn’t you? Don’t get cocky just because you were able to wipe out the army, you lowly human. A spell of that level wouldn’t even tou-!” (Almarick)

Unfortunately, I’m not really fond of them.

“Who allowed you to speak, you filthy mongrel?” (Sam)

I said as I dashed and stood right in front of him, and caught his blabbering mouth with my right hand to lift him above the ground. He, who till now was standing leisurely, was clearly shocked at the current development.

Looks like he didn’t consider the possibility of me being stronger than him. How naive. Though I was able to pull of this feat because I had already cast magic to strengthen my body while I was in the air.

But he quickly regained his composure and swung the sword in his right hand, but before that sword could reach me, I let my hand go of his face and delivered a strong kick right into the middle of his chest, thus sending him flying. Before he could regain his posture, I got into his path and punched him in the shin to send him flying to the sky.

I then jumped using my strengthened muscles, and appeared above him to deliver a downward kick to send him back to the ground. I accelerated in the air using floating magic to reach the ground before him and deliver the final blow, but he still managed to regain his posture and used the momentum of falling down to lunge at me with his sword drawn.

A good strategy, but alas it won’t work on me. The moment he entered the range of my hands, I got out of the way of his sword, grabbed his wrist that was holding it and rammed my knee right into his elbow thus shattering it to pieces, and then I used his torso as a foothold to rip his arm off.

“AAAAARRRHHHH!” (Almarick)

He screamed in agony while taking distance from me. He fell to his knees due to the intense pain, while clutching his armless shoulder. I threw away the arm I had ripped off. Demons are supposed to have high regenerative capabilities, but an injury of this extent would take a fair amount of time to heal, and time is something he’s really short of.

Unlike his calm demeanour from before, his face was now full with pain and….. fear.

Yes, this is the face I wanted to see. Demons, yes, they might be beings that are rage, brutal and without mercy. The harbingers of death and destruction. Beings that are probably feared by every normal human. In fact, there are demons who can kill even the gods presiding over the God’s Realm.

But me? I’m worse.

No one can just hurt someone important to me and then act like nothing happened. They cannot, because I am the one they’ll be facing after doing that. And dread is a must have while facing me.

I once again ran to reach him, and this time I bashed my knee in his face, causing him to fall down. I then stomped my right foot into his chest. The stomp was so strong that a crater formed in the ground below him. I once again looked at him.

He was completely battered up, blood was flowing out from various places, and muscles and blood vessels were dangling from the shoulder from where his arm had been ripped off. If someone saw him right now, then they would probably mistake him for a zombie.

I looked down into the demon, Almarick’s eyes, took out the gun that was holstered at my thighs, cocked its hammer, pointed it at him, and spoke in the coldest, most threatening tone possible to make him understand where he stands, and who he stands against.

“You who looked down on me. Understand this. This, is where your eyes meet mine.” (Sam)



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