Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 28


Author: Anit666

【3rd person’s POV】


“Oh, and Sam has also formed a contract with a dragon named Drache.” (Leira)

Everyone stopped speaking. Silence once again dawned upon the room. The three people other than Liera now looked at her with slightly pissed off faces.

“Are you trying to make fun of us, Liera? Why aren’t you telling us everything at once? Is this a joke for you? Do you even understand the situation?” (Reygus)

His reaction was completely natural. Dragons were overall the strongest species in this world, and Liera was saying that Sam had formed a contract with one of them. So, the Heroes’ party now had two Monsters, one normal Hero and an elf whose healing magic could practically regrow lost limbs.

For Reygus, Olivia and Liera, the dragons were not that much of a mighty existence. They had killed a lot of dragons in their lifetime. The only dragon they feared was the Ancient Dragon Shiggurath. But that was the case for only those three. A dragon was more than capable of destroying the entire army of the Holy Kingdom, which made them useless.

And even if the members of the first Hero party can kill a dragon, then still cannot do it half-heartedly. At least one of them would have to pay full attention on that dragon, which in turn would reduce the people who would fight with the remaining members of Sam’s party.

But here was the twist: none of them knew that Sam had formed a contract with Shiggurath, which could single-handedly destroy every one of them. Objectively speaking, the Holy Kingdom’s move of letting Sam go to the outside world alone had been catastrophic.

“Joking? Me? Doesn’t understand the situation? Me?” (Liera)

Liera went silent for a while. She then started speaking again, but her tone was of a mother gently admonishing her child.

“It’s the contrary, in fact. I’m trying to make you understand the gravity of the situation we are in. I’m trying to make you feel just a fraction of what I felt. I was there, you know. I was present during those 15 seconds that Jack spent fighting Bartra, the commandment. What do you think Jack felt during those 15 seconds? Was it the pride of a warrior who finally become strong enough to demolish every kind of foe, or was it the desperation of a friend who was fighting for both his and his friends’ lives? Or did he feel fear, for his hands were now taking the life of someone? Let me tell you, he felt……. nothing. Absolutely nothing. My attention was stolen by how his face was completely expressionless. Not a single emotion could be seen there. However, his eyes contained a cold brutality, so cold that it sent shivers down my spine. It seemed that in his eyes, Bartra was nothing more than a maggot. He wasn’t fighting for his life or anything grand like that. No, perhaps, it wasn’t even a fight for him. He was just squashing a bug that was pestering him.” (Liera)

Liera stopped speaking, and took a sip of her tea to moisten her lips and throat. She then continued.

“His each and every movement was smooth and precise, and there was no hesitation in his eyes or body. His moves contained no beauty to them, but each of them seemed so polished and refined that it was strangely captivating. He wasn’t even revulsed to the idea of killing someone, something that everyone feels in the beginning. It was as if he is used to killing others.” (Liera)

Everyone was speechless after listening to Liera’s account of what she had witnessed. Liera, perhaps due to the fear and revulsion she felt, shivered and clutched her arms.

“What I witnessed wasn’t a hero………. it was just a Monster.” (Liera)

Her head drooped down, and started trembling while clutching her arms once again. Alicia, who thought that Liera was afraid, seriously started thinking about how to keep the Heroes on the Kingdom’s side. She understood that someone who made the strongest of their side shiver in fear must never be messed with.

However, Reygus and Olivia knew differently. Liera was afraid? Utter bullshit. Liera was the strongest, and the most fearless out of all of them. During the war with the first Demon King, she alone had fought all of the Ten Commandments at once. She killed 6 of them, and still survived. Liera was the strongest after the Hero. Even the then Demon King had admitted that she was a genius and a monster, and had the potential to probably surpass her. And that was 5000 years ago.

The current Liera was probably strong enough to clash head-on against the Demon King, and still survive after that. The Demon King was strong, insanely strong. The commandments cannot even be compared to her. The commandments were actually just normal demons with whom the Demon King had shared a bit of her power.

On the other hand, the Demon King wasn’t just a title, but a race itself, and was born once every 1000 years. A Demon King was strong from his birth, and also inherently knew how to use that power in the most efficient way. And although their growth rate was not comparable to a Hero’s, it was still 20 times better than a normal demon’s.

Sam and Jack were strong, yes. There was no doubt about that. They were probably on the same level that Liera was, 5000 years ago. So, there was no way that Liera would be afraid of them.

Then what was the reason for her trembling? It was-

“Fufufufufu, hahahahahhha, BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Splendid! Finally! After 5000 years, I finally have some worthy opponents!” (Liera)

Yes, it was excitement. Liera was so excited and happy that she couldn’t control herself, and had started laughing like a maniac. Even Alicia sitting beside her was frightened by this sudden crazy laugh. She took a peek at Liera’s face, and there nothing but ecstasy there.

Who could blame her? Living for 5000 years is sure to bore you, especially when you’re a muscle-head and don’t have strong opponents to fight. After fighting in that war with the first Demon King, Liera was never satisfied with the wars that followed after that. The reason for that was that the subsequent Demon Kings and Commandments were very weak when compared to the first ones. And they were also not much intelligent, as they were easily defeated by the pathetic Heroes that had been summoned.

She didn’t know about the current Demon King and his lackeys, but the Heroes that had been summoned this time were very strong, and actually knew how to use their brains. The previous Heroes were always very pathetic, always spouting bullshit about justice and all that. But living for 5000 years had taught Liera that there is no justice in this world. However, Sam and Jack didn’t show any tendencies like that, at least not till now. Liera knew that the mastermind behind hiding Jack’s true power was Sam. In that sense, he was very similar to the First Hero.

The flames of excitement had once again been rekindled in Liera’s heart.

However, she had an epiphany. A truly outrageous possibility no matter how one looked at it. It was foolish to even consider it. But, the more Liera thought about it, the more possible it seemed. Even her instincts told her that it was possible. She decided to ask about it.

“Hey Reygus………………… what if…………. what if Sam is actually the reincarnation of Susan?” (Liera)

Susan, the first Hero. Liera now thought that Sam was actually a reincarnated Susan, and the more she thought about it, the more possible it seemed.

“Huh? Why would you even think that?” (Reygus)

“Don’t you think that they are kinda similar? I mean, their basic ideologies are the same: they both always put logic before their emotions. And she was also a genius, just like Sam. Moreover, most of the magic that Sam uses was first developed by her, right? This idea would also explain why Sam is so strong, because all of us present here know that Sam’s battle senses, his way of fighting and the tactics he employs to outsmart his enemies can never be cultivated over a month. We were always puzzled by that, but it can be explained if we assume that Susan has reincarnated as she would already know everything from her past life. I know that this is an outrageous idea, but isn’t it possible?” (Liera)

Liera asked, full of hope. However…

“No.” (Olivia)

Her hopes were crushed by that single word.

“It’s not possible. We saw it ourselves, didn’t we? Susan had died that day. The Demon King and Shiggurath had killed her. We know that it’s impossible for anyone to escape the cycle of life and death, no matter what. Also, even if this theory explains Sam’s existence, it still doesn’t say anything about Jack, does it? Also, that theory has many other loopholes in it. You realise that yourself, don’t you?” (Olivia)

Olivia’s logic was impeccable. There was no denying what she said, so Liera’s idea of Susan being reincarnated into Sam was nothing more her clinging to impossible hopes.

But Liera still couldn’t bring herself to abandon that idea. No matter how much logic denied that possibility, Liera still felt that there was at least some connection between Sam and Susan. Her instincts told her so, and her instincts had never been wrong.

That’s why Liera decided. She would personally verify the validity of her theory.




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