Ruler Vol 1 Chapter 7


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


I headed towards the Adventurer’s Guild. According to the map I was given, it was in the centre of the capital city Gundia. It would take around an hour to reach there on foot. I started walking towards it.

Gundia is a lively city. Since it’s already morning, I saw many people busily moving around on the streets. Most of the shops were already open, and some of the shop owners were shouting to attract customers. Most of the people I saw were humans, but I could still occasionally see some elves.

Looks like what Olivia said about Elves and Humans being at peace was true.

However, the houses and buildings I saw were primarily constructed using primitive methods and materials. Most of the common houses were made of what seemed to be like Adobe or Bricks. I couldn’t see any building which was made of modern construction materials like Concrete. But due to the use of magic during construction, the appearance and the durability of those buildings rivalled those in my world.

Magic has a part in almost everything in this world. Due to that, the level that Science has progressed in this world is despairingly low. Well, who can blame them? Necessity is the mother of invention, but since all of the said necessities are being fulfilled by magic, there’s no need for them to research into things like Science.

After exactly an hour, I reached the Adventurer’s Guild. The reason I knew that it was exactly 1 hour is because I was wearing my watch when I got summoned here.

The building was significantly larger than its neighbours, and there was a signboard over the door with the picture of two swords crossed over a shield on it. Apparently, this was the front of the Adventurer’s Guild. I opened the gate and stepped inside.

On the right were the reception desks, and on the left was the tavern area. At the end of the hall was a bulletin board with a large number of papers stuck on it.

Maybe they are requests put up by the people for the adventurers?

Unlike what one would expect, the atmosphere of the guild was peaceful yet cheerful. Looks like the cliché event where a brawny, large, full of himself adventurer would get cocky and try to pick on me would not happen. I headed towards the reception desk.

“Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild. How may I help you??”

As I neared it, the girl behind the desk greeted me with a practiced smile. The girl was also beautiful. This guild sure knows how to run its business.

“I wish to be registered as an adventurer.” (Sam)

My voice was heavier than usual. Since I went to such lengths to hide my face, I might as well use a different voice.

“For registering as an adventurer, please take the stairs on your left. In the second room there is a counter for filling out the particulars. If it is your first time registering, then a processing fee of 1 silver coin will be charged. Is there anything else that I can help you with?” (receptionist)

As expected of a professional, she didn’t flinch even after seeing my bizarre appearance.

“No, thank you.” (Sam)

I went up the stairs to the second room as I was told. As I approached the counter, the girl behind the desk greeted me.

“Welcome. How can I help you?” (2nd receptionist)

The only difference was that this receptionist was actually an elf. She had long leaf like pointy ears, and had silver hair. She was also very beautiful. I had only seen pictures of them in the books I’d read, but as expected seeing it in real gave a very different feeling.

“I wish to be registered as an adventurer.” (Sam)

“If this is your 1st time registering, then a processing fee of 1 silver coin will be charged. Is than fine with you?” (2nd receptionist)

“Yes.” (Sam)

“Then please fill out this form. 1 bronze coin if you want to have this form filled from us.” (2nd receptionist)

I looked at the form that she gave me. There were fields for Name, Race, Birthplace and main weapon. I filled my name and race, birthplace as Gundia and my main weapon as sword and gun and gave the form back to her. The receptionist looked over the form for any inconsistencies and then passed me a pin while pointing to the rectangular box on that form.

“Please drip a drop of blood over this box. After this you have to pay the registration fees and your registration process would be completed.” (2nd receptionist)

I pricked my finger with the pin she passed me to drip a drop of blood over that box. The blood readily disappeared as if it was never there. It must have been a function of the form. I then paid the fees.

“You have now been registered as an adventurer, Mr. Samuel Hayden. Would you like me to tell you about the guild?” (2nd receptionist)

“Yes, please.” (Sam)

“First of all are the ranks. At the top of the list is SS, and after that is S, A, B, C, D, E and F for a total of 8 ranks. As Mr. Hayden has just become an adventurer, your current rank is F. When you fulfil quests you earn points, and when you reach a set amount you will be promoted to the next rank. You can also be promoted at the guild master’s discretion. Should you fail or abandon a quest, the number of points to be rewarded will be taken from you instead, and you will also be required to pay a contract severance fee equal to double the amount of the promised reward. Should your points fall below a certain point, de-ranking would be possible, so please take special care. You may accept requests at most 2 ranks above your current rank. However, when you reach rank C or above, you can only accept requests at most 1 rank above yourself. Two or more people may get together to form a party. In such a case, the requests that they can accept would be decided based on the rank of the highest ranked member in the party. Depending on the case, it may even be possible for a party to accept a request 3 ranks above their highest ranked member.” (2nd receptionist)

“What is the maximum party size?” (Sam)

I asked, just in case.

“The maximum party size is 6.” (2nd receptionist)

Looks like me, Jack and Chloe would be able to form a party.

“As for the quests, there are numerous different kinds, such as routine tasks, harvesting, subjugation, and protection. We provide support as needed here at the guild, but if you take on requests without going through the guild, we will not take any responsibility if any troubles occur, such as the difficulty of the request differing from the original description, you getting injured, or you dying.” (2nd receptionist)

“What if the quest is different from the description? Like if I went out on a subjugation request and found that the monster to be subjugated is much stronger than what was given in the description.” (Sam)

“If that happens then dropping the quest would be acceptable. You will just have to report us back at the guild. Although we try to make sure that all the quests submitted to the Adventurer’s Guild are legitimate, our system is not fool-proof. Please be on your guard at all times.” (2nd receptionist)

So, the quest giver can also include lies in the quest description, huh. Gotta be careful.

“We also offer to purchase parts of the monsters that you kill. And-” (2nd receptionist)

Her introduction to the guild went on for a total of 30 minutes. Most of them were rules that have to be followed though. Oh, and the name of this receptionist was Silvia, while the name of the one at the ground floor was Silica.

“You would require the guild card for accepting requests. It also serves as a means of identification. It would take an hour before the guild card can be delivered to you.” (Silvia)

“Understood. I have no more questions.” (Sam)

“Thank you. We will look forward to your achievements, Mr. Hayden.” (Silvia)

Since I was getting hungry, I went down the stairs to the Tavern area. There were a lot of people there, but I somehow managed to find a seat and sat there. The table I sat on was could accommodate two people. After a minute the waitress arrived.

“Welcome! What would you like to have?” (Waitress)

Said she as she passed me the menu. I looked at the menu which had mostly meat dishes, and ordered stew and bread.

“Stew and bread coming right up!! Please wait for 5 minutes.” (Waitress)

After that she went away. As I was looking around and trying to eavesdrop on the conversations of the other customers, I was suddenly called out by a sweet voice.

“Is this seat occupied?”

I looked at its owner, only to find that it was an elf girl.

“No.” (Sam)

“Then, can I sit here?” (Elf)

“Of course.” (Sam)

The elf then sat on the seat in front me. She had silver coloured waist length hair and golden eyes. Her skin was as white as porcelain, and she was beautiful to the point that if 10 people were to see her, all 10 of them would be charmed by her. Her most notable feature was her chest. Her breasts were very large and eye-catching. I averted my gaze after glancing at them.

It’s good that I’m wearing a mask.

“I’m Cornellia by the way. Pleased to meet you.” (Cornellia)

“Likewise.” (Sam)

“So, you’ve just registered as an adventurer, right?” (Cornellia)

Hmm? Why does she know about that?

“Yes.” (Sam)

“Say, would you like to form a party with me? Oh, and I’m a S-ranked adventurer by the way.” (Cornellia)





  1. Thank you for the chapter
    Love where the novel is going
    One question the strong love interest for the MC is who
    A.childhood best friend Chloe
    B.second princess
    C.the new elf

    • no spoiler? xD

    • I’m happy to hear that you love this novel.

      As for Mc’s strong love interest, I unfortunately cannot reveal that as that would be a major spoiler. It might be one of the three that you’ve listed, or it might be someone else (more girls are going to be introduced later on ya know)

      • So it’s the 3rd princess huh? I always knew he was a lolicon.

      • Now now, don’t be too hasty my simple-minded friend.
        Moreover, Sam says that he loves all kinds of Oppai and girls, ‘as long as’ they are LEGAL.
        Sadly, Komi isn’t a legal loli.

        But as they say, the power of love can win over anything. Can it change Sam’s preferences?

  2. I’ve got to call you on the “primitive materials.” What, exactly, are we talking about? Brick? Adobe? Mud and Wattle? Sod? Stone? I can accept that there are no tin or tar roofs and no metal siding, but even today, many modern buildings are wood framed and sided. I can accept that large glass windows and doors might be few and far between. However concrete is not common except for foundations and sidewalks, so please give us a meaningful description here.

    • Tha materials used are mainly Adobe, rammed earth and bricks. The foundations are made of rammed earth, while the walls are made either with adobe, bricks or blocks made of rammed earth which are bonded together using mud slurry. Columns are also made to strengthen the walls, while stone slabs are used to make floors. Everything is further strengthened using fortification magic.
      Larger buildings, like the castle also use stone blocks as a building material, strengthened with magic.

      Things like painting and decorating the walls are done through a type of magic which changes the outer appearance of things.

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