Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 10


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


We got off the carriage after reaching the palace. The one who greeted us upon disembarking was Simone, with two maids behind her.

The path behind her leading to the castle was flanked on both sides by soldiers wearing silver armour.

Simone spoke in her sweet charming voice.

“Please follow me.” (Simone)

She turned around and started walking after that. Liera followed her, and so did we. The maids were behind us.

The palace was smaller than the royal castle in Gundia, but it was still elegant enough to be called a place of dwelling of a country’s ruler. The castle was made by marble and limestone, and stunning carvings decorated its numerous pillars and windowsills.

After walking for a few minutes in silence, we reached the main gates of the palace, and finally entered them. We were led through a broad hallway. Numerous paintings lined the walls while chandeliers were hung on the ceiling.

We finally reached a room. Simone knocked on it, and a voice spoke directly beside our ears.


Was that magic?

Simone opened the double-doors, and beckoned us to enter the room. We did.

Similar to the hallway we just walked through, the walls of this room were also lined with numerous lovely paintings.

Seems like the owner of this palace is quite fond of paintings.

In the centre of the room was a king size bed. On its left side was a large sofa set with a table.

A man was already sitting on the sofa. The moment we entered, he stood up and walked up to us.

“Good evening, Liera, Princess Alicia, Princess Cornellia and Heroes and their companions. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Reishu Zestringer.” (Reishu)

He smiled amicably. The tone of his voice was gentle and polite, yet authoritative. It was the tone of a king.

It was clear that the man standing in front of me was Reishu, the king that reigns over Lanpas. He also had long leaf like pointy ears, and his hair were the silver of the moon shining in the dark of the night. His eyes were black.

“Yo Reishu. It’s been many years since I last saw you, but you’re still the same. Well, I guess the world would be doomed if someone like you were to change hahaha.” (Liera)

Liera chuckled while patting Reishu’s shoulders joyfully.

“The pleasure is all mine, Sir Reishu.” (Alicia)

“Likewise.” (Cornellia)

“Now, there’s no need to be so stiff around me. But I must say, you two have grown into such fine ladies that I’m almost jealous of the guy who’ll marry you.” (Reishu)

“Fufufu you’re exaggerating.” (Alicia)

She chuckled lightly. Probably because she is a princess, she is used to such flattery.

However, Cornellia didn’t say anything in return. She seemed to be in a daze, as if she was thinking hard about something. But she had a gentle smile on her face, so it’s probably something pleasant.

Done with the pleasantries, Reishu now looked towards us. Jack, having been made the leader of the Hero Party by me, stepped forward and bowed courteously.

“Good evening, King Reishu. I’m Jack Hargreave. These two are Samuel Hayden and Chloe Evans.” (Jack)

“H-Hello…” (Chloe)

Chloe greeted him stiffly.

“Good evening.” (Sam)

And following Jack’s suit, I also bowed slightly. Shiggurath was the only one who didn’t say anything. Well, from her perspective, she probably doesn’t see any reason to bow to a being far inferior to her.

But now that I think about it, why are we greeting a king in his own room? Normally, we should have been meeting him in the throne room of this castle, right?

Reishu, perhaps having noticed the confusion on my face, explained.

“Are you perhaps thinking why you are meeting me in my room? Well, that’s because I had been informed beforehand that the Heroes are not fond of farces like royal parties and all that. And since I don’t really like them either, I arranged this room to meet you.” (Reishu)

“I see. I certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness, your majesty.” (Sam)

I really do. Why can’t the Holy Kingdom learn from him?

“Anyway, tell me. Which among you is the leader of this group?” (Reishu)

His nonchalance vanished, and in his eyes burned with a fierce lust for battle.

Yep, just as Liera had said, he wants to fight us to gauge our strength. It’s your turn Jack, fight him.

“Ah, the leader. It’s…” (Jack)

Hmm? Why the silence?

“It’s Samuel.” (Jack)

Huh? Did Jack just betray me?

“Yes, Sam’s the leader and the strongest person of this group. You’ve been itching to fight the Heroes, right? You can fight him and satisfy your desires.” (Liera)

Liera and Jack both smirked while looking at me.

These two! They were in cahoots the whole time! I won’t forget this Jack! I’ll have my revenge too!

Reishu, unaware of my inner turmoil, looked at me with a savage smile.

“So, you are the leader. I’m sure Liera has already briefed you on what I would ask of you now, hasn’t she?” (Reishu)

With that he placed his hand on the hilt of the sword hanging from his belt.

He’s serious about fighting me, ain’t he? Fuck. Now then, what to do? Should I fight him seriously?

“Ahem! What are you doing, father?” (Simone)

Simone coughed to gain our attention and asked her father in a voice as cold as ice.

“Ummm…… I’m just greeting him. Isn’t that right, Sam?” (Reishu)

Reishu looked at me with a fearful look on his face. His eyes were imploring me to help him.


What’s with men fearing women in this world? I’ll admit that women are quite scary, but only a few men get to realise that. Does that mean that the men of this world have a higher average IQ than the men of my world? Well, doesn’t matter.

“Ah yes, of course. We were just greeting each other.” (Sam)

I helped Reishu in order to put him in my debt. Hopefully, this will stop him from trying to have a duel with me. And if it doesn’t, well, I’ll just ask Simone.

Simone, who probably understood my intentions, looked at her father with a smile. But that smile didn’t reach her eyes, which in turn intimidated Reishu.

“Then, if your greetings are over, then it’s time to show the Heroes their rooms. They’ve come here after travelling for a long time. I’m sure they are very tired. Don’t you agree, father?” (Simone)

“Yes.” (Reishu)

He then turned to face us.

“Now then, Heroes and their companions, please rest in this castle. Simone here will show you your rooms. You can head for the dungeon tomorrow morning.” (Reishu)

He once again looked at me, and licked his lips just like a hungry predator does after looking at its prey, which sent shivers down my spine.

What is he, a pervert? No, I’m sure that he is. I should probably properly lock the doors of my room tonight.

“Please follow me, Heroes.” (Simone)

We followed her out of the room.

But isn’t she too stiff with us?

“You can properly call us by our names, ya know. There’s no need to be so formal with us. We were only just normal students before being summoned in this world.” (Sam)

Well, me and Jack weren’t exactly normal. But we were students, so yeah, I’m not exactly lying.

“Is that so? I’ll call you by your names then, Samuel.” (Simone)

Hmm? Didn’t she agree too quickly?




  1. 1) suggest something be done.
    2) it’s agreed to immediately.
    3) worries that it was agreed to immediately; suspects ulterior motivation on the part of the other.

    Paranoid much?

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