Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 14


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


“P-Please forgive me for what I did last night.” (Simone)


I was currently eating my breakfast along with my party members and Reishu. When I arrived at the dining room with Shiggurath, everyone was already present there. Liera smirked when she saw me entering with Shiggurath, probably because she was having some indecent thoughts in her mind. Grow up, Liera.

Simone was the only one who was absent. Without minding it, we all had started our breakfast. When we were halfway through, Simone entered the room. I thought that she would go and sit beside her father, being the daddy’s daughter she is. Instead, she walked up to my chair, kneeled on the spot and started apologising.

But before I could answer, Chloe interfered.

“Last night? Just what have you two been up to?” (Chloe)

She scowled at me. Just what kind of person does she think I am?

“Simone had tried to kill Sam last night.” (Shiggurath)

““What?”” (Chloe and Cornellia)

Everyone’s hands stopped simultaneously. Liera whistled in what seemed to be admiration, and chided Simone.

“What are you doing, Simone. Doing that is clearly wrong.” (Liera)

Yeah teach her common sense please.

“I mean, there’s no way you can kill Sam so easily. You need to try harder.” (Liera)

“Oi! Don’t motivate her!” (Sam)

Just whose side is she on god damnit?

Simone kept kneeling there without moving a single muscle. How infuriating it must be for her to kneel and beg for forgiveness from the man she hates? Not that I care.

But it’s kind of distracting. I won’t be able to eat my breakfast in peace at this rate.

“Please don’t worry about that. It’s okay as long as you take care next time.” (Sam)

So, I forgave her with a magnanimous heart.

“No, it’s not.” (Jack)

Oh yeah, I forgot about him, didn’t I?

“Like I said, it is,” (Sam)

“No. It’s not okay at all. She attacked you with the intention to kill. I’m sure she was prepared for the consequences.” (Jack)

Jack got up from his chair and walked around the table to reach me. But before he could do that, Reishu also got up and stood in his way.

“I hope you can forgive her for just this time, Jack.” (Reishu)

“No. Forgiveness is given for mistakes, not crimes. And I believe that since she was prepared to attack and kill someone, she was prepared to be killed in return. That’s the law of equivalent exchange.” (Jack)

Equivalent exchange? This isn’t alchemy for fuck’s sake.

“So, you won’t let her off, even though the person in question himself has forgiven her?” (Reishu)

“I’m happy that we are on the same page.” (Jack)

Reishu frowned, and an unyielding bloodlust emanated from him. But of course, Jack didn’t even flinch in front of it. A dangerous atmosphere developed between the two of them, and the situation looked like it could explode any moment.

Good grief.

“Back off Jack.” (Sam)

I tried calming him.

“No.” (Jack)

“You will stand down, Hargreave.” (Sam)

I said again, but this time in a colder and more authoritative tone. Jack looked at me in annoyance for a moment, clicked his tongue and went back to his seat.

“And you, Ms. Simone Zestringer. I’ve forgiven you, so please get out of my sights.” (Sam)

Simone glared at me with eyes full of defiance, but gave up and left the room. This is probably the last time I’m seeing her. We’ll be leaving for that Dungeon today after all.

“I would have preferred if you had asked her to apologise to me in secret, and not like this. This just created more troubles for me.” (Sam)

“Is that so? I apologise for the inconvenience caused, then.” (Reishu)

“Aren’t you apologising too much, especially to a normal person? You’re the King of this country, aren’t you?” (Sam)

“Normal person? You’re the Hero, the hope of mankind. And I’m just a king of a small country. You’re clearly above me.” (Reishu)

“You sure you’re not exaggerating?” (Sam)

“Not at all. Moreover, I believe it’s only proper to apologise for a mistake you’ve made.” (Reishu)

Is he calling Simone a mistake? He did make Simone after all.

“I understand.” (Sam)

“But why did she attack Sam?” (Chloe)

Chloe asked suddenly. Well, I would be troubled if they didn’t even have the heart to ask why I had been attacked.

“I’ll tell you about it later.” (Sam)

With that said, it would be more troublesome if the mistrust caused by Simone’s betrayal interfered with our mission. I’ll tell them when we reach the dungeon- that would be better.

“I want to know it now!” (Cornellia)

Cornellia stood up and slammed her hand on the table. Why is she so angry? I’ve been observing for the past month, but Cornellia tends to get too emotional when it comes to matters related to me. Why is that? Has being reunited with Alice made her more emotional? I’ll have to look into it later. For now, let’s find a way to pacify her.

“Please don’t worry, it wasn’t anything serious. I’ll tell you all about it when we reach the dungeon, so please calm down for now.” (Sam)

“Promise?” (Cornellia)

She asked with a hint of suspicion in her voice.

“Yes.” (Sam)

“I’ll take you up for your word for now.” (Cornellia)

She sat down with a thump and resumed eating. After calming her, I looked back at Reishu. He glanced at Cornellia for a moment, looked back at me and smirked in an annoying way.

I don’t know what he’s thinking, but I’m pretty sure it’s something bad. Let’s ignore him for now.

“Let’s finish our breakfast, shall we?” (Sam)

“Ah yeah, sure.” (Reishu)

We returned to our seats with that. After finishing my breakfast, I went to the library to seek the solace of books. Ah, books. I love them. No matter what type of books you read, you always learn something new.

In the library, I picked books related to history. I need a tad bit more information on the previous wars.

“Lord Samuel.” (Simone)

Ah, I see. So, this is what happened a thousand years ago. Reishu sure was a-

“Lord Samuel!” (Simone)

“Ah!” (Sam)

I returned from my reverie after someone shouted at my ear. I looked at my left to know the identity of the perpetrator, and found that it was Simone. What is she doing here?

“Yes? How may I help you?” (Sam)

“My father is calling for you. He wants to meet you in the conference room.” (Simone)

“I met him a few moments ago though.” (Sam)

I mean, we were having breakfast together a few moments ago, weren’t we? Simone narrowed her eyes and spoke sharply.

“Just what kind of Hero are you? It’s already been a few hours since you entered this library. I was right that you don’t deserve to be the Hero.” (Simone)

She is sure has become more honest, hasn’t she? I wish she could keep that honesty to herself.

“Is that so? I see.” (Sam)

I closed the book in my hand and returned it to the shelf.

“Let’s go then, shall we?” (Sam)

“Follow me.” (Simone)

She nodded and replied curtly.

Good grief. Doesn’t look like we’ll get along. Well, as long as she doesn’t stab me in the back, it’s fine. I’ll take some measures, just in case.

And so we exited the library and headed towards the conference room.

Author’s Notes

Heya everyone, Anit666 here. I’m making this note here to inform you that I will be removing the name tags (those names in the brackets after every dialogue that inform you who the speaker is) hereon due to issues related with redundancy and necessity. I’ll edit the already updated chapters when I get the time to. Of course, I’ll include when there are a lot of speakers, but when it’s obvious who the speaker is, I won’t include it. That’s all.
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