Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 17


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


“Father you can’t!”

Good grief.

“Why not? He’s fighting for justice, isn’t he?”

“But! But!”

She spoke in a worried tone. Just what’s the deal with this woman? At first, she thinks her father should be the Hero. But now she’s getting worried when he’s about to do something Hero-like. Just what does she desire?

“Please don’t worry Simone. I’ll return safely to you.”

Reishu assured her gently as he caressed her cheeks. What’s with that sickeningly sweet atmosphere around them? They are supposed to be father and daughter, right? Should I call the FBI?

And did this guy just casually raise a death flag? I need to stay the fuck away from him.


“You don’t actually think that these mere demons would be able to harm me, do you? You know better than anyone else that I can easily kill off this number of demons. I’ll just finish them and come back.”

Where does this confidence even arise from?


She asked in a worried tone.


Simone finally sighed in relief. I looked around and saw that Chloe was making the same face as me. See? I’m not the only one who thinks this pair of father and daughter is too close.

I lightly coughed to gain everyone’s attention.

“So, how do you suggest we do it, King Reishu?”

“It’s simple. I’ll arrive at the battlefield from one side, and your party from the other. I’ll first of all use a large-scale annihilation magic and attract the demons’ attention, and then start slaughtering them. The moment you see an opening, you’ll enter the dungeon.”

A nice, concise plan. Well, doesn’t look like we’ll be able to avoid alerting the Demon King inside. Doesn’t matter, that’s what I was aiming for anyway.

“Well, that works for me. Ah, but if you encounter someone like a commandment, I would appreciate if you pulled back.”

Can’t have them dying right now, after all.

“If I encounter a Commandment, I’m going to fight him and kill him right then and there.”

Why is everyone being so adamant god damnit!

“Then I’m afraid I cannot go along with this plan.”

I turned towards Jack to formulate a new plan. If Reishu battled with a Commandment, that would ruin my plans.

“Jack, you will be the one to divert them. After we have entered the cave, you will follow us. That should be possible for you, right?”

“That’s certainly a difficult task. Well, I’ll see what I can do.”

He agreed immediately. He also understands my plans after all.

“That’s good enough.”

Everyone looked at us with a complicated expression as we were progressing the talk without caring about anything else.

“P-Please wait a moment.”

Reishu got flustered after being rejected so abruptly.


I asked as if nothing had happened.

“Exactly why are you against me fighting a Commandment?”

“Reishu. I know that you are capable of beating a Commandment, but I don’t want to lose you because of overconfidence.”

“Are you saying that I would lose to a Commandment?”

He asked with a dangerous glint in his eyes. Did I hurt his pride?

“Please don’t be so full of yourself, King Reishu Zestringer. I’m merely saying that complications could arise while fighting a Commandment, and although the chances are very low, if they did, losing you would be a huge loss for our side. Remember this: you are no longer a mere soldier fighting on orders, you are a King and one of the leaders of mankind. Moreover, the Commandments and the Demon King this time are clearly different from what you know.”


Liera interfered before Reishu could speak anything. However, looking at his expression it’s clear that he had the same question.

“Oya? Did you not feel it, teach? Two weeks ago, when the demons invaded the palace and me and Jack had to fight the commandments, they were clearly holding back. They held back to such an extent that we were easily able to drive them to the brink of death. They were probably confident that the Demon King would pull them out no matter what.”

Yes. Had they been fighting us seriously, we would not have beaten them that easily. Not to mention that the palace, and probably the city as well, would have been destroyed.

“They were holding back? Against us?”

Hmm. Seems like she really wasn’t aware. However, the way she worded her question….. just how cocky are the people of this world?

“And wait, you also mentioned something about the Demon King pulling them out. What do you mean by that?” (Liera)

“Huh? You’re asking me? Don’t you know that it was the Demon King who teleported them just before I could kill them?”

“How can you be so sure of that? It’s possible that they had invoked a teleportation magic with Delay.”

“I know because the person in question told me herself.”


“Yeah. The night of the invasion after the whole matter was over, the Demon King visited me in my room. She wanted to recruit me in her army. It goes without saying that I refused, as there was no merit in for me.”

I especially emphasised the last part to let Liera know that the reason I refused is not something like ‘I don’t want to work for the evil’ but ‘There is nothing to gain from joining you’. Which can translate to ‘I’ll join Regina if a need arises to’.

If Liera is what I think she is, then she should understand my implication.

“You met the Demon King and didn’t tell anyone about it?!”

Chloe almost shouted in disbelief.

“Huh? I didn’t? Must have slipped my mind because I was too worried about a certain girl who had severely injured herself.”

I lied while smiling at her.

“That’s no reason to forget about it!”

Cornellia also rebuked me.

“Hey, I didn’t forget about it. In fact, I had informed Jack about my meeting with the Demon King, and I was under the impression that he would have already disclosed it to you.”

“He’s clearly lying; he told me no such thing.”

There he goes again. It has come under my observation that Jack never supports me when I’m in trouble with the girls. Don’t tell me that these girls have bribed him? I’ll have to confirm later on.

“Anyway, let’s keep these things aside for now. So, Reishu, do you now understand why I don’t want you to fight with a Commandment? If you are willing to agree to my condition, then we can go along with your plan. Else…….”

“Yes, father. Listen to him: there’s no need to endanger yourself right now.”

In a rare move, Simone supported me. Go girl!

“Fine then. I’ll back off the moment I encounter a Commandment. Is that all right?”

He finally agreed, but I could still see in his eyes just how dissatisfied he was. He’s a war mongrel for sure.

“Of course.”

“Well then, we’ll execute this strategy tomorrow. For now, you all should go rest and prepare for tomorrow.”

With this the meeting was over and we left the room. I headed towards the library once again to read some more. I don’t have anything else to do anyway. Interestingly, my party didn’t follow me this time. Well, they are probably tired, or maybe they are preparing for tomorrow. Either way, I appreciate it.

Tomorrow is the day when, depending on my actions, everything will be settled. Tomorrow, I would either pave the way to my victory, or fall to the spectre of defeat.

I just hope nothing goes wrong.


Wait, did I just casually raise a flag?


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