Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 18


Author: Anit666

【3rd person’s POV】


It was the day after the meeting: the day Sam and his party would enter the dungeon to train, and kill the Demon King if they’re unfortunate enough to encounter her.

Sam and his companions were currently galloping on horses on the road going through the forest. Reishu had this road specially constructed so that it would lead them right to the dungeon.

After many deliberations the day before, the plan they had agreed on was this: they will travel with horses until they are only a kilometre away from the Demons’ camp. From there, they’ll abandon the horses and part ways. Reishu would go in one direction while the rest would stay there. He would then attack the regiment. The attack would be the signal for them to start moving in the opposite direction. From there, they would enter the dungeon.

Sam and his party consisted of the following people: Sam himself, Jack, Chloe, Shiggurath, Cornellia, Liera and Reishu. However, the number of horses was only five as Chloe was travelling with Liera.

As one would expect from a normal person of Earth, Chloe did not know how to ride a horse. And that’s why she was quite surprised when she learned that Sam and Jack could ride one.

“We’ll be reaching point A soon.” (Reishu)

Point A was the spot where they would leave the horses and part ways.

“Roger.” (Sam)

After galloping for a few more minutes, they stopped. They got off the horses, and tied them to the trees along the road. Apparently, Simone would send some soldiers to recover them later.

“We’ll part ways here. I’ll go left from here into the forest, while you’ll stay here. I’ll attack the camp from the front to draw them from the entrance. Right from the start, I’ll use a large-scale magic which you would be able to see, or feel, from here. That would be your cue to move.”

Reishu revised the plan once again.


“Well then, stay safe.”

“Same to you, I guess. Run away immediately if you encounter a Commandment, kay? I would be troubled if you die on me now.”

“Putting aside whether I’ll really die or not, I’ll fall back if I see a Commandment.”

Reishu assured Sam while laughing.

Needless to say, Reishu was lying. His whole being was itching to fight, so there’s no way he would leave a Commandment alone. It should be repeated here that Reishu is a war mongrel: it doesn’t matter to him just what kind of effects his death would have on the current status quota. All he wanted to do was fight a battle to the death, no matter who it was against.

And needless to say, Sam was aware of Reishu’s thoughts. However, he was certain that no matter what, Reishu wouldn’t come across a Commandment.

After saying what he needed to, Reishu swiftly departed from there. After seeing him off, Sam turned to the rest of his party members.

“Well, I hope you all are ready.”

“Of course.”

Everyone replied as such.

“Liera, I hope that you’ll take care of Chloe.”

“Hmm? You don’t believe in Chloe’s strength?”

“Of course I do. However, it wouldn’t hurt to have insurance, would it?”

“Well, I’ll try my best.”

That was all that Liera could say. After all, it was already decided that all of them would be dying here. The basic outline of the plan was simple: they would train in the dungeon. And if they encounter the Demon King, which she was sure they would, they’ll fight her to death. She’ll make Sam and Jack fight the Demon King, while Liera, Chloe, Cornellia and Drache would handle the commandments.

Since Drache is a dragon, she cannot display her full might in her human form. And since they would be fighting in a dungeon, she won’t be able to transform into her Dragon form. Liera would let Chloe and Drache fight with minimum support from her side, and she’ll direct the fight in such a way that only Chloe and she herself survived.

On the other hand, in the battle between the Demon King and Sam and Jack, no matter which side wins, the other side would be incredibly weakened. Liera would swiftly finish them off. The last to be killed would be Chloe. Consider it needless sentiments, or a tribute to her student, Liera had nonetheless decided that she would give one last lesson to Chloe before killing her: never blindly trust your allies.

But of course, that was just the basic outline, and adjustments would be made depending on the situation. Only the result would remain the same: Liera would be the only survivor.

However, her plan, no, the mastermind’s plan had a very basic flaw: Drache was no ordinary dragon. She was Shiggurath, the Ancient Dragon, and Sam’s important piece.

But the question was: is it really a flaw?

Only time would tell.

Reishu was currently travelling through the forest, and was about to reach his destination, the regiment’s camp. A short distance from the camp, he slowed down and hid in a tree’s canopy.

Using magic, he started surveying the camp.

Hmm… from what I can see, the most I can see are level 4, he thought.

Reishu categorised everyone into levels. The levels started from 1, and went till 10. The higher the level, the stronger the enemy. However, the relation between the levels and strength wasn’t direct. A level 8 enemy was 1000 times stronger than a level 5 enemy.

So, for Reishu, level 4 enemies were nothing more than ants which he could crush whenever he wanted.

Hmm, guess the Commandments or the Demon King aren’t here. Well, if they are in the dungeon, then I’ll just bring them out.

Incidentally, the Demon King was a level 10, the commandments were level 8, Sam and his party were level 7, while Liera and her party was level 9.

In other words, Reishu didn’t think that the group going into the dungeon would survive. So, why didn’t he stop them?

The answer was simple: he wanted the Demon King all to himself. Reishu is a war mongrel after all. Living for a long time had robbed Reishu of all his pleasure, and battling to death was the only thing that made him feel alive anymore.

I’ll use Indra’s wrath.

While still hidden in the canopy, Reishu invoked his large-scale strategic class magic: Indra’s wrath.

The gentle wind that was flowing abruptly stopped. The demon, in his demonoid form, keeping a watch on the surroundings from a makeshift watch tower, also felt this. He thought it odd, but brushed it aside thinking it was nothing.

However, the sky suddenly darkened. The change was so abrupt that the guard couldn’t help but be suspicious of it. However, it was already too late.

Black clouds had gathered just above the camp thus blocking the sun. The clouds rumbled loudly, and lighting ensued. The wind that had stopped blowing started once again, but it was much stronger this time.

The guard soon heard screams behind him. There, he saw that a small tornado, around half the height of his watchtower, had appeared in the centre of the camp out of nowhere. But the tornado continued growing in size. Soon, it reached the height of the watchtower, and after some time, it touched the sky.

The tornado had also grown wider, and it had already reached the watchtower. The guard soon jumped down from it, and tried to run away. This wasn’t the place to die, he thought as he ran for his life furiously.

But he soon noticed an anomaly: as soon as he entered the area outside the camp and into the forest, he could not feel the effect of the tornado. It was as if the tornado killing his brethren behind was just a lie. And that was the last thought he had, as his head tumbled down from his torso, for it had been cleanly cut by Reishu.

Oops. Cannot let anyone escape from here, he thought as he wiped the blood from his hand.

In front of him the catastrophe known as Indra’s Wrath was wreaking havoc in enemy lines. The tornado had grown large enough to encompass the whole camp, and it was strong enough to suck anything within its radius.

And anyone who was lucky enough to escape from its clutches was struck down by the lightning from the clouds above. It also struck the people who were flying inside the tornado.

Indra’s Wrath was a magic that created a raging tornado which affected only a specified area. Its winds won’t affect anyone or anything outside that area. Reishu had set the camp as the area, that’s why the demon who was on the lookout exited the camp, he stopped feeling the effects of the tornado.

The people who got sucked into the tornado were struck by lightning and killed, while those who were inside the area but still managed to get out of it would also be struck by lightning.

A few minutes later, the tornado vanished and the sky became clear as well. The area in front of the cave entrance, where the demons had set up their camp, was now clear, except for the occasional debris and burnt corpses that were lying around.

The tornado was the signal for Sam and his party to move from their position and come here, so Reishu was hoping that the Demon King and the Commandments would come out right now. However, his hopes were betrayed as no one exited from the cave. He stood in front of it and kept waiting, but not even a mosquito came out from the cave.

“Holy fuck dude! You just massacred them!”

And soon, Sam and his party arrived there.


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