Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 2


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】

During the party, Alicia, Chloe and Jack joined me. Since I wanted to learn Cornellia’s healing magic, I asked Alicia to arrange a place for me to train, preferably an open ground.

I asked for that because of the dangers involved in learning this magic. I believe that Cornellia’s healing magic, doesn’t heal but actually restores. That magic involves the manipulation of time. Though time manipulation magic is extremely useful, the dangers it carries with it are equally potent. Use it incorrectly, and you might lose yourself in the rift of time. You’ll be trapped in it for all of eternity, without any hope of ever getting out of it.

But that’s the real reason I want to learn that magic. For it will teach me how to bend time to my will. I would also have Shiggurath to teach me space manipulation magic. Mastering both of them would mean mastering mana control, which in turn would make me able to use any kind of magic. I would be able to further develop my Decomposition, Demolition and the Mass-Energy conversion magic.

Demolition, is a magic-nullifying magic. It disrupts the mana flow of the target person, thus cancelling the magic they’ve cast. All magics are made up of mana, and demolition also disperses that mana. So no one would be able to use any type of magic in my presence.

It works only on magic spells which are in the process of being cast, so it doesn’t affect the spells that have already been cast. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how powerful and complex that magic spell being cast is, they would all crumble before the might of my Demolition. Combine it with Decomposition, and I would practically become invincible.

Wow, I’m becoming too OP, ain’t I?

But this much is necessary. I need to be strong enough to surpass the Gods themselves. And I need to do it with only my, Samuel Hayden, strength, and not as the Overlord, Ruler of Hell or the Ruler of Death or any other title like that.

The party ended after an hour. Everyone headed back to their rooms, except Shiggurath. She followed me to my room, saying that we would be bored in her room. Good grief….. Don’t tell me that she now likes me because I became the light in her darkness.

Ha! Ridiculous. Only a fool would think that helping a maiden in need would earn her affection. In fact, it’s possible that Shiggurath is aware that I’m planning to use her as a tool and resents me because of it. That’s why she is following me around, just to study me and learn my weaknesses, so that she can efficiently finish me off after I fulfil her wish. I need to be careful.

I changed into my battle outfit, complete with my mask and headed out of my room. Alicia had already granted me permission to use the underground training room. But I first went to Cornellia’s room. Shiggurath was also following me.

I reached her room and knocked. She opened the door at once and came out.

“Well the Sam, shall we go?” (Cornellia)

“Of course.” (Sam)

She started walking ahead of me. Does she even know where we have to go?

“Do you know where we are going to train?” (Sam)

She abruptly stopped, and slowly turned around with an embarrassed expression on her face. Yepp, just as I expected.

“Good grief…. Follow me.” (Sam)

I started walking ahead of her and beckoned her to follow me.

“By the way, what are you going to do after learning my healing magic?” (Cornellia)

“Me? Well, after learning your magic, I’ll start learning Shiggurath’s space-manipulation magic.” (Sam)

“My magic?” (Shiggurath)

“Yes. You won’t teach me?” (Sam)

I asked in a slightly saddened tone. Shiggurath got flustered and spoke hurriedly.

“I-I never said that. Yes! I’ll teach you whatever you want!” (Shiggurath)

I chuckled lightly to convey that I was just joking.

“Good good. I’ll be counting on you then.” (Sam)

“Y-You….!” (Shiggurath)

She puffed up her cheeks and turned her head away! Looks like she got angry. Two conclusions can be drawn from her reaction:

First is that she has fallen prey to my manipulations, and now wants to do her best so that I can fulfil her wish. She’s too cute goddamnit!

Second is that her reactions are nothing more than acting in order to deceive me. She still doesn’t trust me, and is trying to make me think that she’s dancing on the palm of my hand while in reality she’ll just use me for her own benefits.

Based on the information I have on my hand, it’s most likely the first one. But I am someone who doesn’t fully trust even himself, so there’s no way in hell that I’ll trust a dragon that I met just two days ago. It’s true that I destroyed her spirit in order to make her depend on me, but I have no absolute guarantee that everything had gone the way I wanted it to.

“So you want to learn space-manipulation magic too. Wow. And…… what will you do after that?” (Cornellia)

After that, huh. I’ll most probably train some more to become stronger. I also need to gather more information. And, I need to somehow win over the remaining two people I need for victory. So much work…..

“I’ll train.” (Sam)

“After that?” (Cornellia)

“I’ll train some more. I’ll keep training until the day the war between mankind and demons officially starts.” (Sam)

“Is training the only thing you care about?” (Cornellia)

She asked dejectedly. Eh? Did I say something wrong?

“Of course not. I care only for victory. And it’s not like I’m going to spend every single moment training. I’ll do other things too, like going on adventures. Probably.” (Sam)

Yes. Just training isn’t going to help me. I also need to learn how to use the newly developed magics in an actual battle. Theoretical knowledge is useless without any practical knowledge.

“R-Really? Then, we’ll be able to go on adventures together, right? Ehehehehe” (Cornellia)

What was with that weird laugh at the end? It’s somehow scary.

And we’ll go on adventures together? Ah, right. We are in a party. What was its name again? The Crusaders. Why did I even agree to that? I know that Chloe is going to die laughing after coming to know about it.

I started to get depressed, but Cornellia and Shiggurath weren’t able to notice as I was wearing my mask.

Without knowing about my internal sufferings, Cornellia spoke, albeit in a slightly worried tone.

“W-What happened, Sam. Do you perhaps don’t want to adventure with me?” (Cornellia)

“Huh? I never said anything like that, did I? Though are you sure that’s the right thing to do? I mean, your sister Alice just woke up from her long slumber, didn’t she? Don’t you want to be by her side?” (Sam)

Cornellia shook her head, and spoke with a wry smile.

“It’s not like I don’t want to be with her. But the war is coming, and I need to get strong if I don’t want to lose someone precious again. And don’t worry, I talk to her everyday using the communication magic.” (Cornellia)

Yeah, that makes sense. Well, having more allies wouldn’t hurt. Provided that they don’t stab me in the back later on.

“I understand.” (Sam)

We reached the room while talking. In one half of the room, Chloe was already training with Liera and Reygus. Good good, she must get stronger too.

Since she seemed to be engrossed in her training, I quietly went to the other half of the room without disturbing her.

“Now then, Cornellia sensei. Please teach me.” (Sam)

“Sensei? What’s that?” (Cornellia)

“Just a way to call you teacher. Anyway, please start your lesson.” (Sam)

“Okay. But…. I’ve never taught anyone anything, so I’m not sure how to go about teaching you…..” (Cornellia)

Hmm, that sure is a problem….

“How about you first demonstrate that magic, and then tell me everything about it?” (Sam)

That should do for me.

“Is that fine? Okay then. But how would I show it to you? I mean, how can I heal a wound when there isn’t any?” (Cornellia)

Oh yeah. Someone needs to be injured. Well, looks like I’ll have to be the one to take that role.

Progress takes sacrifice after all.

I took out the gun holstered on my right waist, pointed it on my left wrist and fired. The bullet exited the barrel without making any sound and penetrated straight through my wrist, thus blasting it to smithereens.





  1. Just realise that his spells are like tasuya from magic high spells

  2. Does show he has faith that Cornellia’s healing magic works.

    Speaks well of him that when an injured person is required for use as a demonstration test case, he uses himself; it may also make it easier for him to see precisely what the healing magic does, but I don’t think that was the driving consideration.

    He dropped a couple of interesting titles in his ruminations that apparently apply to him. Confirms that somewhere else he’s a Power To Be Reckoned With.

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