Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 21


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


The moment the light vanished, I fired the first shot, which was followed by the death throes of a wraith. I then fired the next shot, from the second gun, and that too was followed by the cries of a wraith. I kept repeating this process and the wraiths kept dying, until the magazines ran out of bullets.

Seeing that the rain of death had stopped, the wraiths pounced on me thinking that this was their chance. Too bad, for it’s not. Before the light vanished, I had casted ‘Godspeed’ on me. It’s simply a magic spell that greatly enhances my speed and kinetic vision. So, the wraiths pouncing on me seemed to be so slow that I could have taken a nap or two.

I hurried used Inventory beneath my guns, and changed the magazines. Inventory is the most basic space-manipulation magic spell. It simply creates an alternate space for me where I can store my items.

With my guns reloaded, I started shooting again, and this time the time interval between each shot was incredibly short. For an outsider, it might seem that all the 20 bullets were fired from a single shot.

20 more wraiths died. I reloaded again, and shot again. Thankfully, the guns were made from the bones of a dragon, while the bullets themselves were coated in powdered dragon bone, so they could handle my rapid firing. The bullets travelling at mach 2 simply pierced through the wraiths like they were sheets of papers.

Behind me, Regina was using combinations of magic and sword techniques to kill the wraiths, and her killing speed was comparable to mine. She sliced a wraith in half, fired ice spears at the wraiths attacking her from behind, used blades made of wind to kill the wraiths on her right and fired fire arrows right in the middle of the eyes of the wraiths attacking from left. Only for this process to repeated with different magic spells.

Incredible, she’s using at least 3 different magic spells at once. Just what kind of monster does one has to be to have such excellent mana control. I thought that while nonchalantly shooting the wraiths trying to ambush behind me.

It was a massacre in the truest sense of the word.

After about a minute, the battle, one-sided slaughter actually, ended. And neither I nor Regina had any scratches on us. Incidentally, the wraiths turn into smoke upon dying, so there weren’t any corpses lying around us.

“Good work there.”


She replied with a hint of relief in her tone as she sheathed her sword. I also put my guns back.

“So, where are we?”

Yeah, that’s the thing I need to know the most right now.

“I’m not sure, but if my conjectures are right, then this is the Lost Kingdom of wraiths.”

“Lost kingdom?”

She looked at with a confused expression, but her eyes lit up as she had suddenly remembered something.

“Oh right, your history books wouldn’t have mentioned that. Actually-”

Suddenly, the ground started shaking, and the place we were at rumbled. It was as if the entire place was shaking. Soon, a sound similar to stone rubbing against each other was heard, and in front of us a part of the wall opened.

The shaking soon stopped, leaving only us and that opening. Light was coming in from there, so there’s most likely an exit, or a passage, there. We waited for some time with our weapons hot as we thought that more wraiths were going to attack us, but nothing happened.

I started walking towards that door.


Regina shrieked behind me, but when I didn’t stop she followed me.

Upon reaching the door, I found that it led us into a passage. Unlike the cave from before, this passage was cuboidal in shape: it was more like a hallway. Everything was made out of stone, of course. Torches were set up on the walls at set intervals.

“Seems like the leader of the Lost Kingdom is inviting us.”


She almost sighed.

“Then I guess it’s only proper that we go and greet him, no?”

“That’s what one should normally do, yes. It’s incredibly rude for influential people like us to enter a country and not even greet its ruler.”



I was about to go down the path, but Regina stopped me.

“But, that only applies in a normal situation.”

Yeah, that makes sense. We are like the invaders here, for we already killed the civilians/soldiers of this Lost Kingdom. We are criminals now, and the ruler of this place is most probably inviting us to punish us.

“Do you know about how wraiths choose a ruler among them?”

“Yes. Actually, wraiths never choose a ruler from among them. The wraiths are relatively peaceful creatures, and everyone is equal among them. They usually like to live alone, or in small groups, in dark places like these. That’s why the very fact that the wraiths have a kingdom is strange. This can happen in only one case: an outsider, who was overwhelmingly stronger than the wraiths, gathered all of them to create this Kingdom and is now using them as soldiers. The question is, just who could have done it?”

Who is it? Is it a human, perhaps? Maybe someone from the First Hero party? Or is it a demon? Or maybe someone else?

As I was pondering this, Regina stared at me her jaw slightly opened and eyes widened. I lightly waved my hand in front of her, and she came back with a snap.

“Was I right, Ms. Regina?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Everything you said was correct. However, you sure know a lot for someone who was summoned just a few months ago.”

“A month and two weeks, so that would make it one and a half months.”

However, Regina ignored my statement as if I hadn’t even spoken.

“Just where does your knowledge stem from?”

She asked with slightly curious eyes.

“Reygus told me.”

I tried lying.


But was immediately caught.

“Hmm? Why would you say that?”

“As if those old fuckers would tell you anything about wraiths and the Lost Kingdom.”

Seems like they are somehow connected to this Lost Kingdom.

“So, tell me. How do you know it?”

“Does that even matter? Forget about that, please continue what you were saying.”

Regina scowled at me, but soon gave up.

“Since you know already, the leader of these wraiths is strong. He’s stronger than me. He’s even stronger than Shiggurath.”

Huh? Someone who is stronger than the First Dragon? What the fuck?

I noticed this a long time ago, but the power system of this world is completely fucked up. Just what the heck are you doing Phiria……. At least manage your world properly. I sighed inside my mind while thinking that.

“The name of the leader is Balgaar. Also known as The One.”

“The One?”

What’s with that ominous sounding nickname.

“There were some who believed that Balgaar was sent by the gods to deliver punishment upon the residents of this world, so they deified him and started calling him The One.”

“Wow. The people were quite messed up back then.”

I mean, the Gods, especially Phiria, would never use such a crude way to pass judgement.

But Balgaar, huh.


Never thought that I’d hear that name again, though the Balgaar I know is long dead. I guess it’s a pretty common name?

“I see. But I don’t think we have any choice but to go through this passage. I cannot see any other way out of here.”

“That’s….. true.”

She sighed again.

“Let’s go then. If we encounter any danger, then we can only work together to survive. Oh, and tell me the other things related to wraiths while we are on our way.”

“Well, that was the condition, so it doesn’t look like I have any other choice.”

She smiled wryly.

And so began our struggle for survival in the Lost Kingdom.



  1. No, it’s a pretty uncommon name.

    Whoever said the incredibly strong entity which imposed itself as ruler of the Wraiths had to be living?

    Plus… unless you cremated the body yourself, just how certain are you that he’s dead?

    • Unless you consider the entire universe which houses countless number of civilisations. Then it could be a common name.

      An undead? So it’s going to be an undead ruler vs. demon king+hero?
      Sounds exciting!

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