Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 25


Author: Anit666

【Cornellia’s POV】


“Um, Shiggurath, do you know where we are right now?”

I asked the question that was floating around in my mind since the last few minutes.

“The only thing I can tell you is that we are still in the dungeon. As for where, I have no clue.”

She sighed.

“This happened because you got too excited and attacked the Demon King, who, by the way should be a Demon Queen.”

Just why would she call herself a king when she is a female? To deceive unsuspecting Heroes and then seduce them later on?

Hmph, as if my Sam would fall for such a trick.

“Haha…….. I had a reason for doing that.”

She smiled wryly while saying that.

“What reason?”

“I unfortunately cannot tell you yet.”


“Then when can you tell me?”

“At least not until I’m allowed to do so.”

She replied nonchalantly as she kept looking around to ascertain the situation we were in.

“Allowed…… so someone ordered you to do that.”

Shiggurath abruptly turned her face to me and made a face as if she had realised that she had made a blunder. In other words, I was not supposed to know that she as acting under someone’s orders.

And there is only one person who can order her.

“There is only one person who can order you like this. And that person is Sam. So, tell me. Did he ask you to attack the Demon King like that?”

She averted her eyes and remained silent. So, she doesn’t want to say anything, huh. Shiggurath is not a good liar, it seems.

“But if Sam asked you to do that, then I guess he probably had a good reason to do so.”

I don’t think he would act without thinking, after all.

“But where is Sam anyway?”

“I don’t know about that.”

Right, that is the bigger problem right now. When Shiggurath attacked the Demon King, she dodged and the attack hit the ground. The ground then fell apart, and due to that, we all got separated.

I’m with Shiggurath right now, so at least I am safe. Jack and Sam can probably handle themselves. The same goes for Liera. The one I’m worried the most about right now is Chloe.

She had grown stronger in the past few weeks. Stronger than me. There is no doubt about that. According to Liera and Reygus, she can probably handle at least 2 commandments at once. So, there should be no cause for worry if she meets them.

However, Sam said that the demons this time are strange. Even when he had brought one of them to the verge of death, that Commandment didn’t get serious.

I still remember Sam’s figure while he was fighting back then. His valiant back as he fought to protect his friend was so charismatic that I still cannot forget it. Then there’s the time when he shared his mana with me to heal Chloe. He has such an overwhelming amount of mana that if he wanted, he could cast magic spells using his own mana reserves.

That’s why I know he can handle himself. As for Jack, he doesn’t seem to be particularly talented in magic. In fact, even Chloe is better than him. But I still cannot discard this feeling that I get when I see him. I don’t know anything about him, except that he is kind of strange. But I do know that he is at least as strong as Sam.

Chloe’s strength pales when compared to both of them, but she is also very strong in her own right. The only problem would be if she is alone right now and were to encounter all of the Commandments. Or if she came across the Demon King then-

Wait a minute. Coming across the Demon King…………..

What if-

“Hey Shiggurath, what if, Sam asked you to attack the Demon King because he knew that she would evade it causing the ground to break? And what if he did that because he wanted to be alone with the Demon King?”

When the ground fell apart, Sam also fell into the abyss that opened up. And when I looked towards the demons while running away, I could only see the backs of the Commandments. What if the Demon King had also fallen into that abyss? And what if that was what Sam intended for?

Shiggurath, upon listening to my question squinted her eyes and spoke in a slightly colder tone.

“You, you are actually much smarter than what you let on, aren’t you?”

“Probably. Now, answer me, Shiggurath.”

“Like I said, I don’t know where he is right now.”

She answered with an exasperated sigh.

“Oh come on, I’m your rival, aren’t I? You can at least tell me!”

“Self-proclaimed love rival. As I’ve told you before, you are the only one who loves Samuel.”

She curtly tried to brush me off.

“So, you don’t love him?”

“Of course not. There’s nothing lovable about that despicable snake.”

She snorted.

“Then why do you go into his room every night?”


Her dignified look suddenly turned into a fluster hehe.

“You go into his room every night, then you come out every morning with your hair and clothes dishevelled. Fufu, just what do you with him?”

“It’s nothing like that! Actually- wait, why do you know everything about it in such detail? Have you been stalking us?!”

“Information gathering is an integral part of war.”

“What kind of war?! There is no war here!”

“Ara. Love is also war, you know. I cannot sit back when my enemies are making moves like this.”

“Like I said, there’s nothing like that-”

She abruptly stopped speaking and started looking around her. This can only mean one thing.


She nodded. I silently readied my wand and prepared myself to cast magic. As I was looking around, a movement caught my eye. I quickly looked in that direction and shot a wind blade to incapacitate it. The invisible blade hit its neck and it stopped moving.

I started to walk towards it, but Shiggurath gripped my shoulder and held me back.

“What happened?”

“Just wait here for a minute.”

She replied as she cautiously continued to gaze at that corpse.

What is it? The blade hit its neck, there’s no way it could have survived.

However, the figure soon stood up as if nothing had happened and dashed towards us.


But before I could fire another magic spell, something pierced its head and it fell down. Soon, its body turned into smoke and disappeared.

What? A monster whose body disappeared the moment it was killed? There’s no such monster in this world. Perhaps that monster just teleported somewhere instead of dying?

I looked at Shiggurath who had killed it by throwing a stone to ask just what that was. However, she was looking at the place where that monster body before was with such intensity that it would bore a hole into that spot.

She soon turned towards me and spoke in a frenzied voice.

“Cornellia, we need to hurry up and find others and get out of here. This situation is bad!”

Bad? But she was so nonchalant till now.

“What? Why? What happened? Do you know what that monster was?”

“That, was a wraith.”

“A wraith?”

What’s that? I’ve never heard of anything with that name?

“Wraiths were the ones who formed the first democracy in this world. I don’t have time to explain right now. I’ll do it on the move! For now, let’s go.”

Democracy? Now what is that?

“Hey wait-”


But before I could stop her, a deep, terror inducing roar, which seemed to be filled with wrath, resounded in the dungeon. The roar was so loud that the cave we were in started rattling. Its power was enough to make my whole body tremble. Soon, the shaking stopped, and along with it the roar.

Sweat was flowing from my whole body, and my legs were refusing to listen to my commands. My heartbeat was so frantic that I couldn’t even breathe properly.

It took me a fair amount of time to calm down. Just what the heck was that? The boss of this dungeon?

“W-What was that? Hey Shiggu-”

But when I turned to her, I was shocked. Colour had been drained from her face, and she was sweating profusely. For the first time since I had known her, Shiggurath seemed to be……….


She was mumbling something. When I got closer, her voice became audible enough to make out her words.

“This roar, this voice, this authority and this power………….. Balgaar!”

With bloodshot eyes she suddenly gripped my arms tightly and started shaking me.

“Cornellia! It’s Balgaar! Why is he still alive?! Fuck! We have to go, we have to go right now! Sam is- Sam is in danger!”



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