Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 26


Author: Anit666

【Liera’s POV】



I couldn’t stop the sigh from escaping my lips as I stabbed the wraith struggling under my foot and then put my sword back in its scabbard. But I cannot help it anyway. All of our plans have been compromised.

The scenario has greatly diverted from the ideal one, and we have also encountered wraiths. To think that these filthy beasts were still alive. Well, we never confirmed whether they were completely annihilated, did we? In fact, we were lucky to escape from it alive. Not everyone of us did, though.

“Why so sullen?”

I turned towards the voice speaking from beside me. Jack was there, with his usual nonchalance.

“You, don’t you feel worried for your friends even after being separated from them?”


He replied simply as he ripped off the head of the last wraith with his bare hands.

Some time ago, we were surrounded on all sides by these wraiths. However, it only took us a little bit of time to obliterate them.

“Now listen here you little shit. Never take your friends’ presence in your life for granted. You don’t know when you might lose them.”

I tried rebuking him. He turned his face to look at me with eyes that were clearly looking down on me.

“Please don’t get so serious, teacher. It’s not that I’m taking them for granted, it’s just that I know they are going to be safe.”

They are going to be safe? Just where does his confidence come from?

“Safe? Don’t tell me you didn’t see it. Sam and Leticia fell down together! And what about Chloe?!”

The moment Drache attacked Leticia, the ground fell apart. While we were able to get away on time, Sam and Leticia fell down the hole, and me and Jack got separated from the others.

If Jack really is a friend of Sam, then he should currently be worried about Sam’s safety. Then there’s the matter of Chloe. She would be done for if she were alone and encountered all of the Commandments.

Moreover, my original plan was to let Sam and Jack fight with Leticia together. If Sam were to fight here alone, he’ll only die in vain without achieving any significant results. The same would happen if Jack were to fight her alone.

In that case, I would have to fight alongside him to defeat Leticia, then I’ll have to defeat him and then I’ll have to hunt down the remaining people.

Shit! Why do I have so much work?! I’ll make sure to give him a piece of my mind after all of this is over. And then I’ll go on a nice long vacation.

Jack, upon hearing my question, stopped walking, and with a dangerous glint in his eyes declared.

“Like I said, I know that they are going to be safe. There’s no need for you to worry.”

And like I said, why is he so confi-

“In fact, why are you worrying about them? Being separated means it’s easier for you to hunt and bury them here. You should be dancing with joy, right?”

He sneered.

What? What did he just say?

I instinctively put my hand on the hilt my sword, and asked.

“What did you just say? You knew about our plans?”

“Why are you so surprised? Your plans were so apparent that it was kind of funny watching you trying to hide your real intentions.”

He scoffed at me.

“Our plans, were apparent?”

“Hmm? Don’t tell me you didn’t consider the possibility of your real intentions being found out? You were only this much prepared, and you filthy mongrels wanted to go against Samuel Hayden? Your stupidity is astounding, even for me.”

He shook his head as if mocking us.

“Since when did you know?”

This situation is dangerous. Sam and Jack were aware of our real intentions, yet they came here. Something is clearly fishy here.

But, what is this feeling welling up inside me?

“Hmmm, if I had to guess, then he was most probably prepared for it from the moment we were summoned here.”

From that moment? Just what kind of monster is he? I was right about him. Sam is the most dangerous among our enemies, and must be eliminated with all haste.

“I kind of pity you fools. Your loss was determined from the moment you thought of going against Samuel. A wise man would straight away throw himself at his feet and submit to him. And yet, your side thought of making an enemy of him. You thought you were prepared to take him on? Let me tell you, you can prepare for the sky to fall or the ground to split open, you can prepare for this planet to burst, you can prepare for an invasion from Hell, you can prepare for all the calamities you can think of, but you will never be prepared for Samuel Hayden. Though an invasion from Hell is the same as facing him in a war.”

“And what about you?”


He grunted at this unexpected question.

“I asked, what about you? What’s your relationship with Sam? What are you when compared to him?”

“Hmm, if I had to answer, then I am his friend, his right-hand man, his advisor, his strategist, his rival, and his enemy. As for comparisons, we have yet to determine who among us is better.”

His friend, and his enemy? Is he trying to bait me into trying to recruit him after telling me that he is probably as vicious as Sam?

Who does he think I am?

Well, since they already know so much, I guess I should drop all pretenses. And since it’s come to this, the first to be eliminated would be Jack. Who would have thought that the duel I had been craving for would come forth me in such a way?

I took out my sword and pointed it at him. I know should probably take out my Sacred Treasure, but I’m tempted to measure his true strength.

“You leave me no choice, Jack. You’re going to die here today.”

“Die? Me?”

The moment he said that, the entire place shook. I sensed an overwhelming pressure that blew away my senses for a moment. The place was filled with the overwhelming will of a ruler which froze up the senses, made the air tremble, and made anything and everything fall prostrate.

And then I looked at his eyes. His eyes that shone crimson in this dark place. Eyes that would make anyone lose all hope and resign himself to death.

However, I knew those eyes. Those eyes that struck fear in my soul, and produced joy similar to admiration. Those eyes that reminded me of someone.

She was someone who no matter how many times I challenged, no matter what I threw at her, would break through everything and knock me out. She was the incarnation of destruction itself.

Despair spread before her like a plague whenever she entered the battlefield. Her presence alone was enough to rattle the hearts of her enemies with fear and act as the beacon of hope for her people.

Eyes that contained overwhelming might and pride. Yes, I know someone who had eyes like that. Eyes that I would never forget.


The man standing before me reminded me of the first Demon King Regina. The same Regina who defeated and humiliated me so many times. The same Regina who betrayed us.

Before I knew it, I was already lunging at him with my sword and gathering mana in my free hand. But-


A thunderous roar resounded in this place and shook the entire dungeon. The screech was enough to penetrate the soul and make it tremble with dread. That roar blew away all of my wrath and exhilaration.

This roar……………….. it belongs to Balgaar! The moment I became aware of it, a chill ran down my spine and froze me on the spot. My sword fell from my trembling hands.

“Ah, looks like that old fool has started. I should probably act as well, then.”

Jack mumbled to himself. But this time, his nonchalance was replaced by a ferocious smile.


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