Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 31


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【3rd person’s POV】


“Now, come kill me, and I shall do the same.”



The moment Regina signalled the start of the ritual, Balgaar roared. The entire place trembled, and those who heard the roar had fear reverberating in their hearts.

A moment later, Regina felt a soft wind brush past her cheeks, rustling her hair. Balgaar had disappeared. She swiftly turned around, only to see Balgaar standing in front of Sam, his large figure towering like a mountain in front of a small tree.

In the blink of an eye, he had moved from his starting position to in front of Sam. However, that was a speed Sam could easily manage: he had captured Balgaar’s every movement. With his original physical prowess back, the world around him had slowed down to a crawl. But even in that world, Balgaar was fairly fast.

With his right hand clutching his axe raised into the air, ready to strike down the enemy standing in front of him, Balgaar glared down at Sam. But even then, Sam didn’t meet his eyes. He was looking down, his eyes hidden by his bangs.

Balgaar brought down his axe on Sam’s neck. The blade resembling a guillotine eager to devour the life of the criminal, almost lopped of his head. But at the last moment it was intercepted by Sam’s Tzeeneth.

The unquenchable flames produced by Balgaar, which would never go out as long as he didn’t wish for it, were greedily devoured by the darkness surrounding Tzeeneth. To prevent his weapon from being destroyed, he pulled it back, and slashed again.

In the blink of an eye, countless exchanges had been made between Sam and Balgaar, gouging out the ground around them. But in those exchanges, Balgaar was slightly superior, evident by the small wounds on Sam.

Outmatched in close combat, Sam decided to pull back and put some distance between them, but Balgaar expected that and moved along with him. In a moment, they were running alongside each other with blinding speed and exchanging blows after blows.

Sam had a lot of experience in fighting foes stronger than him, but Balgaar’s long life provided him an edge in this battle. The only reason Sam hadn’t been cut down yet was because Balgaar was being cautious as he didn’t want to lose his weapon to Tzeeneth yet.

Fuck! Sam cursed.

And so Sam decided to take a risk. At the next strike that came from Balgaar, instead of parrying it, he took it in a way that wouldn’t critically injure him and slashed at Balgaar’s neck. But Balgaar twisted his body at the last moment, escaping that slash by the breadth of a hair.

Due to this clash they passed by each other, finishing up back-to-back. In the next moment, their left arms fell from their torsos. Both of their attacks had clipped of the arm of the other.

Blood flowed from Balgaar’s shoulder, but nothing like that happened to Sam as his wound was cauterised by the flames still burning on his shoulder, threatening to burn him alive. He hurriedly used Tzeeneth to get rid of those flames. With the flames extinguished, he turned around, and at the same time, Balgaar did the same.

They looked into each other’s eyes, silently confirming each other’s determination to end this once and for all. And hence, they decided to get serious.

Balgaar picked up his arm and reattached it using his sheer regenerative capabilities, while Sam used Overhaul to grow it back.

Astonished, Balgaar asked in rage.
“Mana?! Sogar sic mít gezwitschert utere neco als turpem málo das co?!”
<Mana?! Even you have stooped so low to use something as filthy as that?!>

“I gotta use what I can, no matter how filthy it is.”

Sam replied calmly, and swung his arm. His arm was as good as new now. He then issued a command to Tzeeneth.

The weapon trembled in glee at the new order, and transformed into a sword. Sam pointed this new form at Balgaar, asking him to come at him with everything he had.

Balgaar looked at his axe, chipped at various places as its flames had been hungrily devoured by Tzeeneth. So he threw it away and conjured a new weapon. A ball of black flames had appeared in front of him. He thrust his hand in it, and from it took out his prized possession: a sword made from the true eternal flame.

His life’s greatest work, a flame that even the extinction class weapon Tzeeneth would think twice before devouring as it would continue burning even after being eaten up.

Sam tensed up, because he knew that from this point onwards, Balgaar would spare no effort to end him right here and now. He gripped Tzeeneth tightly, which trembled, as if to tell its master to stop worrying.

After the sword was taken out, the ball of black flames turned crimson, and expanded to cover Balgaar’s entire figure.

Sam wanted to attack him right now, but doing so would be against the laws of the Ritual of the Blood thus earning him the ire of Maxwell, which he couldn’t afford to do right now. And so he patiently prepared for his next move as Balgaar completed his preparations.

“Seit etiam jsou der Verwendung von Tzeeneth, Ich uh mít verde etiam vážné.”
<Since you are using Tzeeneth, I’ll also have to get serious.>

Balgaar informed Sam dutifully, but he knew, even after doing all this he had only one shot. He was aware of the full might of Sam’s abilities so he evoked the Ritual of Blood to stop him from using Fallen Down.

This was the only chance he was going to get to kill the invincible Ruler, this was the closest he would get to the king guarded by an Adjudicator. Through the Ritual, he had brought the king out of his castle, and so he was prepared to do anything to end this once and for all.


Sam, aware of Balgaar’s determination, replied.

This, is where the true battle begins. The Lord of Fire. He had absolute authority over fire, and thus any and all kinds of flames had no choice but to bow before him. No matter what kind of attack it was, as long as it contained even the tiniest bit of fire, Balgaar could control it. If he wanted, he could turn the flame flickering on top of a candle into blazing hellfire capable of evaporating the world, and if he wanted, he could extinguish all the flames of the largest sun in the universe.

This was what it meant to have absolute authority, and this was why he stood above Gods.

This was the reason why Sam was forced to use Tzeeneth, the strongest weapon to ever exist. Just like Balgaar, Samuel also had only one chance because this was the last time he could use it before he recovered the original one. Tzeeneth also provided him with Shadow wings, the black wings that he currently had on his back.

Shadow wings provided him mobility as well as absolute defence. Only a direct hit from Balgaar’s black sword would be able to scratch them.

“Brunnen tum.”
<Well then.>

By the time he said that, the crimson ball of flame had formed a shiny azure full body armour on him. The armour was borne of flames, providing absolute defence to their wearer. Behind the visor his blood red eyes glowed coldly. He tapped his foot on the ground, and a sea of flames appeared around him. The sea spread and spread, until the entire throne room was set ablaze by the all devouring flames of Hell.

The only reason Sam wasn’t burnt by them was due to the protection from his Shadow Wings.

This was the Fire Zone, where a sea of flames appeared and provided enhancements to Balgaar’s powers.

“Dark Field.”

And so, Sam called upon the inherent ability of Tzeeneth.

Black winds of death started blowing, soon forming a large tornado in between them. The tornado then transformed into a large dome covering their heads, spanning over the entire throne room. Black lightning crackled and thunder bellowed, striking various places around them, melting the ground in this process. This was his version of the Fire Zone, which provides overwhelming enhancements to him.

“Das, huh.”
<This, huh.>

This was all Balgaar murmured as he disappeared from his place and appeared right in front of Sam, with the sword swinging down on him. The blade he put his entire might behind, capable of razing mountains to ground, was ably parried using Tzeeneth. And this time, the black flames were not consumed. But before Sam could reposition himself, Balgaar’s left fist came at him from the other side, and was deflected by the shadow wings.

Sam kicked Balgaar in the stomach and sent him flying in the air, and simultaneously fired a black ray from his hand. That ray which could decompose everything, was easily cut by Balgaar’s sword. In the next moment, countless small suns appeared in the air. Balgaar pointed his sword at Sam, and all the suns rained down on him.

These small suns, with their temperature ranging in millions of degrees were very dangerous for Sam. And so he decided to dodge them. He continued running on the ground and flying in the air to escape from the suns homing in on him, but he was soon surrounded and all of them exploded on him at once. But Balgaar knew that this was not enough to injure Sam, so he clutched the sword with both of his hands, and started falling down at the place Sam was supposed to be.

Sam, on the other hand, had used his Shadow wings to defend himself. The ground beneath him had melted and he still had little burns here and there. The moment the explosions ended, Balgaar appeared in his vision from the top, aiming right for his head.

So he grabbed his sword in a reverse grip, and with might equalling thousands of dragons, threw it at Balgaar. It left his hand at a speed exceeding sound, thus creating devastating shockwaves as it neared Balgaar.

The moment Balgaar saw Tzeeneth coming at him, he tried to parry it with his sword as dodging it in the air was not possible due to its speed. But Tzeeneth, following its master’s wishes, easily cut through Balgaar’s sword thus cleaving it in half and lopped off his right arm. The darkness surrounding the sword hungrily swallowed his arm, thus rendering him unable to reattach it. Although he was capable of re-growing it, doing so would require an amount of time enough for Sam to kill him.

However, Balgaar saw this as a chance. With the Tzeeneth in the air right now, Sam had nothing to attack with, while his Shadow wings could be cut by his sword.

Balgaar used fire to cauterize his wound, grabbed his broken sword with his left hand, and maintaining his speed, he fell down on Sam and attacked with his broken sword with all his might. The sword was met with resistance as Sam had used his wings to defend himself. Balgaar could feel the Tzeeneth turning around in the air and coming at him with full speed to protect its owner, so Balgaar squeezed out all his might. With veins bulging on his arm and neck, he pressed down his entire weight on his sword.

Sam, feeling himself being pushed down, put his hands behind his wings to aid them in protecting him, but in the end, Balgaar proved to be stronger.

The broken blade, without defying its creator’s expectations, sliced right through the shadow wings and his hands and cut his torso.

The sword entered the left shoulder, cut straight through Sam’s heart, and exited from his left waist.


Sam screamed due to the pain from losing almost half of his torso, but still raised his right hand to catch Tzeeneth and attack Balgaar. But Balgaar didn’t even give him that chance. He kicked him in the chest with all his might and sent him flying into the pillars supporting the roof of the throne room.

Sam was rammed into the pillar and came out from its other side, and this process repeated till seven pillars were destroyed. Sam’s vision darkened as he saw his imminent death. He was so badly battered that he couldn’t feel any pain. On his last breath, he tried to use Overhaul to heal himself, but wasn’t able to because he couldn’t concentrate sufficiently.

Ah, I see. He murmured in his heart as he saw Balgaar standing in front of him.

This was all he could do with his own strength. Defeating Balgaar was not possible for the current him.

And so, Balgaar raised his sword, and passed the final verdict on Sam.

“Dieses est ty ende enim, Samuel Hayden.”
<This is the end for you, Samuel Hayden.>

Alas, Sam was too tattered to even reply.

And so, Balgaar rammed his sword straight into Sam’s head, cleanly cutting him and the ground beneath him in half till the hilt touched what remained of his face.

After confirming that Sam was indeed dead, he took out his sword, and roared again, declaring to the world that he had once again emerged victorious.


With his victory came an emptiness plaguing his heart, but this was clearly not the time to think about it. And so, he turned around and started walking towards Regina to deal with her. Since he had made an oath, he was going to let her go alive from here.

And this is how the curtain fell on Sam and Balgaar’s battle. The Ritual of Blood had been completed, ending with Sam’s death.

And yet, as Balgaar thought about what to do from now on, he heard a ghastly voice close to his ears.


“Where are you going, O Lord of Fire? You haven’t buried me yet.”


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