Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 4


Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


I returned to my room two hours later. I wanted to learn time manipulation, but as it turned out, it isn’t so easy. If I want to have any hope of ever learning it, then I’ll have to first improve my mana control.

In fact, that’s what I’d been trying to do during those two hours. Training mana control is somewhat similar to training your body to build muscles. The more you do it, the better you get. But just like building your body, it also has some conditions.

The conventional meaning of improving mana control is increasing the amount of mana you can control. Although that certainly is helpful in making someone stronger, it isn’t enough for me. What I need is to improve how well I can manipulate mana.

The amount of mana isn’t so important when it comes to casting magic. For example, with increased mana, a person can create a large fireball. However, with better ability of manipulating mana, he can cast the Eternal Flame. It’s easy to defend against a large fireball, but what would you do about a flame that would keep on burning no matter what you do?

So, my current objective is to improve my ability to handle mana. One way to do it is trying to cast two magic spells simultaneously. When one tries to do that, the mana for each of the spell moves in a different way and interferes with each other causing both of the magic spells to fail.

To successfully cast two or more magic spells simultaneously, one has to control the mana forming each of the magic spell individually. Or that’s what Shiggurath said.

However, just how does mana construct a magic spell? I feel that if I can get an answer for that, then I might be able to master mana control in a short amount of time.

And the only person who can properly explain it to me is Hargreave. I’ll send him a message to come meet me in my room when he’s free.

I sent the message, to which Jack replied that he would be free in about an hour.

Now then, what should I do till then? Maybe I should revise the situation I am in.

I’m in the world Phiria, summoned along with Chloe and Jack by its Goddess Phiria. I initially thought that it was a misfortune that I had ended up here. However, due to a series of revelations, it’s now clear that it was due to good luck that I got involved in this.


No, it’s not due to luck, fate, or anything like that. Especially when that damned Goddess of Life Phiria is involved in this.

Well, that doesn’t matter. My victory conditions have changed, and they won’t be fulfilled just by killing the Demon King.

In fact, if my plans go just as I want them to, I won’t even need to kill her. And for that, I need three people on my side. One of them was Shiggurath, and she’s already under my control. Rest will depend on Hargreave.

If Hargreave does a good job, which I’m sure he will, then this war will turn into a game with me as the game master.

Also, according to my calculations, the power hierarchy, starting from the strongest is this: Jack Hargreave, Shiggurath, Demon King, Liera, Me, Reygus and Olivia, Four commandments, Chloe.

I already have the two strongest of people with me, huh. Ah, how I wish that this could be resolved with a simple war between both the sides.

Well, power is nothing but one of the means to achieve what you want after all. And if I can’t get what I want through power, then I’ll get it through strategies.

That’s all about the situation. I should now go through my plans and strategies. That’s the best way to eliminate any error that I might have overlooked.

I kept pondering over my plans to refine them.

After an hour, someone knocked on the door of my room. It’s probably Jack.

I opened the door and let him in.

“You needed me for something?” (Jack)

“Yes. I want you teach me how mana forms a magic spell.” (Sam)

“Asking the real questions, huh. I’m sure it’s for one of your manic plans, right?” (Jack)

“Manic? How rude. At least call them crafty.” (Sam)

“Who are you deceiving, Sam? We both know just how devilish your plans can get. It would put even the Gods to shame. Tell me, just how many sacrifices would be made this time?” (Jack)

Now who’s the one asking the real questions? Good grief.

“According to my calculations, in the worst-case scenario one of the races would get wiped out from the face of this world.” (Sam)

“Oh? Since when did you get so merciful. I was hoping for more destruction, ya know.” (Jack)

Ah, there he goes again. Just when will he be cured that bad habit of his god damnit?

“Yeah yeah yeah whatever. Just teach me what I have asked you to.” (Sam)

“What about the status report?” (Jack)

“We’ll do that later.” (Sam)

“Ok then. So, you want to learn how magic spells are formed. Is it because you want to increase your proficiency in mana control?” (Jack)

“Yes.” (Sam)

“Understood. Before teaching you about spells, let’s first tell you what mana is.” (Jack)

Jack switched to his teaching mode.

“Mana, is basically an energy through which you can bend reality itself. Understand this, mana cannot do anything by itself. It is only when it is employed by a skilled practitioner can it produces results. Is that clear to you?” (Jack)

A power to change reality, huh. But what is reality? How do we define it?

“Now, the question is: what is reality? It’s the state of things as they actually exist. How you perceive those things is of no relevance. However, your perception does affect the effect of that reality on you. And through the use of mana you can alter that reality.” (Jack)

Different perception means different effects, huh.

That means if I change reality, then it would have different effects on different observers. That’s obvious, in fact. If we take the war of the demons and mankind as an example, then the reality is the war. For me, it’s nothing more than a hassle, but for mankind, it’s an extinction level event. Suppose we win this war. That means the reality has been changed. For me, that would mean that I can proceed to the next step of my plans, but for mankind that would mean they can live for another 1000 years.

Hmm, interesting. Because my and mankind’s perceptions are different, the influence victory would have upon us is also very different.

However, isn’t reality itself fleeting? I remember that an experiment of quantum physics conducted by the scientists of Earth showed that it’s possible that reality doesn’t even exist. And if it doesn’t exist, then how does mana alter it? And even if it does exist, then still how does mana do it? In the first place-

“Whoa stop there for a minute. Don’t get too much into it. You were just thinking some strange things, right? I’d say that you keep them for after I finish my explanation.” (Jack)

“Huh? Uh, ok.” (Sam)

What is he, an Esper?

“Now, let’s talk about mana. I’ll explain it to you in terms of your beloved……….. what was it again?” (Jack)

“Are you talking about Science?” (Sam)

“Yes, that. Imagine this: You collect every type of energy and force that exists and give it the ability to break the basic laws of physics. That, is mana. Mana is just a collection of all types of energies and forces in existence. Gravitational force, Magnetic force, heat energy, sound energy. You name it, we have it. Moreover, all of the energies and forces are interconvertible. That’s why every object, whether living or non-living, contains mana in it. Mana can also exhibit the properties of any type of material, no matter what it is. Is that clear?” (Jack)

A collection of every type of force and energy? Wut? What’s with this dubious sounding explanation?

“Yes.” (Sam)

“Good. Keep all of this in mind, because I’ll now explain magic spells.” (Jack)




  1. I’m reminded of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who trying to explain things.

    “Imagine this bubble is the universe. And this tiny bubble stuck on the side of it is where we are at. Inside a mini pocket dimension attached to our own.”

    “So we’re in a side universe?”

    “Exactly! Only completely different.”

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