Ruler Vol 2 Interlude: You Haven’t Buried Me Yet


Author: Anit666



“Meine fideli, my haben nostro lidé gruppe nequiquam vstoupili die detecta unsere fraude in terra sunt.”
<My liege, we have detected a group of people who have entered our territory.>


Die fronte klekla in sub jsem mir voce snad in docuit. Ze zittern ex se den ira bojís getötet quod byt mein enim ve so meum zprávách? Well, erat kdo ich feci je normalerweise suus ale gab esset. Ben es Balgaar posetily genug aliquis infiltrující meine, est, teritorium? Scheint actu to Mann sicut ríká die est ne vielleicht veritas. On, ein vocantem by be hominem rectum.
<The subordinate kneeling in front of me informed me in a slightly quivering voice. Perhaps he was afraid of being killed due to my wrath at such news? Well, that’s what I would have normally done. But there was someone who was actually foolish enough to infiltrate my, Balgaar’s territory? Seems like that man was saying the truth. No, perhaps calling him a man wouldn’t be right.>

“Die sunt tá eindringlinge?”
<Who are the invaders?>

Ich interrogavit k bestätige.
<I asked to confirm.>

“Das scire vec wir solum je das coetus ein dämon.”
<The only thing we know is that it is a group of demons.>

Dämon, huh. So ut nudím wartete hic. Je endlich Si To Und igitur znamená, marionette notitia ze richtig, in by so questus se genannt heroes jim auch cum zdálo, hier. ingressi ze haben sint, by sollten esse bylo leicht eas lepsí große mihi. Utírat töten in ostatní, rassen utroque ze sogar simul a und esse, krome geschieht hoc sveta Gottes regnum himmel dare nein non auf elegit.
<Demons, huh. So they are finally here. I was getting bored waiting for them. And if that puppet’s information is correct, then the so-called heroes would also be coming here. Once they have entered, it should be fairly easy for the great me to kill them. Wiping out the other races would be even be easier, and once that happens both, the God’s Realm and Heaven would have no choice but to give up on this world.>

“Führen eos do Sie tamen pokoje. Meine ipsos dohodu Ich imperium werde mit.”
<Lead them to my throne room. I’ll personally deal with them.>

Ich iussit pred ein flexo smir poplite.
<I ordered the one kneeling before me.>

“P-Persönlich? An to bedeuten, tu zase ortum?”
<P-Personally? Does that mean you’re going to rise again?>

Er exiguus a ein gelidaeque presto aufgeregter iacebitis hmph, blick rogavit protoze schmutzig vox. Se alles, ad jim was ejusmodi znovu sie pestes, naskytla haben, quia náhoda, um felices ze Rache olim o passiert ut tech vor. Eliciunt letech, tage která gefallen a se nur olim dostala mein angelus, jen treffen pupa, za war caecisque normálních er latebris okolností, information me. Se sei non mi dafür, occidit, ale dass summa prospela, er promisit byla spricht mihi. Pravda vere conversus est.
<He asked in a shivering yet excited voice. Hmph, look at these filthy pests, getting all happy because they once again have to chance to extract their vengeance for what happened 5000 years ago. A few days ago, a fallen angel, a mere doll, entered my lair to meet me. Normally, he would have been killed, but he promised me information that would be extremely beneficial for me. As it turned out, he really was speaking the truth.>

Aber pupa bylo etwas, est o das propria. Ale jetzt, non veci liegt, ego se weil pono mi. Grab damnis nelámou der ex z und praeteritis bitev, die Phiria ale von periculum kvuli es sicut mne ist enim zeit, veni.
<But there was something peculiar about that puppet. But that doesn’t matter now. I had been laying low because of my grave injuries from the past battles and due to the threat posed by Phiria, but it’s just about time for me to come out.>

“Ja, annuntiate cas für hoc triumfantním die mihi a Rückkehr. Omnes na um parati porázku zu propositisus sagen, erhalten sie die.”
<Yes, it’s time for my triumphant return. Declare this to everyone, and tell them to get ready for the upcoming slaughter.>

“Ja, mea pán!”
<Yes, my lord!>

Er et od aus percurrentes trunu dem relinquo zimmer, allein.
<He scurried off from the throne room, leaving me alone.>

Nun, sicut tebe warten, Hellwaker. Budu schnell ut mít kommt tergum za dies orbis sebou. ein natus cas. Und est tak ich tibi litujes werde morte ein secunda schmerzhaftes hoc Wesen tibi do.
<Now, just you wait, Hellwaker. I’ll swiftly take over this world and come back for a second round. And this time, I’ll give you a death so painful you’ll regret being born.>


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