Ruler Vol 3 Afterword


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

Hey y’all. Anit666 here, bringing you the end of the 3rd volume of Ruler.

And with this, we are finally finished with the first arc of Ruler, or as Sam said it, the first stage of the eternal game, though I might publish some short stories (fingers crossed).

Sam and the others truly faced a lot in this arc (it was mostly others, I’ll admit), but they still managed to somehow overcome those adversities (except Liera lmao) to emerge victorious. They were scarred in that process, yes, but they have no other choice but to live on with those scars. In fact, some of them, like Chloe, went through radical changes in their personality. That girl who almost died in volume 1 has now resolved herself to ‘slaughter them all for love’.

But this still pales in comparison to what they would go through in the upcoming volumes, especially Sam. It was about time that cocky bastard once again saw despair haha.

As usual, I gave my all for this volume, and though some imperfections might have creeped in, I’m somewhat satisfied with my work. But I’ll continue working hard to improve so that you, the reader, can enjoy Ruler in its full glory.

But damn, this volume was so long. Even while writing I was like ‘Why the fuck is this so long?’ and ‘Why is this chapter 5k words long?’ and ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAA’. (That last one was due to you, Inky.) Not to mention that this volume was finished really early.

This time, my favourite part in this volume was when Jack plunged Liera into despair. Those 5 chapters took the most effort to write tbh, but they were worth it. I really enjoyed writing the transition of Liera from hope to despair to even deeper and darker despair. Jack is a savage damn.

The second favourite part was, of course, Regina’s reaction to Sam’s alpha protocol. That was satisfying lol. You can expect more such reactions in the future xD. The epilogue, which scratched the surface of Chloe’s descent into madness, was a close third.

Anyway, I’m running out of things to say, so I think I’ll end this here.

As always, I’m really grateful to you, the reader sitting on the other side of this screen for picking up my novel and sticking with it till now. You give me the motivation to continuously improve so that I can bring even more madness and despair into Ruler.

A really special thanks to Literataku. He helped me in a lot of ways, and without him, this volume would not have been so great. He’s also an author here with two of his works being published. You don’t know them, you say? What the fuck wow. Check out his ‘The Pagemasters’ and ‘The Demon Lord’s Redemption’ right fucking now!

Oh, and a warning to those under 18. Don’t read ‘The Demon Lord’s Redemption’. It’s R18, like, seriously R18. It should be R30 or something.

And thank you, Weasalopes, for being my editor. Thanks to you we can keep the frustrating errors and typos out. Both me and the readers are really grateful for that. Not to mention that you teach me a lot of things.

A special thanks to my patrons and those who donated in the sale marathon. The sale marathon was especially hectic lol. A certain reader had waged a war on me and donated a lot. I published, like, 9-10 chapters in a week, but it was fun.

Now since my exams are going………………… not. I’m finally free yayy~
So I’ll be enjoying this month by staying at home and reading novels, watching anime and playing games.

Well then, until we see each other again!



Anit666 asked me to add something to the afterward about myself.

Thanks, Anit…
The following is most likely not what he had in mind.

I’m way over-educated, have far too many interests, and have done a ton of different things in the course of my life; I’ll be 59 this month. I’m a retired librarian, among other things.

I was introduced to Anime & Manga while in grad school, in 1987. The University of Arizona had a student group that focused on Anime viewing; the Tucson Anime Screening Society (TASS)(They joked about publishing a newsletter and calling it Pravda…) That was when I was introduced to Dirty Pair, Hokuto no Ken, Maison Ikkoku, Kimagure Orange Road, Robotech, Lupin III, Urusei Yatsura, Ranma ½, Mobile Suit Gundam, Saint Seiya, Touch, Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä, Vampire Hunter D, Fire Tripper, Bubblegum Crisis and a smattering of others.
Except for the OVAs, for all of these it was scattered episodes in no order, no subs or dubs, and if I was lucky a synopsis provided by the host group. For most of the next 25 years my exposure to anime and manga was sporadic. About three years ago I started to get back into it, and discovered WN/LNs.

I started editing at LNT in late January of 2019. I’m still learning the trade, but they seem to think I’m being useful. They also put up with my observations concerning How The World Has Changed Since My Youth… generally for the better in regard to technology.

Editing for Anit is a tad different from what I normally do at LNT, in that it’s an original work, rather than a TL of something published elsewhere. Because of this, it’s very easy to determine what the author really had in mind concerning a given passage; I can ask him directly if something seems odd or unclear.



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