Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 12


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


After directing everyone on how to proceed, I turned towards Regina. It might have been wiser to fight with someone at my side, but there were some things I still wanted to confirm.

Just why did she call herself Leticia even after all that’s happened so far? Since she’s already in a mood to fight against us, she might as well come clean.

“Oh, so you’re approaching me? I thought that your lackey would be the one fighting me.”

Her eyes ridiculed me.

“Well, I need someone to take care of the monster flying above our heads, don’t I?”

I shrugged. But where the heck did she even get Bahamut?



“By the way Regina. The reward you got from clearing that dungeon. What was it again?”

Regina once again sneered.

“Oh, I wonder. Just what could it be?”

I see. Fuck you, Phiria! Always creating problems for me! Just you wait, I’ll punish you a hella lot the next time we meet!

Regina was clearly mocking me. Does she think that Jack cannot defeat Bahamut?

“Enough with the chats. You, Samuel Hayden, are one of the greatest threats standing in my way, and hence you will be the first to be killed.”

The moment she declared that, her figure vanished and suddenly appeared in front of me with her burning sword heading straight for my neck.


I ducked at the last moment and could feel a little bit of my hair being burnt when the sword passed overhead. Before I could back off, Regina’s kick came at me and hit me straight in the chest, sending me flying.


My breathing stopped for a moment and my vision darkened, but I swiftly regained control and righted myself in the air to touch the ground with my legs. My feet skid across the ground thus creating two lines in front of me. I got ready for another attack. However, Regina didn’t follow but only stood at that place. Her eyes moved over me with ridicule and were beckoning me to come at her with everything I had to offer.

Trying to provoke me, eh?

I took out my sword in my right hand and my gun in my left, ready to fight with the fighting style I had developed over the past months. This Regina is obviously tougher than the Commandments I fought earlier. I have to give it my all if I want to survive this.

I took a deep breath to calm myself, and was about to cast a magic spell to officially start this, but suddenly the density of mana in the air increased by leaps and bounds. I heard Bahamut’s roar, soon followed by an explosion from behind. Then another explosion followed, and another, till the entire battlefield was filled with loud booms and the soldiers’ cries.

I instinctively turned around, and immediately realised what a bad move that was considering that Regina was still standing behind me.

However, what I saw forced me to stay in my position. The army’s formation had completely broken, and everyone was running around, desperately trying to save their lives. And why wouldn’t they? After all, the dragons previously flying above them had now turned into enemies and were killing them.

The dragons and their riders who were their hopes till now, were assaulting the soldiers with magic spells and their vicious claws. Each of the dragon was capable of massacring a regiment by itself, and there were around three thousand dragons here.


How could have I forgotten! It’s the Dragon Emperor! Of course, the dragons would follow the commands of their absolute sovereign. The only reason the army hadn’t been obliterated till now was that the commanders of each wing were fighting the dragons to save the soldiers. Judging from how the soldiers were running, it was apparent that a retreat was already issued. The dragons had run amok, the riders controlling them already dead.

“This sight of everyone being turned into minced meat………… beautiful, isn’t it?”

A creepy whisper entered my ears, and I realised that Regina was already standing there. I slashed at her with my sword, but she easily caught it with just her index finger and thumb. She continued to gaze at the scene behind me with all the soldiers being turned into minced meat as if she was admiring the beauty of flowers in a garden. In other words, she was completely ignoring me.

“Tell me, why did you call yourself Leticia when you are, in fact, Regina.”

Is she still being manipulated by that man? Or that’s what I thought. She smiled proudly in return.

“The Regina you knew, one who was nothing more than a piece to be used and thrown at others’ will, is dead. I’m Leticia, the Demon King who is here to follow her God’s will and destroy all of mankind.”

Huh. So it’s nothing more than a symbol of her leaving behind her past. I’m not sure whether to feel happy that she’s not being manipulated by my enemy or feel melancholic because she is now my enemy. These are confusing times.

I guess I’ll go with the usual.

“I still don’t understand the reason for your betrayal, Regina. My plan was perfect, and my proposal guaranteed you what you desired.”

While I’m at it, it would be better to ask that so that I don’t fail the next time I have to manipulate someone like her. Her brows furrowed.

“First of all, why the heck are you asking these questions in the middle of this war? The soldiers who revere you are being killed right now, you know?”

“Just for future references.”

“Oh, so you still think you have a future?”

She chuckled.

“Of course. And I’ll show that through my actions. For now, why don’t you answer my question?”

She sighed.

“Well, I’m in a jolly mood right now, so I guess I’ll humour you for a bit. The reason, you ask? You still don’t understand, Samuel? It’s simple, actually. I just gained a power which allowed me to rid myself of all those who seek to manipulate me for their own gains, and made me capable of destroying anyone who would dare to stand in my path. Why would I need to cooperate with you now?”

Oof, those who seek to manipulate her. She’s clearly talking about me. So the reason was the introduction of a variable known as Bahamut. Once again, fuck your Phiria!

“Is that all?”

Is that the reason she decided to against me?

“There is another. I saw your fate, and there’s nothing but destruction in your path. No way in hell am I going to follow you.”

She saw my fate? How the hell did she do that?

“No more questions.”

She firmly denied before I even asked. Damnit.

“All right. I assume that’s all.”

“What else would I need?”

She asked with eyes full of all the hatred that has been accumulated in her heart for the past 5000 years. True enough. What else would she need? Her hatred did all the work and made her betray me. I can understand that hatred, of course. And I can see why she would get tempted to betray me.

I can understand all of that. However-

“How naïve.”

That doesn’t change what I am going to do here. My goals remain the same. So, what if one of my employees has forgotten her loyalty? That just means one more person to kill, nothing more, nothing less.


She frowned upon listening to my words. Perhaps that wasn’t the reaction she was expecting. She most probably thought that I would go hysterical and start screaming at her, thus losing my cool.

This just shows her naivete. But there was no need for me to answer her, because-


A loud explosion resounded, and Bahamut was sent flying back for over 500 metres. In the place he was before, there was a small, winged figure floating in the air.

His wings which were blacker than the true black were spread for over five metres across, thus making his body look puny. But the presence exuding from him was enough to make everyone on the battlefield shudder with fear.

For the second time in the same day, Jack’s actions had made everyone’s jaws drop to the ground with utter shock. Silence descended upon the battlefield once again. The dragons attacking the soldiers stopped upon seeing their king being beaten up, while the soldiers stopped running at the sight of a mere human pushing back such a huge dragon.

The commanders, although still baffled, saw this as a chance and attacked the stunned dragons with large magic spells, thus killing a considerable number of them at once. That signalled the revival of the battlefield. The remaining dragons shrieked and pounced on Jack, perhaps enraged by how he had hurt their king. However-

The first dragon that reached him and tried to attack with his claws was in the next moment slain. After all, Jack’s back was being handled by Shiggurath.

Shiggurath was in her human form, but the power releasing from her body was enough to make the dragons before her cower in fear. Even if they didn’t realise that they were dealing with the older sister of their own king, they did understand that the mighty existence before them was not going to let them touch Hargreave.

Seeing such an impossible sight happening before her eyes, Regina’s grip on my sword loosened and I pulled it back.

“How………….. naïve.”

I repeated my words to her again, to make her realise her position, to make her realise the stupidity of her decision. She was given a chance to fulfil her wish, but she went and discarded it like this.

So what if she’s the original Demon King Regina? So what if it’s the Dragon Emperor Bahamut whose might is comparable to a Lord of Hell?

They are nothing in front of us.


Once again, let the massacre begin.


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    “Oh, so you’re approaching me? I thought that your lackey would be the one fighting me.”

    Her eyes ridiculed me.

    “Well, I need someone to take care of the monster flying above our heads, don’t I?”


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