Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 15


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【3rd person’s POV】


After Regina had made her appearance and before Bahamut had revealed his true form.

The entire army was tense upon hearing the news of the Demon King’s arrival. The same went for the Commanders leading their respective wings and for Alicia who was acting as a coordinator between the different wings.

For Reygus and Olivia, this was the 6th Holy War they were going to fight. But this time, they were as anxious as their counterparts from the Age of Extinction. After all, the fourth member of the first Hero party has informed them of the anomalies of this war. But they had a plan, which while including a lot of sacrifices, guaranteed victory. And they were determined to go through with it as the survival of mankind depended upon it.

This was the first time William was going to fight in a war. He had been appointed as the Knight Commander of the Royal army of The Holy Kingdom five years ago. Being as young as he was, he got the position because of the recommendation from Liera and Azell. Liera thought that William was a budding talent who’ll sprout with the right amount of training and care, so she placed him right under her. Azell, on the other hand, revealed that he saw the light of justice in William’s eyes, and thought none other than him was suitable for the position of the Knight Commander.

The Knight Commander was chosen by the king, who in turn took advice from his ministers. Liera, their strongest firepower, and Azell, the Pope of the Church of Life of the Goddess Phiria, had recommended William. His future was secured, but alas, the Holy War was already upon them: William would have to live through this war to get to that future.

Karzark, the Commander of the Imperial Army of the Elven Kingdom, was right now worried about his princess Cornellia. Cornellia was like a daughter to him. He had taught and raised her as his own daughter, and Cornellia too, unbeknownst to him, loved him more than her own biological parents. That’s why he was the most nervous upon hearing the news of the Demon King’s arrival, because Cornellia was the part of the team that would fight with the Demon King’s entourage directly. He wanted to go to Cornellia’s side right now and fight and protect her, but he had a position he could not abandon. He could only hope that Samuel, the Hero and the person Cornellia loved, would take care of her.

Azell, the Pope. He was in charge of the rear wing that contained the archers and long range magicians. The cardinals of the church were against him directly participating in this war, but he came to this battlefield nonetheless by arguing that mankind needed everything it could get its hands on to survive this time’s calamity. Azell, renowned for his excellent commanding capabilities, was drafted in this war as the Commander for the rear wing by the King.

And finally, Reishu, who was put as the Commander for the Dragon Knights. He had around 3000 cavalry under him, a significant number considering that they were dragons. These dragons were the ones who had been taken up as eggs by their riders and raised by them from their infancy. That’s why these dragons were very close to their riders, and had formed contracts with them to protect them with their entire being. With such a regiment under him, Reishu practically held the most power after the Hero’s party.

He too was riding a large dragon. Clad in a shiny blue armour, with his country’s crest on the breastplate and a red cape worn over his shoulders flowing in the wind, he was glaring down at the Demon King’s mount floating in front of him. The Demon King’s dragon, and his own dragon Ishmael, had roughly the same strength. That’s why he knew that killing the Demon King’s dragon was his responsibility, and he did want to fulfil it.

But what he wanted more was to rip apart the Demon King and her entire race by his own hands for they laid a hand on his daughter. Unlike everyone else, his entire being was filled to the brim by wrath and bloodlust, and the only reason he hadn’t jumped into the fray was because he was waiting for Sam’s signal.

He was waiting for Sam to finish his useless talks and signal the start of the war. From his position, by augmenting his eyesight through magic he could see Sam standing against the Demon King, discussing something. The absence of the Demon Army did bother him, but he couldn’t care less when his main enemy was already here. But what did confuse him was the presence of five people behind the Demon King.

He was informed that the Demon King had four Commandments serving her, so the presence of the fifth person was baffling for everyone, especially when one considered that her army wasn’t even here. Reishu’s battle instincts were telling him that the presence of this fifth man forebode a disaster. But he didn’t mind as long as he got to resurrect his beloved Simone.

Suddenly, he saw that one of the men standing behind the Demon King stepped forward in an imposing manner. The man glared at those standing before him. Abruptly, a tornado appeared around that man, thus covering him. The tornado grew larger and larger and soon a deep, thundering roar bellowed from inside it and shook the air.

The gales were strong enough to shake Ishmael and every dragon behind him. Reishu steadied himself and looked over to the base of the tornado. Strangely enough, even after facing such strong winds, Sam and his party weren’t being affected in the slightest. It was as if a barrier was protecting them from the winds.

His sharp eyes could clearly discern that Sam’s party was flustered after seeing the tornado, and Sam and Shiggurath were making a ruckus. He understood that his fears were coming true: whatever that was in that tornado was strong enough to make even Shiggurath scared. Among their bickering, Jack stepped forward and said something.

The Demon King shouted something in return, while a deep, heavy hoarse voice came from inside the tornado.

“And I am Bahamut, the Dragon Emperor. I am much stronger than that disgrace standing there. You think you stand a chance against us.”

Dragon Emperor Bahamut? But I thought the ruler of the dragons was Shiggurath? Reishu thought.

Suddenly, an overwhelmingly bloodcurdling aura assaulted his already heightened senses. Every fibre of his being had been terrified of this aura and was imploring him to lay prostrate lest he anger the owner of that aura. It was due to his sheer will that he was still standing.

At the same time, the tornado vanished, and out came a humongous three headed dragon. He had three heads situated on long necks, while his torso and limbs were muscular. The three pairs of wings behind his back were large enough to block the sunlight.

The battlefield went silent over this sudden change, and gazing at the giant dragon in front of him, Reishu barely managed to stop himself from shaking in his boots.

He swiftly understood that the power this Bahamut had was much mightier than Shiggurath’s, their strongest firepower. And he understood that this battle was as good as lost. He wondered whether the aura from before was from this dragon, but he had doubts. Whatever might be the case, he hoped that it was on their side.

However, Bahamut grumbled, and then shouted.

“You will pay for this!”

With this, everyone from Sam’s party parted. Bahamut once again roared, which stirred the dragons on his side.

But Reishu knew. Reishu understood why the dragons on his side were getting restless.

It was because they had identified their true ruler.

And with the roar just now, he clearly felt it.

He felt the severance of his contract with Ishmael.


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