Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 19


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Regina’s POV】


“I’ll have to admit, you got me there.”

The corpse lying on the ground spoke up. The voice coming out of it was hoarse and croaky, as if the speaker had trouble speaking.

“Well, doesn’t matter. Let’s begin round two.”

As soon as that corpse declared that, it stood up.


Samuel Hayden was standing in front of me, completely fine. He had nary a wound on his body. His heart that I had confirmed to be destroyed, his chest which had been blasted to smithereens, were back to their original state as if whatever happened was a lie.

The only thing that made me sure that I wasn’t seeing an illusion was the aura emanating from him. Oh, and how I wish that it really was an illusion.

“Execute protocol alpha zero.”

The moment he murmured that the world stopped. My senses, as if they were under the control of something else, or maybe because my body’s self-defence mechanism had activated itself, had become supercharged. And they were completely focusing on Samuel.

“Aspect of the Hell Guards: Maxwell’s Deus Vult.”

The wind stopped blowing, the sunlight pouring from the crevices in the dark clouds vanished, thunder rumbled, the ground trembled.

The thunder was so loud that it seemed that the sky itself was falling, the lightning was strong enough to light up the entire battlefield, yet it seemed that the sole focus for the light was Samuel.

An air of death started blowing, sweeping through the battlefield like a plague and terrifying everyone present there.

The world itself was bowing down to the man in front of me.

The hair on the back of my head stood up, and for the first time in life, I was scared to the point that my entire being was screaming and begging at me to run away from here.

I too wanted to run, to run as fast as I could and get away from the being in front of me. But this being’s eyes were fixed on me: they were inviting me to come at him once again with everything I had.

Samuel Hayden, was challenging me to a second round. Except this time, I knew I was going to lose.

Up till now, I thought of him as a mysterious and interesting human. He knew Balgaar, after all, and possessed a cursed weapon strong enough to defeat him by overturning his death. I thought that was one of the perks of his weapon, but only now do I realize just how wrong I was.

Silence permeated the battlefield like a plague. The dragons who were attacking the soldiers stopped at once, and even from here I could make out that they were afraid of Samuel. Yet, they didn’t start flapping their wings to run away because they were terrified beyond wits. They just floated there, perhaps ready for their imminent demise, because they knew that trying to run would result in a fate worse than death.

The soldiers, the Commanders, Samuel’s party members, my Commandments, and even Shiggurath and Bahamut were petrified stiff of the being who had just descended upon the battlefield.

There was only man who was not terrified. With a grin more savage than the dragons, he flew higher than anyone else and was looking down on the battlefield as if he was the conductor directing the actors on a stage. He stood tall, and his domineering might clearly conveyed that none was stronger than him in these skies.

The Lord of the Air ruling over the skies, and the Monster ready to bring death to those who dwelt upon the land.

I had always wondered, just who was Samuel Hayden? When he extended that offer to me, I wondered, was he an Angel of Salvation sent by my God to help me, or was he the Devil of Retribution who would swallow everything in its wake?

But now I realise, he is none of them. After all, the one standing in front of me was the very personification of death.

Death, the only thing equal to all, now seemed to be at the beck and call of the one standing before me.

Mustering my remaining courage, I used my Eyes of the Fate.

A magic spell that lets me see the fate of someone. The last time I used them on Samuel, his fate showed me that he was on the path to doom and that nothing would stop his destruction. That was the deciding factor that made me betray him.

But when I used them on him this time-

My vision was distorted. I lost my sense of balance and crouched down. Along with the severe pain akin to all of my internal organs being squashed and twisted around, I couldn’t stop the nausea welling up and started retching.

And there was only one thing in my mind: I have to get out of here!

I need to escape I need to escape I need to escape I need to escape I need to escape!

However, my body wasn’t listening to me. Once I became aware of it, I wasn’t able to divert my attention: I just kept being exposed to overwhelming dread.

It was a dead end.

He was the destination where fate would always end up: there was nothing ahead of him. That being was the end of everything. He was the end of fate itself.

He stands until the end, no one is able to do anything beyond him. It’s absurd to even consider going against him.

He was right: I was naïve, too naïve.

HE was the personification of death itself. If he desired it, anyone would die. If he denied it, any phenomena would cease to exist. His single command would be enough to deny someone his existence itself.

That retarded fuck, just what has he summoned?! How the fuck did he even find this monster?!

He isn’t just an existence: he’s extinction!

Everyone was too simple-minded. Why were they under the impression that they could control him? One cannot control a calamity.

I need to get away from here!

Victory and defeat are of no concern here, if I remain here, I would be denied of my existence. I would suffer a fate worse than death.

I stopped vomiting, and using my sword as support, I stood up. That’s when I met his eyes, which made me lose all hope of escaping out of this alive and my body was frozen stiff.

Just then-

“My liege!”

“Your majesty! Why you!”

Abdiel and Almarick screamed and jumped at Samuel. Abdiel used his sword while Almarick launched his strongest punch at him.

“Y-You fools-!”

But this was not enough. This wasn’t enough at all. The moment they neared Samuel they were cut apart. In truly an instant their chests had been slashed and they had been gravely injured. In the instant this happened, Samuel hadn’t moved. No, he had, he was just so fast that I couldn’t even see him raising his hand or weapon, not even as a slight distortion in his figure.

“Huh. Mere puppets like you should remain at the sidelines.”

I do not know why he had let them live. Perhaps out of pity? Of course not. Death doesn’t pity anyone. But he still had hurt my precious subordinates.

But more than sorrow, more than rage, more than hatred, what arose within me was despair. Because my turn was next.

So, I let go of my weapons, and prostrated on the ground.

“P-pleeze faurgeeve mi!”

I couldn’t even speak properly due to the fear pervading my soul.


His brow furrowed as he asked in his usual light tone. But that voice now contained an overwhelming pressure.

“This is war, Leticia. Now, stand up and fight. Show me your gallant figure and defeat the last boss.”



“Now, come, kill me. And I shall do the same.”



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  2. You were talking that good shit a minute ago! Then I blew your ducking leg off! Cmon Demi-god! Regrow you limbs! Summon your demons! Fight me! Hit me!

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