Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 29


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Understood. Let’s go free my senpai.”

“But where is she?”

Shiggurath asked. Oh yeah, they wouldn’t know about that. Let’s ask Jack to lead us there.

“Don’t worry about that. Just stand close to me, we’ll be teleporting there.”

But before I could ask Jack to do it, Phiria interjected. Well if she can teleport us there then there’s no need for him.

Jack, perhaps sensing my thoughts, glared at me with a ‘Seriously?’ look.

“All right guys, gather around.”

I asked everyone to do so. They complied and stood close to each other.

“Is there really a need to stand together like this?”

“No. All right, we’re taking off!”

“Huh? Taking off? Oi!”

Light filled my vision and I felt the sensation of floating, but that subsided in the next moment and I fell down. I opened my eyes, only to see a dark dingy room. It seemed like a chamber in a cave rather than a room. Torches were hung on the walls, providing us with just the bare minimum light to see clearly.

In front of us there was an altar with a large torch hanging over it. But that wasn’t the main thing. Our reason for coming here was in front of the altar.

On the ground in front of the altar, a huge and extremely complex circular magical areia had been drawn with blood. On the outermost circle, there were 10 small circles drawn at equal gaps. Though each of that smaller circle was still large enough to let all of us stand in it with some space to spare.

Out of those 10 circles, 4 were empty. The other 6 had large crystals jutting out from the ground in them.

Phiria walked in front of us and went to stand in front of the largest crystal placed right in front of the altar. We followed her, and soon everyone gasped in surprise. Inside the crystal was a young beautiful woman probably in her twenties, sleeping. Her expression was serene as if she was sleeping peacefully, but there was a huge wound on her chest.

Needless to say, that woman was none other than Susan Invern, the First Hero. The one who was summoned into this world by the Goddess of Life Phiria, teamed up with Regina Zi Maxwell and Shiggurath and fought the Lord of Fire, Balgaar.

What a twisted turn of fate.


Regina was the first to murmur this. Her shoulders drooped with relief, as if a large weight had been lifted off, and tears filled her eyes. Shiggurath and Liera were the same, but they were just too shaken to be able to say anything.

With this, my promise to these three has been completed. My contract with Shiggurath and Regina ends now. Though technically speaking my contact with Regina had been voided due to her betrayal.

“Yes, this is Susan Invern. She has been imprisoned in this crystal for 5000 years, sleeping, and perhaps waiting for the day her friends would come and save her. I’m sure she would be extremely glad to see all of her friends here today.” Phiria informed. “Azell imprisoned her in this crystal to preserve her life as he needed her alive for his ultimate magic spell.”


Chloe asked.

“Yes. He wanted to use the magic spell ‘Grand Orfei’. A spell that would have allowed him to alter the World itself. By doing that he would have wiped out the entire Demon race.”


Regina and Abdiel exclaimed in horror. I guess she wasn’t expecting that. And wait, Abdiel was here?

“Yes, he would have altered the World’s reality to deny you of your existence: he would have made it as if the demons never existed.”

“Such madness…..”

Mazal murmured. Hey, all of the remaining Commandments are here! But without paying them any heed, Phiria continued.

“But this magic spell required a humongous amount of mana to activate and then ten sacrifices to complete it. That’s why Azell was collecting Heroes as they possess a very large amount of mana, and then planned to use them as sacrifice.”

I guess everyone can agree with Mazal on Azell’s madness as they all gulped in silence and horror.

“W-Wait! If you knew about all this then why didn’t you stop him?!”

Shiggurath exclaimed.

“Believe me, I really wanted to. But there are some rules that I must follow. One of them limits me in how much I can interfere with the world. That’s why I granted that switch to Sam.”


“Anyway, I believe we should not let Susan wait any longer.”

Phiria diverted the topic once again.

“Yes……. Let’s get her out of there.”

“Yeah. Samuel.” She turned to me. “I need you to decompose the crystal around her while making sure you don’t hurt her. Moreover, some of the magic of the crystal has seeped into her skin and crystallised it. I need you to selectively decompose those dead tissues as well. I’ll handle the rest.”

I’m pretty sure she could do it herself. Damn it Phiria, not even letting me lose myself in nostalgia.


I took out my mask and prepared to wear it, but Cornellia interfered.

“Why are you wearing that mask, Sam?”

“Uh, it lets me concentrate on casting magic.”

I lied.

“Anyway, I’m going to start now, so don’t disturb me.”

Everyone except Phiria stepped back. She stood beside me and signalled me to start. So, I started my selective decomposition.

The selective decomposition is a magic that decomposes materials based on their molecular structure. Since the skin’s molecular structure is completely different than the crystal’s this should be possible. However, I have to first identify the molecular structure of this crystal.

So I started the first process of decomposition, that is, decomposing the crystal itself. However, when I tried to do that, my mana was met with some resistance.

“This crystal is also made of mana, so it’s natural that it will resist your attempt to decompose it.”

Phiria informed me. Please do so before I start, damnit!

Since the crystal is resisting me, I guess I can only counter using brute force method. I poured even more mana into my magic, but I was still met with resistance.

I put even more mana, but that crystal wasn’t even budging, goddamnit. Fine then! If it’s going to be this stubborn, then so will I!

⟦Maxwell, initiate protocol gamma one four.⟧


Maxwell replied like a soldier and I was given access to the bottomless mana sleeping inside me. I simultaneously used Godspeed to supercharge my thought processes and concentration power, and then I attacked each molecule of the crystal separately. The mana being used per crystal was enough to use a large-scale magic.

My mana was being spent at an alarming rate, but my reserves showed no signs of depleting. The contest of my mana and the crystal’s mana continued and formed a torrent of mana around us, but in the end, my mana emerged victorious.

All resistance ceased, and the crystal encasing Susan and permeating her skin glowed and turned into fine dust.

Susan, now without any support, fell forward but I caught her on time.


“Please keep holding her like that.”

Phiria instructed and knelt down beside me. A golden light glowed on her index finger, and with it she touched Susan’s forehead. The golden light enveloped Susan, and then vanished in the blink of an eye.

Susan’s breathing stabilised, and I could now feel the warmth from her body. In addition to that, the large wound on her chest had been completely healed. Susan had been returned to her former glory.


Susan stirred in my arms and made a slightly painful sounding groan. With much difficulty, she finally opened her beautiful eyes and saw me.

She looked at me for a moment, perhaps dumbfounded as to who I was.



But before I could say anything, she cried and punched me in the chin. I was caught off guard and sent flying and smashed into the wall.

“Who the fuck are you, you pervert!”


She demanded as she took out her sword and pointed at me.



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