Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 31


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Liera’s POV】



A really loud thunderous battle cry resounded in this place and shook the entire dungeon. The screech was enough to penetrate the soul and make it tremble with dread. That roar blew away all of my wrath and exhilaration that I was feeling for finally getting the chance to fight Jack.

And this roar……………….. I recognised this roar. It belonged to none other than the Balgaar.

The moment I became aware of it, a chill ran down my spine and froze me on the spot. It became harder for me to breathe and my sword fell from my trembling hands.

Jack, on the other hand-

“Ah, looks like that old fool has begun the countdown for his demise. I should probably start my act as well.”

Jack mumbled to himself. But this time, his nonchalance was replaced by a ferocious smile.


He knows Balgaar?! And what does he mean by ‘begun his countdown for demise’? There’s no one in this dungeon- no, there’s no one in this world who can kill Balgaar when he is fighting at his full might.

“Hmm? Ah, I meant that the Lord of Fire, Balgaar is acting his role on this grand stage. So I guess I should also start.”

Jack explained like a teacher teaching something to a child.

Balgaar is an actor on this stage?

“And who was it who created that stage? Was it Sam? Or was it you?”

While talking to Jack I somehow managed to regain my hold on myself. The trembling of my body stopped and I could also think more clearly.

“Who knows?”

He swiftly brushed off my question. I picked up my sword from the ground and pointed it at him, ready to fight.

“So you aren’t going to answer, huh. Then I guess I’ll make you answer me.”

I have no other choice right now. I want to run as far away from Balgaar as possible, but I doubt Jack would let me. I still vividly remember it: the might of Balgaar. His majestic figure as he mercilessly trampled over armies upon armies, his overwhelming power as he fought Regina, Susan and Shiggurath together and still managed to be on equal grounds with them. The absolute dread I had felt when he had first appeared in front of me, after killing the entire army I was the Commander of. I remember all of it.

That’s why I wanted to escape from this dungeon. All other things can be considered later on. But one look at Jack was enough to tell me that he wasn’t going to let me leave without a fight. Why!? If he knows Balgaar, then he should know just how strong Balgaar is! Why isn’t he running away?!

“Ah, please do try, but we won’t be doing that here. This dungeon would probably fall if we did.”

He invited me for a battle, the smile on his face never leaving in the process. This is perhaps the first time I have seen him show so many emotions. But what did he mean by not fighting here because this dungeon will fall? What is he talking about? There’s no way this dungeon is going to crumble just because of our fight. Neither do we have any other place where we could fight immediately. However-


Just then, a large crimson magical areia appeared beneath our feet.

“I did say that we are not going to fight here.”


Given its scale and the density of mana surrounding leaking from it, it was most probably a teleportation spell. I immediately jumped and tried to run away, but the formation glowed even more furiously and expanded, and soon enough the entire room was filled with light.

I was forced to close my eyes but still landed from the fall safely. However, the sensation I felt on my feet was clearly different. No, it wasn’t just the ground.

The entire world was different. The nasty air was heavy and filled with the smell of blood and a bizarre energy different from mana. The entire ground was also dyed crimson by the blood of various creatures. The land was completely barren except for some dried trees growing up here and there, with various skeletons of unknown creatures strewn about.

Dark clouds loomed over me, and I could see large mountains in the distance.

But the main difference between this place and the one before was this: I could feel death lingering in the air. It was as if this place was where everything died. It was as if this place was-

“Well then, Liera of the first Hero party. Welcome, to Hell.”


Jack spread his arms and welcomed me like a monarch welcoming the guests who had come to visit his kingdom.

“W-what is this place?”

I asked. From the corner of my eyes I could my sword shaking a little bit, and that was enough to tell me that my body was instinctively fearing this place, which reminded me of the Hell that I had been taught about in my younger years. No, this place was even scarier.

Maybe staying in that dungeon with Balgaar wouldn’t have been so bad.

“This, is Hell. My home.”

Jack, maybe unaware of my state or not caring about it, answered nonchalantly. But his expression still had the relief one would feel after coming back home after a long time.

“Your home? Weren’t you supposed to be from a world called Earth?”

“I was supposed to be from there, but I am not. That’s all.”

“…… I see.”

I put my sword back in its scabbard. This situation is really out of my expectations. Since he says that he is from Hell, I cannot take him lightly anymore. Looks like I have no other choice but to use my trump card.

“Oya? Have you already lost your will to fight? That makes things easier.”

But Jack misunderstood and sneered. In response to him, I summoned my strongest weapon, the Sacred Treasure which was granted to us by Goddess Phiria herself.


Golden light gathered in my hand, and from it emerged a beautiful sword, its edge shining deep blue like the depths of ocean, hungering for the blood of its prey. I grabbed it and felt a sense of liberation I hadn’t for a really long time. The sword imbued with high divinity resonated with my mana, and as if both of us had one will and one life, we got ready to defeat the enemy in front of us. The fear pervading my mind and body was completely blown away, the doubts causing me to hesitate disappeared, and the only thing that remained in my mind was to kill Jack Hargreave.

Seeing my treasure which was granted to me by the Goddess of Life, Jack’s grin grew even deeper.

“Ah, if it isn’t the Triskellion.”

“You know about it?”

How could he know that?

“Oh of course I do. Triskellion, a SSS ranked weapon crafted by the Goddess of Life herself. Due to its peculiar abilities it is considered one of the strongest weapons in the SSS class.”

“Why do you know so much?”

“Hmph, I’m a researcher before anything else. There’s no way in hell I wouldn’t know about a mere SSS class weapon.”

A researcher? And a mere weapon?

“And that’s why, let me give you a piece of advice. If you’re under the impression that you can defeat me using that weapon, then you’re damn wrong.”


“You are saying that even though you know the ability of my Triskellion?”

“I’m only stating the facts. For someone like you to even stand a chance against me, you would have to use at least an extinction class weapon.”

An extinction class? What is that?

“Which you, of course, won’t be able to get your hands on. And even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to use it.”


“What does it matter? I have recognised you as my enemy, so I’m definitely going to beat you up and break your pride. And I’m going to enjoy that very much.”

“Oya? I guess you still don’t understand your place. Expected of a primitive creature. First of all, kneel before me plebeian.”

Plebeian? That’s quite a word to use in this situation. I know that he is strong, but Triskellion would allow me to beat anyone as long as I had the courage. So, I brandished my sword and in the next moment lunged at him with my full speed, quickly closing the distance. Yet, he didn’t move or react in any way. I guess he was still nothing after all that talk. He couldn’t even perceive my speed.

More importantly, just how should I get out of this place after killing him?

Just as my blade reached his chest and impaled his heart, my vision suddenly blackened, and a message flashed in front of my eyes.


⟦You have died. Would you like to try again?⟧



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