Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 39


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Everyone, you go ahead. I’m sure there are some things Sam wants to ask me.”

Hooh….- So, she realised that. I guess that’s to be expected, though I would have preferred to talk about this in my room or somewhere: at least not in a dark dingy cave like this.

Everyone, perhaps realising the seriousness in Chloe’s voice and on my face, immediately agreed. Susan seemed reluctant to leave us alone, but she finally agreed. Everyone went through the teleportation portal.

“Just call me when you are done~”

Phiria said mischievously, went through the portal and then closed it. With that, we two were the only ones left.

Wait, how are we supposed to call Phiria?

Chloe turned to me and for a few moments, we just silently stared at each other. As I was contemplating what to say, Chloe immediately vanished from her place and appeared in front of me.

Whoa, that was fast, I thought as she tackled me and we fell on the ground with her on the top. Well, I’m sure that after what I’ve done, she hates me. The least I can do is take her beating. Is she going to keep punching my face until she is satisfied, or is she going to stab me with her sword again and again? Or she is going to torture me until I beg for death?


Well, I can handle all of that, but I would prefer that she use punches.

Or that’s what I thought.

The moment we hit the ground she grabbed my face and kissed me. The kiss was light, and in a single moment our lips parted. With flushed cheeks she peered into my eyes.

“W-Wha- mupu!”

But before I could say anything and get her off me, she pinned my hands on the ground and she kissed me again. The assault this time was much more intense. As she had kissed me while I was trying to speak, my mouth was open. She pushed her tongue inside and invaded my mouth. She swirled her tongue and played with my tongue, licking the inside of my mouth like it was the best ice cream cone in the world, all the while her lips never leaving mine.

After what seemed like an eternity (to me), she finally left my lips. We both gasped for breath the moment she did. A line of saliva hung between us. She giggled playfully as her lips curved upwards to form a lascivious smile. Her eyes were filled with lust, and the way her hips were squirming was ringing alarm bells in my brain.

“Ahhnn, I have waited so much for this!”

She moaned sexily.

My chastity is in danger damnit! And I refuse to let this be the day when I am raped!

“W-Wait, Chloe! There’s no need to be so hasty! Get off me first and then we can discuss things like civilised people!”

“I…… refuse!”

Her lascivious smile widened and she pulled me closer to her for my 3rd kiss of the day. The two soft mounds on her chest were pressing against me.

Fine! If she won’t get off me then I’ll remove her by force!

⟦Maxwell! The alpha protocol asap!⟧


Even he stuttered. I guess he also didn’t expect such a situation. Power coursed through my body as I once again got into the Deus Vult mode. Using that I glared at Chloe and released my entire bloodlust upon her. The Hell Guard’s bloodlust which can make entire worlds cower, and also brought Regina down to her knees after making her give up all hope of survival, was unleashed in its full entirety on Chloe.



Chloe brushed it away as if it didn’t even exist and assaulted my lips again, but this time her eyes were glowing with a golden hue.

But how is that possible?! Ah, I see. FUCK YOU, PHIRIA!

⟦Kukukukuku, FuahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is hilarious! The man who brought the original demon king to her knees, ended the sixth Holy War and defeated the traitor of mankind is going to be raped by his friend, and there’s nothing he can do about it! Hahahahahaa!⟧

Simone ridiculed from inside me.

This fucking bitch! Just you wait! You are going back in the cycle of life and death after this!

⟦After ‘this’? Do you mean after you’ve been raped by Chloe? Haahahahaaha!⟧


Just then Chloe left my lips again, but her face still stayed close to mine, our breaths mixing into each other’s. But beneath the rapture in her eyes, what swirled was sadness.

“I missed you so much, Sam…….”

She murmured with relief and grief mixed in.

I see……. It was my fault to begin with. Or maybe not. My plan was perfect, it was just because of them that Chloe got her memories back. Ah, but I did rob of her precious memories. But I had no other choice.

No, there were other choices, but I was incapable of making them.

So, this time, I freed my hands from her grip, took the initiative and hugged her, burying her face below my chin. She struggled for a bit.

“Sam! No, leave me! I was supposed to take my revenge! This isn’t fair! This isn’t fair at all!”

Who takes revenge by sexually assaulting someone goddamnit! I should probably sue her!

But even after her whining, her struggles only kept getting weaker.

“This……. Isn’t fair……… at all………..”

As she finally murmured and her struggles stopped. Soon enough I could hear her muffled cries from my chest. Just like with Susan, I hugged her tighter and gently caressed her hair. In return, she clenched my shirt and buried herself in my chest deeper, as if trying to turn both of us into one.

After some time, when she stopped crying and enjoyed my hug to her fill, she tapped my hand and signalled me to let her go. When I did, she stood up with a pomph and extended her hand towards me. I naturally took it and stood up.


I stood up. She was still blushing furiously.

Why do those things if you are going to be embarrassed?

“S-so, I’m sure you have many questions for me.”

Was she ready to answer my questions now?

“Nah, not much. I more or less know everything that happened.”


“Phiria restored your memories in the dungeon, correct?”

“Wha?! How do you know?!”

“It wasn’t too difficult to guess. I know everything that happened after that as well.”

Her eyes widened in shock.


“Yes. Everything.”

She started trembling and her face got paler as time went by.

“S-so….. do you……. do you h-h-h-h-hate me now?”

With her eyes cast down, she asked me with a small, shaking, voice.


“Of course not. Why would I?”

She looked up again with a jolt. Colour returned to her face as she sighed in relief.

“In fact, I should be the one asking you that question. Don’t you hate me? I mean, after all that I have done, and after all that we have been through, you should hate me more than anyone else.”

But she only frantically waved her hands.

“What?! No! There’s no way in hell I would hate you!”

She doesn’t?

“Is that so?”

“Of course. After all…….”

With a beaming smile, she stepped closer to me and whispered.


“After all, I love you.”



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