Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 10


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“……………Who are you?”


The graceful expression adorning the rabbit girl’s face quickly crumbled as she heard my question.

“I-I’m Phiria!”

“Bullshit. Phiria doesn’t look like you!”

“B-but it’s true! I can prove it!”

“Hooooh? And how will you do that?”

I asked while bringing my right hand upward, showing her that one wrong move and I’ll bring out Tzeeneth to end her once and for all. In return, the rabbit girl puffed out her chest and spoke confidently.

“I am Phiria, the beautiful Goddess of Life who loves you, Samuel Hayden, with all of her heart. Right, since the moment I met you on that day, I’ve longed for you-”

“Alright, I believe you. Only Phiria can say such embarrassing stuff without batting an eye.”

Or so would I have wanted to say, but I knew right from the beginning that she was Phiria, and was only teasing her.

I mean, a rabbit girl doesn’t just pop out of nowhere.


She released a sigh of relief. But unexpectedly, the bunny ears on her head also fluttered.

“Hmmm? Are those ears on your head real?”

“Yes. My transformation is perfect, so I’ve completely turned into a Rabbitman. I also have a fluffy bunny tail. Would you like to see it?”

She asked with flirtatious gaze.

“No, but I’m very interested in those ears.”

I said as I stepped forward and gripped those ears in hand thus catching her off guard.

“Eeep! S-Sam?!” She asked while flustered.

Whoa, the ears feel completely real. So soft and fluffy, makes me want to keep caressing them like this forever!

Bunny Phiria, on the other hand, started fidgeting while blushing furiously.

“Mhhm, ahn, n-not in a place like this, S-Sam…..”

She mumbled.

What’s with that cute reaction, oi? It was a such a powerful attack that if this were a royal party, then every king and noble present there would have fallen for her and started a war in order to claim her. Thank god that I’m more resilient than your average man.

I let go of her ears after some more fondling.


She asked with her eyes upturned.

“It’s already sunset, so we should start moving already unless we don’t want to sleep outside.”

I’ll be enjoying those ears later though. They are going to be my stress-relievers.

Before she could say anything like ‘I’m fine if it’s with you!’, I jumped down from the cliff and landed inside the forest. After hiding my presence to make sure that no animal or monster attacked me, I headed towards the road which I had spotted from the cliff.

My goal was that large city which I saw earlier. Since it was really huge and even had a castle, it would be safe to assume that it’s the royal capital of this country or continent. It had the highest probability of giving me useful information regarding where the Heroes’ were.

⟦Couldn’t you have just asked that demon, Solomon? He was your subordinate, wasn’t he?⟧

Simone asked out of genuine curiosity.

⟦………… There were more pressing concerns to deal with.⟧


⟦Like bullying Regina?⟧


Both Maxwell and Simone sighed. Their chemistry is too good, especially against me.

⟦Just kidding. Solomon couldn’t have provided me with exact information as he is the Demon King. At most, he might have provided me with a general overview, but Phiria is enough for that.⟧

⟦That makes sense……?⟧

I could imagine a question mark floating over Simone’s head.

Anyway, let’s leave her aside and think of my next plans. Since that royal capital is the only human settlement close to us, I should probably start there.

Ah, before that.

⟦Maxwell, eliminate the beta protocol. Eliminate all the gamma protocols till gamma 2 as well.⟧

⟦Ohh, elimination, is it? Are you sure about that?⟧

⟦Of course. Tzeeneth doesn’t like to be tied down anyway.⟧

And using it would require corresponding strength.

⟦Fair enough.⟧

After saying that, he did what I asked him to, and immense power flowed through my body. My body became lighter, my eyes became faster, my muscles became stronger. I finally had a portion of my original strength back.

With this, I should be fine unless I’m fighting against my own creations.

“Wait for me!”

Just then, Phiria shouted from behind as she finally caught up with me.

“Oh, sorry about that. By the way, are you sure you can be here in this world with me?”

I know that she would have handled everything, but it wouldn’t hurt to confirm, would it?

“Ah, yepp!” She responded while cutely clenching her fists. “An urgent meeting was called to discuss your case after I left you in the room. The Archangels wanted to detain you, but when I told them that Tzeeneth would oppose they finally relented. But as a condition, they attached an overseer to you in case you ever went out of control. As the one most familiar with Tzeeneth, I was chosen as that overseer. In other words, I can be officially with you.”

She finished with a beaming smile.

“So the reason we were sent to this world so early was because……”

“It’s as you thought. The other Gods were scared of Tzeeneth’s power, so to get you of God’s Realm they sent us to this world.”

Figured so. As an Extinction, Tzeeneth can kill Gods even on its own. It’s true power, of course, is displayed when in the hands of a masterful wielder.

“Also, I forgot to give you one thing.”


But before I could think of exactly what she had forgotten, she swiftly stepped closer to me and gently cradled my cheeks in her hands.

“Uhhhhh, what?”

“Just stay still for a moment.”

She said as her hands grew warmer while glowing. Just then, a mechanical feminine voice resounded inside my mind.

「Congratulations. System B has been installed.」

“Huh? System B?”

That sounds kinda ominous to be honest.

“Indeed. This is the System that is used in this world. Installing it inside you was necessary for smooth functioning.”

What am I, a computer part?

“What kind of system is it?”

“Hmm, in simple terms, it’s similar to the RPG gaming system you have back on Earth. Showing you would be better than explaining. For now, try saying ‘Status’.”

RPG games? First of all, why the fuck does she know about them? Don’t tell me that she turned into a human and descended on Earth to stalk me, thus becoming involved with the weeb culture in that process?


As idiotic as it sounds, I can’t really discard that possibility. A Phiria laying on a sofa lazily while watching anime and munching on chips doesn’t seem that far-fetched after all.

For now, I decided to do as the weeb in front of me said.


The moment I said that aloud, a blue screen like thing abruptly popped up in my vision. It showed me what seemed to be my stats.


LVL: 1
HP: 247897
MP: 25149
STR: 30356
VIT: 10798
DEX: 4982
AGI: 5793
INT: 9999
POT: 666
LUC: 0



What’s with these ludicrous and totally cheat like stats?! If this indeed were a game, then upon facing an enemy with my stats, the players would have attacked the game HQ with a ‘Shitty Devs!’.

Without minding my inner turmoil, Phiria started her explanation.

“In your status screen, you would be seeing letters followed by words. STR means strength, VIT means vitality. It’s a measure of your ‘life-force’, that is, how difficult it would be to cause damage to you, how fast would your wounds heal et cetera. DEX stands for dexterity while AGI for speed. INT mean intelligence while POT means potential, which refers to your latent talent. Of course, the higher the value, the better they are, the stronger you are.”

She skipped the HP, MP and LVL probably because even a noob knows those terms.

But keeping all this aside, there’s one thing that seriously baffles me.

“Oi Phiria.”


“What is this LUC stat? And why is mine at 0?”

“Ah, the LUC is your LUCK measured in numerical values- wait.” Her expression immediately hardened. “Did you…….. did you just say that you LUC stat is at 0?”



She shouted in disbelief. She immediately removed her hands from my cheeks (why was she still grabbing them anyway?) and proceeded to stare intently at me.

“Waah! It’s true, your LUC really is at 0!”

“Yeah, so please tell me, why is my luck zero?”

“I-I don’t know. This is a completely unprecedented event. Something like this has never happened before!”

Wat? I’m the first person ever to have zero luck?





  1. Soo Sam is basically Aqua installed with intelligence chip.

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