Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 12


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Whoa there, brother! What are you doing wandering in a forest like this at night?”

The one looking like their leader stepped forward while waving his sword. His gaze then travelled to Phiria.

“Oooooh, you have some nice material there! A Rabbitman!”

As he eyed her from head to toe with eyes full of lust, the guys around him crackled in disgusting laughter.

“Ne ne Rabbitman, how about you ditch this boring man and come hang out with us. We’ll have some fun together~”

He said while approaching her, his eyes never leaving Phiria’s sensual boobs. Meanwhile, another man from that group pointed his sword at me. By the way, his sword was covered in some sort of mana.

“And you, just stop resisting right now and don’t have any funny thoughts. Do what we say and you’ll at least live, even if as a slave. Hahahahaha!”

Good grief. Phiria’s world was better in comparison to this. Now, how to handle them?

But before I could arrive at a proper answer-


The leader of the bandits who was approaching Phiria shouted in agony. We turned towards him, and there he was, with a fountain of blood flowing from his right shoulder as the arm that was supposed to be there had been clipped off.

“How dare an insect like you try to touch me?”

Phiria threatened in a cold, wrath filled voice.


The man shrieked and tried to step back behind his comrades’ protection, but before he could even move, his body was cut into several pieces. Those chunks fell on the ground, forming a mish-mash of foul meat.

“Well.” I called Phiria who seemed to be ready to kill them at any moment. “At least take anything valuable that they might have.”

In response, she smiled coldly.

“Y-You bitch!”

“Kill her! We’ll have fun with her corpse instead!”

Uwaaa, these guys are into necrophilia? I gotta stay the fuck away from them.

7 seconds later, the air around us was laden with the smell of blood. On the ground lay many corpses- no, many chunks of meat, the small pieces of clothes stuck on some them the only reminder that they belonged to humans.

Phiria, on the other hand, was as graceful as ever. Not a drop of blood tarnished her beauty, and her refreshed expression didn’t convey that she had just killed 10 bandits.

The end of the bandits who are usually used as a plot device in mangas to further the character’s development was a bit anticlimactic.

By the way, since this was a situation where Phiria herself was a target, she was ‘legally’ allowed to kill them.

“Well, did you find anything useful on them? Or before that, just killing those bandits like this wouldn’t land us into any trouble, right?”

Like, I don’t want to get involved with the cops within the second hour of arriving into this world. If killing is prohibited, then it would be better to get rid of their ‘remains’.

“I found these coins on them, the currency of this world. And don’t worry about that, just like my world, anyone is allowed to kill bandits in self-defence. The Adventurer’s Guild even encourages that by giving rewards.”

Huh. That’s good. So, technically speaking, I’ve already completed a quest. Though the one who did that was actually Phiria.

“Well, let’s go now, shall we?”

She handed the pouch containing the coins to me, dusted her hands, and then started walking in front of me. Maybe I should let her handle everything related to fighting and relax?

Now that I think about it, that’s not at all a bad idea. Though I don’t know what Phiria will demand in return for a job done perfectly. The demerits slightly outweigh the merits, so I guess I’ll handle the dirty work for the time being.

After walking some more, we exited the forest to reach a clearing, while the path we were on continued towards the city. From my estimates, the wall surrounding the city was around 1 km away from us.

“That’s the city Sia, the imperial capital of Asmaria, the kingdom where the Heroes were summoned. According to my intel, the Heroes are currently living in the imperial castle, under the supervision of the third princess.”

The Heroes? Ah, them. Lucky me, that I get to encounter them right off the bat. Or maybe not, my LUC is 0 after all. It’s Phiria’s planning actually. Directly coming to the town where the Heroes are would save me a lot of time.

However, since I had to be sent to this world, it would be safe to assume that the current Heroes aren’t doing that great of a job.

But how exactly should I support them? Should I go to the royal castle and directly introduce myself as a Hero from another world who has come to save them?

Yeah, like they’ll believe me so easily.

I could use some measures to make them believe me, like showing them my status screen to display my ‘Hero’ title (if possible), or maybe I could make Phiria help me by introducing herself as the Goddess. But both of them would provide me with really large troubles, so let’s not do that.

Not to mention that I don’t really know whether directly joining with them would really help or not. The ‘Hero’ is a fairly influential position, which would mean that I would not be able to get directly involved with many matters, which would ultimately limit the amount of information I might have.

So, the only option left for me is to act as a civilian and get some information. Even if the Demons’ side is completely under my control, I know next to nothing about the Humans’ side.

“Let’s go then, shall we?”

And so, after deciding on our course of action, we headed towards the city. Fortunately, the path we were walking on led us to a large town gate. Since it was already night by the time we reached it, there were not many people there. Two gatekeepers stood in front of the gate, while many knights were stationed on the rampart.

“Halt!” The guard in front of the gate ordered as we came closer. “Identify yourself before entering!”

Uhhhh, should I say my actual name here?

“We are Samael and Mary, travellers who have come here from a faraway country across the raging seas in the west.”

Phiria took the lead and introduced us with fake names, but in response the guard’s face scrunched up in disgust.

“I wasn’t talking to you, Demi-human!” He roared and while ignoring her, turned to me. “I’ll say this again, identify yourself!”

Whoa, does this guy have a death wish or something? How dare he talk like that to Phiria? She’ll turn him into mincemeat in less than a second. What surprises me even more was that he was unfazed by her beauty.

Before Phiria could actually turn him into mincemeat, I decided to intervene and stepped forward.

“Um, like she said, we are Samael and Mary, travellers from a distant country across the raging seas in the west.”

“Phut.” He spat in disgust. “Would have been better if you had said so from the start. From now on, keep your slave tied to a leash and cut off her tongue so that she doesn’t speak up between humans again!”

Slave? From what angle is Phiria a slave? Is it because she is disguised as a rabbit girl? Don’t tell me that the people of this world believe in human supremacy, and so beings like Demi-humans are treated as slaves and toys?

This world might prove to be more troublesome than I expected…….

Meanwhile, sensing from the cold aura surrounding Phiria, she most probably wanted to give this guard a fate worse than death, but was holding herself back so as not to create any troubles for me. I’ll have to appease her anger later.

For the time being, I decided to correct the guard in front of me.

“She isn’t a slave. She’s my companion on my journey.”

“What?” The guard seemed genuinely surprised. “So, you’re planning to enter this city with an unleashed Demi-human?!”

He exclaimed loudly, thus catching the attention of the remaining guards and travellers. Judging from their reaction, they were divided into two groups; those who seemed to agree with the guard and those who didn’t. Perhaps the doctrine of human supremacy wasn’t as widespread as I thought.

Incidentally, the other gatekeeper belonged to the second group, so he seemed troubled over how to calm his partner. Just then-

“What is happening here?”

A calm voice spoke up from behind. Even though the voice was soft, it held a certain authority to it. Everyone turned to the source of the voice, including us.

With flowing silver hair shining in the moonlight, the man whose features could only be described as ‘delicate’ was the one who had spoken up. Despite being really handsome, he was garbed in normal clothes and had an iron sword hanging on his waist. He could easily pass as a commoner, or perhaps a small merchant. However-

“S-Sir Lantz?!”

The reality seemed to differ.


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