Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 15


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Congratulations, Mr. Samael and Ms. Mary! You’ve been registered as steel ranked adventurers!”

Steel? That sounds like a good rank.

“Ah, you are travellers, right? Would you like me to tell you more about the Guild?”

“Yes, please.”

“First of all are the ranks. At the top of the list is Admantium, followed by Platinum, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Steel, Iron and Bronze respectively, for a total of 10 ranks. After your test, we have determined that you are worthy of the 8th rank, Steel. You can also rank up, of course. Each rank up requires a certain number of quests to be completed. However, the number changes depending on the difficulty of the quest. There are 7 difficulties, starting from SS which is the hardest, to E which is the easiest. To rank up, you need to complete 50 rank E quests, or 1 rank A. There are numbers for other difficulties too. You can also be promoted at the guild master’s discretion. Is this much clear?”

So we were only at the 8th rank, eh?


“Next is quests. There are numerous different kinds, such as routine tasks, harvesting, subjugation, and protection. Since you are at the steel rank, you can only take up to C class quests. We provide support as needed here at the guild, but if you take on requests without going through the guild, we will not take any responsibility if any troubles occur, such as the difficulty of the request differing from the original description, you getting injured, or you dying.”

Hmm? Only C class?

“If I can only take up to C class quests, how am I supposed to clear the condition of clearing a rank A quest to level up?”

“That was just an example. Of course, the guild wouldn’t allow you to take an A class quest. However, if in a quest you took, the difficulty rose up to A rank due to unprecedented events, then you are allowed to clear that quest. But please keep in mind that in such cases, it is advised to prioritise your life and abandon the quest.”

“Am I allowed to do that?”

“Only in such cases. You will just have to report us back at the guild. Although we try to make sure that all the quests submitted to the Adventurer’s Guild are legitimate, our system is not fool-proof. Please be on your guard at all times.” She warned. “Other than that, should you fail or abandon a quest, the total number of quests you have completed will be deducted, and you will also be required to pay a contract severance fee equal to double the amount of the promised reward. Should your ‘quests’ fall below a certain level, de-ranking would be possible, so please take special care.”

Gotta make sure that I don’t fail any quest.

“What quests would I be able to take upon ranking up?”

“About that, Steel and Sapphire ranked adventurers can only take up to C class quests. An Emerald adventurer can take B class quests, while Ruby and Silver adventurers can take up to A class quests. A Gold adventurer can take an S class quest, while both Platinum and Admantium adventurers can take SS class quests. In fact, Platinum adventurers are required to clear a SS class quest to rank up to Admantium.”

“How difficult is the SS class?”

“Well, a dragon extermination is counted as a SS class quest. That should give you an idea.”

That’s it? Maybe I should kill a dragon to instantly rank up to Admantium.

“Also, two or more people may get together to form a party. In such a case, the requests that they can accept would be decided based on the rank of the highest ranked member in the party.”

Well, I’ll be forming a party with Phiria anyway.

“We also offer to purchase parts of the monsters that you kill. And-”

The information session went on for 40 more minutes as Selica told us about many more things about the Guild. That also included the rules that we were required to follow, so I made sure to listen properly. Though she also told us about the history of the Guild, like how the founder of the Adventurer’s Guild was the greatest and strongest adventurer ever and was known as the Hero (oddly specific, if I may say so).

“That was all. Do you have any other questions?”

Selica asked. What was surprising was that she didn’t seem tired even after talking so much.

“Well, I do. But I think I’ll keep them for later; it’s getting really late.”

Barge seemed so sleepy that I wouldn’t be surprised if he toppled over and started snoring. From my estimations it was already midnight.

“Ahaha, you are right!” Selica laughed and slapped Barge’s back. “It’s time for us to close the Guild as well. Find me here tomorrow; I’ll entertain all the questions that you have.”

Her support is really appreciated. I still had some questions, like the reforms introduced by the third princess.

“Thanks a lot. By the way, can you suggest me some inn to stay the night?”

Can’t exactly stay out on the streets, can we?

“Yes, of course. But I would suggest you to stay in the inn of the Guild, though we have only one room available at the moment.”

The Guild has lodgings? And only one room?

Noticing the doubt from my gestures, Barge spoke up after stifling a yawn.

“You guys are travellers, aren’t you? And new adventurers to boot. Not to mention that the missus with you is incredibly pretty, so you might become the target of smugglers if you roam alone in the night or stay in a cheap inn.”

Smugglers? Well, I can see why they would want to get their hands on Phiria by any means possible. She is perfectly capable of protecting herself though.

“To avoid such a situation, you’ll have to stay in a high-class inn, which would be costly. But when it comes to safety, no inn can match the Adventurer’s Guild, not to mention that it’s cheaper since Adventurers’ get a special discount.”

He said confidently with a wide smile, trying to look cool and maybe trying to impress Phiria. But the cold yet gentle smile on her face made him unable to make any more advances towards her. And so, slightly less enthusiastic from before, he continued.

“So, even if you two have to stay the night in a single room, I’d suggest that you do that in the Guild’s inn.”

Ah, now I see. The reason he’s so eager to make us stay in the guild’s inn is because of Phiria. A woman’s beauty is really terrifying.

Well, I don’t see any problem in staying in the same room. And it’s safe for me as Phiria won’t be able to attack me in my sleep.

“All right then. We’ll stay the night in your inn. How much would it cost?”

“Only one 1 silver coin per night!”

The one to answer was Selica. Now that I think about it, I don’t know whether that’s cheap or expensive. Just then, the chairs in the tavern behind me stirred as several people stood up at once, their countenance clearly conveying that they were going to argue.



But before any of them could say anything, the receptionist narrowed his eyes and asked with a cold voice, thus making them shrink back with fear.


They grumbled under their breath and sat down. From their reactions, I think it would be safe to assume that our rent is cheaper than normal.

Well, I don’t see any problem with that.

And so, I paid her the necessary amount.

“Barge, show them to the room on the third floor.”

Following Selica’s order/request, Barge led us to the third floor. Our room was at the end of the corridor. He opened the door with a key, handed it to us and then walked down to the reception after closing the door behind him.

The room was, in a word, lavish. The Queen-sized double bed with a canopy, a bookshelf with various books, a dressing table, the chandelier and attached toilet and bathroom were all pointers that this room was originally much more expensive than what was charged from us. They might have some ulterior motives for doing so, but I have too little information to arrive at a conclusive answer. For now, I guess I should keep my guard up.

Phiria, meanwhile ignorant of my inner turmoil, dived on the bed.

“Hmm, while it’s not as good as the one back at my place, it’s still decent.”

Someone get this princess off me, oi.


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