Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 2


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Aahhnnn, I have been waiting for you for such a long time, Lord Hayden!”

With tremendous speed she leapt at me, and before I could even blink my eyes, her hands were on the verge of gripping my cheeks.

I’ve been had! I did expect her to act like this, but not this fast goddamnit! I let my guard down! And since I had let my guard down, she was most probably going to drown me in kisses until she was satisfied.

And that was, as I said earlier, due to me letting my guard down.

However, I was not the only one in this room.

Even if I had let my guard down, Jack hadn’t. And so, acting as my saviour, he pulled me back just before Phiria’s lips could assault me.


Phiria’s shout was filled with so much rage that I felt the space shake. An overwhelming amount of mana poured out from her body as she threatened Jack.

“Love-filled? Heh.” He sneered. “All of us present here know that what you were doing was plain harassment.”

But of course, Jack was not someone who would be intimidated by that.

“Hah! Says the guy who’s just jealous as he doesn’t want anyone to steal Sam from him!”

Phiria jeered in return. Jack’s brows twitched in anger.

“What did you say, you dumb woman?!”

“Exactly what you heard, gaygreave!”

“Samuel!” Jack shouted with his face flushed red. “Reign in this dumb useless idiotic goddess before I kill her!”

“Sam!” It was Phiria’s turn this time. “Tell this bastard to stop interfering in our love!”

They glared at each other, and I could practically see sparks flying between them.

I kinda wanna interfere and stop this fight, but I also kinda don’t wanna stop them because they are so fun when fighting. It always gets so interesting when they quarrel that we secretly used to spy on them while making harmless bets and eating snacks. Maybe they should-


Phiria and Jack simultaneously muttered with a voice colder than ice and glared at me.

“You look like you’re once again imagining something rude, aren’t you?”

Jack asked, his darker than black eyes instantly seeing through what I was thinking.

“Seems like that, Hargreave.”

While Phiria, with the azure of her eyes seeming colder than Antarctica, reaffirmed what Jack had seen through. But before I could answer, they looked at each other with wide creepy grins.

“Phiria-san Phiria-san.”

“Nani nani, Jack-san?”

Their grins grew even wider, almost crossing into the realm of demonic.

⟦Maxwell, gamma 0 1!⟧

⟦Hahahahaha, no.⟧

What. The. Fuck.

⟦Don’t betray me at this point, man! Aren’t we comrades who have been through Hell together?!⟧

⟦Hmm, good point. Still no.⟧


But before I could finish my cursing, Jack gave her the permission.


Phiria simply jumped at me in answer. This was the third time in the same day that someone had attacked me like this. However, three things were different from the last time I was tackled by Chloe in that dungeon. First; I didn’t let my guard down. Second; I had already thought on how to counter such a situation due to the blunder with Chloe. And the last; I didn’t deserve it this time.

And so, I quickly stepped on my left. But Phiria had already calculated my move, so she pulled off a front flip. Just then, Jack appeared in front of her and raised his arm. Using his arm as a foothold, Phiria jumped towards me again.

Although one may think that I have the situation under control given how accurately and leisurely I can capture each and every one of their actions, the truth is I’m barely cutting it close. The current state of my body cannot keep up with my kinetic vision.

But before I could pull off another manoeuvre, my legs hit something and I toppled back.


But due to that, Phiria passed by above me. This was a chance, so I swiftly grabbed her waist and pulled her down with me. I quickly got up, and now we were in a situation where I was holding her in a princess carry.

With fearful eyes and stuttering voice, Phiria asked me.

“H-how…… how did you counter that?”

“Ha! You might have tricked a regular Samuel, but I’m the turbo Samuel with non-zero experience!”

This (barely) ended in my win. Phew.

“No no! This isn’t fair!” Phiria groaned with teary eyes. “I worked hard as well, so I want my reward too!”

She started flailing about like a spoiled child while repeating such things. Good grief.

“Alright. Then, how about this?”

I sat down on the bed again, shifted her body so that her face was now lying on my lap, and started stroking her hair gently.

“Eh? Eh? Eh?”

Phiria muttered in a frenzy of confusion as she couldn’t understand what was happening.

“I’m simply rewarding for all your hard work, Phiria.”


She let out a weird voice as it finally dawned upon her what exactly was happening to her. Blood rushed to her face and she blushed furiously.

Hmm, seems like she’s good at attacking but bad at defending. She couldn’t handle it when I took the lead. This is a very important piece of information, if I may say so.

While blushing she turned her face towards my stomach, snuggled closer, and wrapped her arms around my waist, thus finally burying her face into my belly.


She quietly, very quietly, muttered something



She mumbled again, slightly louder this time, but I still couldn’t understand what she was saying. And so, I brought my ear closer to properly listen.

“Pat my head more…….”

She murmured with some difficulty. Even the tips of her ears were red now. After listening to her request, I silently stared at her while thinking-


I stifled the urge to shout that out and simply complied with her request, thus drowning her in head pats just like she wanted.

After what seemed life half an hour, she finally let go of me. I guess she was finally satisfied.

She got up, straightened her clothes, combed her hair, lightly patted her cheeks, and finally returned to the revered Goddess of Life, Phiria-


She giggled to herself with a large beaming smile on her face.

-Or maybe not.

“J-just so you know, I wasn’t satisfied with just that much, so we’ll do that again tomorrow.”

What am I, a massage chair?

“Anyway, let’s do this once again.” She coughed lightly. “Welcome back, my Dear.”

Hmm, I’m pretty confident that’s not what she is supposed to say. She called me ‘Lord Hayden’ earlier, didn’t she? But let’s not ruin the mood now.

“Yeah, I’m back, Phiria.”

“And- regrettably- you too, Hargreave.”

“Same to you, Phiria.”

They still glared at each other. And there they go, starting their couple’s quarrel again. Maybe they should date-

No. I mustn’t think that. Doing that is incredibly insulting to Phiria’s love. Really, pairing her with someone else while knowing that she loves me is the gravest of sins I can commit. Trampling over her feelings like this is something I must never do.

And more importantly, it feels like she would read my thoughts again and demand a heavier compensation. Let’s not dig my grave even further.

Anyway, I guess we should keep aside our touching reunion for later and talk about the most important topic right now.



“Was it you who planted Balgaar in that world?”

Phiria swiftly went along with the abrupt change in topic.

“Practically speaking, yes. Well, to be more precise, I actually managed to sense the moment when he was crossing over the dimensions, so I simply used my power to change his destination to my world.”

Hmm. Well…..

“How could this happen, Hargreave? You said to me that just before you killed Balgaar, he used a special move and effectively erased his soul.”

And I don’t think that Balgaar was skilled enough to trick the eyes of an Adjudicator. Does that mean……

“Yes.” Jack started. “And that was the truth, at least to me. After using that move his body vanished, and I could no longer find him in Hell. Since he was a Lord of Hell, I simply assumed that he had a move through which he could erase himself.”


That’s not a wrong assumption to make, to be honest. As the leaders of the former Legions of Death, they might have possessed such a method. But the problem is that Balgaar was still alive after that.

“Maybe what he had actually used was a move that allowed him to jump between the dimensions. Most probably he got stuck in the rift and only managed to get out of it after he had healed his wounds he got from Jack.”

Phiria backed Jack.

Well, that is possible, but we won’t know for sure unless we investigate some more. And to do that I’ll have to go back to Hell. I guess I have no choice but to put this aside for now.

Well then, time to ask the question that I’ve been dying to ask.

“We’ll think about later. More importantly, Phiria.”

I could literally hear my heart pounding from excitement and anxiety.


“Is Tzeeneth here?”



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