Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 20


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


While buying the weapons which cost us 5 gold coins (I still dunno whether that’s cheap or expensive), the 10th bell had already rung. According to my estimations, 40 minutes had already passed since the 10th bell, so it was just the right time for us to head towards the South gate.

Fortunately, the South Gate was closer to the shop where we got our weapons from, so we managed to reach it on time. However, it seemed that we were the first to arrive.

“We’re 3 minutes early. Maybe they planned to come exactly at the 11th bell?”

Phiria proposed.

“Seems like it. Let’s have some skewers while waiting for them.”

I was a bit hungry anyway. We headed to the stall which was selling rabbit skewers. From the smell, I could tell that they would be delicious, so we bought 4 skewers which cost us 10 bronze coins.

“Hmm, the taste is interesting.”

I muttered after taking a bite. The grilled meat was unexpectedly tender, and the light seasoning of just salt and spices actually complemented the taste and brought out its flavour even more. I had slight doubts about it since there wasn’t any sauce, but as it turns out it’s really good.

“Yeah. The stall owner may actually be really talented.”

Phiria commented while gracefully eating her skewer. But given how she’s a Goddess, I expected her to be a bit dissatisfied by the taste.

“You can say that even though you are a Goddess? I mean, you should have been eating things far tastier than this back at your place, right?”

“While that is indeed true.” She took another bite. “That doesn’t mean my tongue has become numb. I can still identify, and enjoy, good food no matter where or who cooked it.”

I see. Well, that certainly makes sense.

“Not to mention that this is really good when compared to things I had to eat because of you.”

Aight fair enough.

While we were chatting like that, I noticed something, which, no matter how I saw it, was weird.

“Hey Mary, is it just me, or are people not paying any attention to you?”

I mean, when we first arrived at the guild, the adventurers were so mesmerised by her beauty that some of them even called her Goddess. Yet now, people were not even sparing a glance to her.

“It’s the power of my illusion magic.”

“What kind of magic is it?”

Let’s hope it’s not something really outrageous.

“A magic that stops their minds from registering my true beauty. So, to them, I’m just a normal girl they can find anywhere.”

Well, that actually helps.

“My beauty exists solely for you.” She added something unnecessary at the end. “Ah, this reminds me!”


“There are two more things I need to give you.”

“Which are?”

She stuffed the remaining skewers in her mouth, and cradled my cheeks in her hands again. As warmth flowed through my body, her hands left my cheeks.

“I’ve given you two new skills: ‘Analyse’ and ‘Limit’.”

I can somewhat understand Analyse, but Limit?

“For now, how about using Analyse on that man over there? Just think ‘Analyse’ in your mind.”

She said as she pointed to the shop owner from where we got our skewers. I did as she said, and-



NAME: Strix Barzar
RACE: Human
LVL: 3



A green screen popped over his head and showed me status, albeit it was really limited.

“It showed me his name, race and level. Is that all that it can show?”

“At your current level, yes. But that was because you used it on a human. You would get different results when you’ll use it on a monster.”

Time to find a monster.

“What about the other skill, ‘Limit’?”

Well, I could find out about it using the Properties function, but that’d be too much of a drag.

“This skill limits your status by dividing it with the number you use with it. So, for example, if you use ‘Limit 10’, all your status values except HP, LVL, INT and POT would be divided by 10 until that skill is in effect.”

Now that’s what we call a convenient skill. I was wondering how I would hold back on incredibly weaker enemies since I’ve eliminated the gamma protocol, but turns out that the system can do it for me.

Anyway, ‘Status’.



LVL: 1
HP: 247897
MP: 25149
STR: 30356
VIT: 10798
DEX: 4982
AGI: 5793
INT: 9999
POT: 666
LUC: 0



“So Mary, what is the status of a Hero?”

“The average STR of a hero is around 1000.”

Oof. So mine is 30 times that? Damn.

“‘Limit 15’.”

Let’s keep my STR double of the Hero. That’ll make things easier for me.


But still, with Status only 1/30th of mine, how have the Heroes managed up till now?

“The Heroes before the current one, have they won the wars they fought?”

“Of course.” She replied. “The value I gave you was actually the average status value that the Heroes managed to reach within a year of being summoned. So, after completing all the ordeals, when the Heroes finally reach the Demon King’s castle for the final confrontation, their status values average around 10000. But of course, that takes a long time.”

10000, huh? It still seems low, in my opinion.

“I know what you’re thinking, Samael.” Phiria gazed at me. “But that’s because you are comparing the Heroes with the wrong person; Solomon is the leader of the Ten Asuras, so it’s a given that he would be much stronger that all the previous Demon Kings who have wreaked havoc in this world. I daresay that Solomon would fare well against the lower ranking Gods themselves.”

“What if he were to fight you?”

“Ha, of course I would completely demolish him.”

As expected of the Princess of the God’s Realm. But what she said was right; it’s not that the Heroes are weak, it’s just that their enemy this time, Solomon, is just too strong.

………I should probably hurry up and join them, or in a head-on confrontation they would be easily killed. Not that Solomon would actually kill them, but the after effects alone would be enough to kill them.

But before all that.

Half an hour has already passed yet no one has shown up yet. That guy was so confident when he asked me to meet him at the 11th bell, but I can’t see him no matter where I turn my eyes.

Goddamnit, these guys just don’t know the value of time.

As I was harbouring doubts whether those guys were actually going to come or not, someone finally made their way towards us.

It was the elf archer with blue hair and blue eyes. She was panting heavily, probably because she had come here running.

“Did I make you wait?”

She asked while taking deep breaths.

“We were here before even the 11th bell rang, and half an hour has already passed. Do you guys have different standards when you say ‘meet at the 11th bell’?”

“Half a…. what? Anyway, it’s not like that!” She was flustered. “We actually didn’t really expect you to be so punctual, so we had decided to come a bit later to avoid waiting for you guys. We have faced such situations before, since no one takes us seriously………..”

She grumbled under her breath. That last line seemed kinda sad to me.

“So, where are the others?”

“They‘ll be reaching here soon. I ran ahead as I’m the fastest of the group.”

Well, that makes sense. Elves are supposed to be really nimble, not to mention that they possess heightened senses and are said to be one with nature. So, most of the elves usually prefer to be archers. Of course, they also know how to use close-range weapons like short swords, but they ultimately prefer the bow.

Or that’s what the book I read back in the room said.

“So, what’s this quest about?”

“It’s a monster subjugation quest.”

She replied nonchalantly.

“What kind of monsters? Where, how many? What is our plan for killing them? What are our roles? I would appreciate it if you could answer those questions as well.”

“It is a goblin subjugation quest. We are going to destroy a goblin nest.”

What? A goblin nest?

“Isn’t that pretty dangerous?”

“Not really? Both me and Aulia are at the Sapphire rank, while our leader is Emerald. We are actually overqualified for this quest.”

“And you still want to do it? Considering your reactions back at the guild, Selica didn’t seem too keen on giving you this quest.”

They were really surprised when Selica agreed to give them this quest. And they also went as far as to ‘show us the ropes’ just to get this quest.

“Quite an observant eye you got there; that’s necessary for an adventurer.” She sighed in exasperation. “Well, let’s just say that we’ve got our reasons. You’ll know when we reach there.”


“Thanks. By the way, what’s your rank?”


“Same for me.”

We replied.

“Newcomers who are already at the Steel rank? Gosh, back in our days we actually had to work to get to that rank.”

Oi, don’t make me the bad guy.

As I was cursing her, the other guys arrived.

“Ah, they are here. Aulia, Garn!”

She shouted as they were looking around to find us. Upon seeing her, they made their way towards us.

“Oh, so you got a weapon?” He said after looking at the sword hung on my waist. “But what about your companion.”

“I’m a healer, so I don’t need any weapons.”

Phiria replied curtly.

“Is that so? All right then. Shall we go?”


Irene, the elf, replied cheerfully. But isn’t he being too hasty? What about the usual checking before embarking on an adventure? Like checking the supplies, the conditions of the weapons, and the physical and mental state of our fellow companions?

Hmm, maybe this quest would turn out to be more interesting than what I had initially expected it to be.


All right then, time for my first real adventure.


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