Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 26


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


Our breakfast consisted of simple bread and curry, but even that was presented to us in an extravagant way. Almost at the same time we finished that, the party ‘Wanderers’ came back. Seeing us in the tavern area, they headed towards us.

“Hey, we’re back.”

Well, yeah, I can see that.

“Did you report it to the Guild?”

Irene asked.

“Yep, just as we had agreed earlier. Just keep your side of the story straight.”

“Yeah yeah-”

“Oh, what story?”

“AAAAAH! Just where the fuck did you appear from, Selica?!”

Garn shouted so loudly that everyone looked over us; me, Phiria, the Wanderers, and the Guild Manager Selica who appeared out of nowhere. She was so covert that I didn’t even sense her coming. What is she, OO7?

“Oh, I was just passing by. So, what story were you talking about?”

Irene answered in place of Garn who was still clutching his heart and breathing heavily.

“The story of how all of us valiantly fought and defeated those Goblins together. Samael was warning Garn to not take all the credit and to report the incident truthfully. Right, Garn?”

“Huh? Ah, y-yeah.”

Selica narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

“Is that really the truth, Garn?”

“O-of course….. Why would I lie?”

Selica turned to me.

“Did you predict this?”

Uhh, no, that was just Irene’s superb acting skills.

“There was nothing to predict. And please stop fussing over pointless things.”

“Hmph.” She snorted. “We’ll see how pointless it is.”

You are so easy to read, Selica.

“Is she always like that?”

I asked Irene after Selica walked away.

“She might appear crass on the surface, but she’s actually good at heart. She just hates people like you.”

“People like me?”

“Those who hide their power despite having a lot of it. She believes that those with power should act their part.”

Is that something similar to Noblesse Oblige? I definitely don’t want any part of it. What’s the use of my power if I can’t even decide how to use it?

“And what about him?” I pointed my chin to Garn, who still seemed pretty shaken up. “Why is he so scared of Selica.”

“Ah, that?” She laughed. “Garn used to be pretty rowdy back in the days. Long story short, he picked a fight with the guild master and was ruthlessly beaten. He was traumatised by it, and Selica knows how to use that.”

“My condolences.”

“And? I see you have some new pendants?”

“The times have changed, you know? If you want to blame anyone, then blame the Third Princess.”

“Like hell I would do that. The fault clearly lies with you.”

“How unreasonable.”

Irene frowned and looked away. Garn took her place as my conversation partner.

“Sorry for that, she reveres the Third Princess. Anyway, we have some things to take care of, so see you later.”

“See ya.”

With that, we parted ways and came out of the Guild. It was finally time for my favourite part; information gathering.

And for that, we’ll use that.

I approached a shady looking shopkeeper who was selling fruits. Picking up a fruit that vaguely resembled an apple, I asked.

“How much does this cost?”

“3 bronze coins.”

“I’ll take these two.”

I handed him the coins after sorting out two freshest looking ones.

“Thank you.”

“Ah, by the way.” I leaned closer to him. “Do you know the way to that?”

“If you’re talking about that, then take that alley at the back.”

He pointed to the alley behind his shop.

“Thanks, old man.”

Taking his suggestion, we walked there. After some distance had been created, Phiria spoke up.

“You are planning something devilish again, aren’t you?”

“It’s called being crafty.”

“They are the same things in your case. Well, I’ll just stay back and enjoy it.”

You could help me out, oi. Oh well.

From the alley we were in we took another alley, and from that another, until the only sounds I could hear were the clatter of my footsteps.

And the excited breaths of my followers.

From the opposite end of the alley stepped out two people. No, judging by their attire, they were Adventurers. The same thing happened from the end behind us. In other words, we had been caught in a trap.

We stopped walking, and taking that as a cue those adventurers started walking towards us. They stopped when they were a few metres away from us, the one looking like their leader spoke up.

“Gehehehe, we’ve finally cornered you.”

Spit flew out from his mouth and stuck to his thick beard as he laughed creepily.

“Do you want anything from us?”

“Give us all of the money that you have if you value your life!”

“And what if we don’t?”

“Then.” All of them took out their weapons. “We’ll take it from you.”

“I see. Well Mary, what should we do?”

I asked as I touched my sword, and they became wary of my actions. As they continued to keep an eye on me, Phiria yawned.

“Do what you came to do.”

Just the answer I’d expect.

“As you wish, my lady.”

I took out my sword, and with it an overwhelming amount of bloodlust that was directed at everything and everyone at my surroundings. As those muggers flinched at this unexpected series of events, I prepared to make my move. However.

“What is happening here?”

Someone interrupted us, and that someone was familiar to me.

“Sir Lantz?”

The one that came out from the end of the alley was the man who had helped back when we had first arrived at this city, Sir Lantz.

“Hmm?” He looked at us. “I recognise you. You were the centre of the commotion that happened back at the North Gate two days ago, weren’t you?”

“I’m honoured that you remember us.”

“No need to be so uptight with me. So, what’s happening here? I suddenly felt a blood curdling bloodlust and instantly came to its source.”

“That was just self-defence against these men who were trying to mug us.”

He looked at those men.

“Is that true?”

“Ah, y-you see, that is-”

“That’s enough.” He curtly stopped them. “I’ve heard enough. Go back if you wish to live. I’ll report you to the Guild later.”

While grinding his teeth and clenching his fist, the leader replied with a hoarse voice.

“Yes sir.”

With that, they left, leaving only us three.

“You seem to attract trouble no matter where you go.”

“I certainly hope that’s not the case.”

I put my sword back.

“I’m Lantz by the way, though you already know that, I guess.”

“I’m Samael, and this is my partner Mary. We are travellers who just registered as Adventurers.”

We shook hands.

“And you’re already at the Sapphire rank? Impressive.”

“Well, some things happened.”

Like killing a Goblin Lord and two Goblin Champions.

“I see. Anyway, I would’ve liked to talk some more, but I’m busy right now. So, see you later.”

“All right.”

He waved us goodbye, thus leaving us alone.

“Well, shall we go back?”


“Ah, by the way, what was that ‘that’ that you asked about from the shopkeeper?”

“Dunno. I just repeated the same words a man said to that shopkeeper. I noticed this the day we entered this city. When the man asked about that, the shopkeeper sent that man into the alley behind.”

“I see.”



My second morning in this world. I woke up the soundly sleeping Phiria, who stirred in her bed. After some difficulty, she poked out her head from the blanket and looked at me in a daze.

“Ahhh, Sam……”

She muttered sounding sluggishly.

“Yeah. Time to wake up. I want to do some more quests today.”

And that too in a more systematic manner.

“Mhhhmn.” She groaned. “First give me a good morning kiss.”

With droopy eyes, she demanded after sticking out her head.

I have heard of a good night kiss, but a good morning kiss is a first for me.


I flat out rejected her demand, held the edge of her blanket and snatched it from her.


She groaned, and after some difficulty, finally woke up, wearing a loose nightgown, from which her succulent plump breasts were threatening to jump out and her clear white skin was visible. Bathed in the warm sunlight as she sat up while rubbing her eyes, it did look like a Goddess had woken up from her slumber.

That scene was so mesmerising that if I somehow managed to paint it on a canvas, that painting alone would make me richer than Jeff Bezos. Even I was caught off guard by her beauty.

While handling myself, I spoke.

“Morning, sleeping princess.”

“Morning, my prince. Why didn’t you give me a good morning kiss?”

Just how can she be so defenceless? Is it a conspiracy? Acting to just deceive me and capture my heart?

I looked at her once again, and she smiled sweetly upon noticing my gaze.

Most probably, it’s not. That’s simply the terrifying power of love. Oof.

“I didn’t wanna.”

“Eeeh, meanie.”

While pouting, she got out the bed and cradled her arms around my neck.

“Then I shall steal that kiss myself.”


“I refuse.”

I flicked my finger at her forehead, escaped free from her clutches, and swiftly exited the room. Any more and the sweetness of the atmosphere would have given me diabetes.

I headed down, and after greeting the guild master and receptionist, sat on a table while waiting for Phiria. It would be rude to start my breakfast without her after all.

After 15 minutes, she walked down. Different from her dishevelled state from before, she looked graceful now. The sweet scent emanating from her as she sat down opposite me was proof that she had taken a bath-



She managed to take a bath and get ready in just 15 minutes? Impossible! Even I take 10 minutes just to bathe! It’s a trick, an illusion! She must have messed with our sense of time!

“I did nothing of that sort, Samael.”

Her eyes narrowed.

“What are you, a mind reader or something?”

“A single glance at your face is enough to tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m wearing a mask though.”

“A mere mask cannot be a hindrance.”


After having some light breakfast, we headed towards the quest board.


And there it was, the herb gathering quest!



  1. Dear author Anit666-san, I hope this reaches you,
    I read this whole novel in 2 sittings and I have reached a conclusion, which opened my eyes about the fantasy novels, especially about elves.
    My conclusion is all elves are either PERVERTS or CREEPY STALKERS. Examples-
    -Cornelia, noticing every little movements of MC when he entered the guild (even the way of his eating and that he liked it).
    -Her brother following her to other countries, and then creeping her when she got out on a quest with MC
    -Battle maniac elf king’s(don’t remember his name) behaviour against MC and then licking his lips.
    -His daughter’s relationship with him.????

  2. I actually like this novel very much, I hope this one won’t end soon. Keep it up.
    Yeah, also the author don’t make his readers wait too long, so thank you.

    • Your wish shall be answered.
      I have a total of 4 arcs planned for this novel, and we are still at the 2nd arc. So, don’t worry, it’ll take a some time before we reach its end

      • I hope you plan on doing a prequal arc to go over the details on how Sam came to be where and what he is.

        I really like the mystery and slowly getting glimpses of his past too. So a prequal after the story is finished would be pretty amazing and may add to people re-reading the story with all of that in mind and getting a different view of how things are going.

        Also, I think you have solid material to make a prequal story just as epic as this story, which cannot be said for most stories.

        Excellent work.

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