Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 29


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Ah, we’ve been waiting for you!”

She exclaimed.

“You were waiting for me?”

Why the fuck would a receptionist of the royal castle wait for me? And she said ‘we’, didn’t she? Just how many guys are waiting for me? What the fuck are you up to, Selica?!

As I was contemplating whether to turn around and go back, the receptionist nodded vigorously.

“Yes! There’s someone who wants to meet you.”

The receptionist rang the bell on her desk and a soldier arrived.

“Please guide our guest to the waiting room.”

The soldier nodded and then turned to me.

“This way please.”

Leaving Phiria behind just in case something happened, I followed the soldier. He led me to a corridor.

“I’m here to just register for the upcoming tournament, so where are you leading me?”

“You’ll know when you reach there.”

The soldier replied without turning his head. And so, I followed him in complete silence. Soon enough, we stopped in front of a room. The door was decorated with various engravings, while the handle of the door was made of gold and studded with jewels.

The soldier knocked twice and said.

“I’m here to escort our guest.”

That ‘guest’ is totally suspicious, oi.

“The door is open. Send them in.”

A voice, which I was unfortunately too familiar with, replied from the other side. The soldier complied and opened the door.

“They are waiting for you inside.”

With that, he left, leaving me with no choice but to enter the room. As I stepped inside, the door closed by itself. Well, not by itself, as it was closed by the presence which was now standing in front of the gate, perhaps guarding it.

And why, that was a presence I was painfully familiar with.

“Well well, fancy meeting you here, Sir Lantz.”

“Coincidences are really scary, aren’t they?” He smiled. “I don’t see Mary? Is she not with you today?”

“You already know that’s not the case.”


Came the sound of exclamation from behind me; it was from the woman- girl, actually, sitting on a chair and sipping tea. She placed her teacup on the small table beside the table and spoke.

“Would you care for some tea, Mr. Samael?”

“That would depend on your identity and intentions, I presume.”

Though judging from crimson red gown she was wearing, the ‘skirt’ part of which (or whatever it’s called) was asymmetrical, the gauntlets- both of which were studded with jewels-, her red pendant which screamed ‘I’m expensive’ and the small tiara at her head pretty much told me her identity.

“Ever heard of the Blood Princess?”


“Blood Princess?!” She smiled at my outburst. “What’s the daughter of the Blood Ruler doing in this world?! And wait, that bastard had a daughter?!”


She furrowed her brows as her smile vanished.


“Wait, what are you saying?”

Lantz interjected as both me and that girl stared at each other in confusion.

“So…… you are not that Blood Princess?”

“I certainly don’t know any ‘Blood Ruler’.”

“Ah, I see. Sorry for the confusion. Then, for the answer to your question, no, I don’t know the Blood Princess.”

Well, I already knew that she was not the Blood Princess. The ‘daughter’ of the Lords would not appear in a place like this after all.

“Let’s do this again.” She grumbled. “I’m the-”

“The Third Princess of this country who has been using Selica and Lantz to keep an eye on me.”

“Oh?” She smiled and crossed her legs. “So you know about me?”

“With how blatant your actions were, I couldn’t help but notice. Everything up till now was a preparation to call me here, wasn’t it?”

Like setting up the registration at this castle was done to invite me to the castle; Selica perhaps told her that I wouldn’t go there by myself.

“When did you notice?”

She asked as she took another sip.

“Since the moment Lantz first appeared before me. Though at that time, I didn’t know that it was you.”

“Since then?” Her eyes widened as they turned to Lantz. “And I thought you were a better spy.”

“I have nothing to say.”

Lantz answered as his shoulders drooped.

“Do not blame him.” So I decided to cast a lifeline to him. “You just picked the wrong opponent.”

“I see. I seem to have underestimated you. I’ll cut straight to the chase then; I need you.”

“I’m sorry but I’m not interested in a relationship right now.”

“I wasn’t talking about that. What I need is your power.”

“For the upcoming war with the demons, I guess.”

Time to play my hand.

“Yes. For the upcoming war where humanity’s survival is at stake, we need all the power we can get, so-”

“Hmm.” I interrupted her. “So I guess the Heroes were no match for Solomon.”

She stopped speaking immediately and stood up with a jolt. Her eyes widened as the heaviness in the air went up to the max, and she asked.

“You…… you know Solomon?”

So she knew Solomon, huh. She wouldn’t be of any worth if she didn’t.

“Before that, are we talking about the same guy?”

“Just answer the question.”

Her voice was cold, her glare even colder.

“If you’re talking about Solomon El Maxwell, the Demon King, then yes, I know him. Though the last time I met him, he wasn’t the Demon King.”

“And how do you know him?”

Oh? She sure is very interested in Solomon. What happened between these two?

“I’m sure Selica has already told you what happened during the test I took when I first registered as an adventurer, right?”

The Third Princess nodded.

“The demon I talked about in that story; the one who I met, fought, and then parted with. Who did you think that demon was? He was….”


She muttered.

Well, of course what I had told her was a lie, but there wasn’t any lie detector here to point that out.

“That was my first meeting with him.”

“And what happened after that?”

“All you need to know is that we are not in a relationship which would prevent me from fighting him. I’m under no obligation to answer any more than that.”

“Under no obligation?” Lantz scoffed. “You do realise who you’re talking to, right?”

“The Third Princess of a country and her underling. The question is.” I used my speed to instantly appear in front of him. “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

Lantz, contrary to my expectations, reacted instantly by taking out his sword and slashing at me, but his slash was nothing when compared to Regina’s. I easily stopped it by gripping with my fingers.


Before our skirmish could proceed any further, the Third Princess intervened.

“Yes, my lady.”

Lantz instantly sheathed his sword and stepped back, though his glare was still strong.

“I think we started off wrong, so let’s do this again. I’m Cecile Constantine, the Third Princess of Asmaria.”

“And I’m Samael, your average traveller.”

She raised her eyebrow at my answer, but didn’t complain.

“So Samael, I have an offer for you. I want you to be a part of the Elite squad for the upcoming war. As for the payment-”

“How about this.” She furrowed her brows at my interruption. “You let me fight alongside the Heroes. Not a bad deal for you, is it?”

As she stayed silent, her eyes asking me to continue, I explained further.

“As you might’ve already seen, I’m strong, at least stronger than Lantz.”

“You think that was his full power?”

Cecile scoffed.

“Of course not. But that exchange was enough to give me a rough estimate. Accounting for a worst-case scenario and multiplying that estimation by 10, I can safely say that I can beat him.”

And quite easily at that.

“But of course, why should you believe me? So let’s go with this. You are free to send any opponent in the tournament, except Solomon, Regina and the Dark Hero, of course. If-”

“Wait.” Cecile stopped me with a dangerous frown. “What do you mean by the Dark Hero? And who is Regina?”

Regina Zi Maxwell is the original Demon King of the world Phiria who was brutally defeated by me and is now acting under my orders.

Not that I can actually say that……

“Oh? Seems like there’s so much you still don’t know, Princess.”

I wanted to add a smirk for an additional effect, but since I was wearing a mask I refrained.

“Information will be my other bargaining chip then. As I was saying, if I win at the upcoming tournament no matter who you send to be my opponent, you’ll let me fight alongside the Heroes. In return for accepting my bet, I’ll tell you about the two other special existences besides Solomon. How does that sound?”

Cecile sat down to ponder on my proposal. But of course-

“Your proposal, I accept it.”

-I knew she would accept it.

“Thank you. The information will be delivered to you on the day of the tournament.”

“Why not today?”

“I’ll tell you the reason on that day. Don’t worry, I won’t run away or anything; I have my dream to fulfil after all. Until then.”

With that, I exited the room.


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