Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 30


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Aaah, I can’t wait for our turn….”

Someone muttered to themselves, and almost everyone in this room agreed.

It was the day of the tournament, and I was currently in the waiting room of the arena where the tournament was going to be held. Along with me were the other participants of Group 1.

The Contest of Champions, the tournament where people from all over the country come to participate and watch. It’s a tournament that has been conducted by the Adventurer’s Guild in conjunction with the state since time immemorial, and those who have won it have gone on to become great beings who put their name down in history.

However, today’s tournament is different; the preliminaries have changed, and so have the rules.

All the participants of the group have been divided into four groups by lottery; Group 1,2,3 and 4. Each group would fight among themselves, and the last three to remain standing would move to the next round. It is a battle royal, so to speak.

And I had been placed in Group 1, along with one of the three winning candidates of this tournament. Balfazar, the only Adamantium ranked adventurer in the Fight King category. This tournament had been divided into two categories; Fight King and Group Battle. The latter was for Adventurer parties and groups, but since Phiria was not participating I was in the former.

I was currently in the waiting room for Group 1. There were a total of 34 participants here. Balfarzar was that guy who was wearing a silver armour with black patterns on it and had a spear strapped on his back. Leaning on his back on the wall opposite me, he was gauging everyone.

Oh, and then there was-

“Haha, it seems we can finally duel without any of us having to hold back!”

“So it would seem.”

The guy patting my back was Pars, the Platinum ranked adventurer, and the other winning candidate for this category of the tournament. The reason he was a winning candidate despite the presence of Balfzar was because Pars was already strong enough to be at the Adamantium rank; the only reason he wasn’t at one was because no SS ranked quest had turned up till now.

The last winning candidate was none other than Lantz, the captain of the First Order of Knights. He was placed in Group 3. My condolences for people who have to fight him.

In my group, there were many other Silver and Gold ranked adventurers. Actually, I was the lowest ranked person in this room, so theoretically speaking I was the weakest of them all. So of course, I’m going to be a prime target in the battle royal.

As I was thinking that, the arena interrupted into a cheer. There was no window here, so we could only make guesses based on the sounds. Since the tournament was supposed to be started off with a speech by a member of the royalty, I guess that was the reason the audience was cheering so loudly.

After some time passed, the door to the room opened; an invitation for us to come to the arena. As we stepped out into the arena, the crowd erupted into a great cheer as the presence of Pars and Balfazar was confirmed.

We got into the middle of the arena at the stage, which was an elevated square platform with each side measuring 20 metres. Everyone got into their battle positions; some taking out their swords, others their shields. The elves knocked arrows into their bows, the dwarves grabbed their hammers and hatchets, the giants took their broadswords, the beastmen checking out their swords, gauntlets et cetera.

The only ones who remained leisurely were Balfazar, Pars and me.

With the sign from the announcer, the group battle began.

With this being the first battle, the excitement in the crowd was high, but there were some voices of dissatisfaction as the two winning candidates, Balfazar and Pars didn’t move and just continued to look at the situation.

On the other hand, fights broke out here and there, though none of them tried to intentionally attack Balfazar and Pars.

As for me, an arrow came flying at me the moment the battle started. I caught it with my hand and snapped it, but before I could attack my assailant, the bowmen jumped from his place to dodge the sword that was smashed there.

But as I escaped that battle, someone else creeped behind me and slashed at me with his hatchet. It was a human.

“Your head is mine- kugh!”

“This isn’t a place to kill, you know.”

I said as I knocked him out using ‘Wave Explosion’. Well, I actually sent him flying but that’s not important here.

The process was simple; I got closer to him and touched his chest with my palm. From my palm was released a shockwave which was strong enough to shatter a large boulder and a ‘Demolition’. The Demolition caused their mana to run amok, which caused great pain to them, while the strong shockwave delivered the final blow and simultaneously sent them flying to create distance between us.

As I sent that man flying, another thing came flying at me, though it was a hatchet thrown by a dwarf this time. I dodged it and got closer to the dwarf. He swung his sword shouting-

“You’re mine-ugh!”

“Yeah yeah.”

But even he was sent flying. By the way, killing someone meant instant disqualification, so I was forced to hold back.

The battle royal continued and others continued to attack me, but as I kept defeating them with a single strike, the number of attacks on me decreased. In the end, only 6 people, including me, were left on the stage. Though interestingly-

“Hey, so we’ve to beat just them!”

“Yeah! If we work together, we can do it! Let’s do it!”


Three of them had formed a temporary party in order to win this round. Their plan was probably to party up and defeat everyone together so that they could advance to the next round. Did they come up with this strategy in the room?

As expected, their first target was me, the one who was expected to be the weakest. Balfazar didn’t look like he had any intentions of interfering, while Pars seemed interested in how I would fair against a party of three Silver ranked adventurers.

“Lafo, support us with your magic! He’s fast and strong, but that’s it!”

“Geez, I’ve always been a technician, you know.”

But Lafo, the elf magician who was supposed to answer me could not because he was blown away by me. The other two were bewildered by what happened, but that was enough for me to blow them away too.

As they flew off the stage, Balfazar, Pars, and I were the only ones who remained. As the condition was achieved-

“It’s settled! The winners of Group 1 battle are these three! Balfazar, the Adamantium adventurer, Pars, the Platinum adventurer, and the unknown masked adventurer who appeared out of nowhere and blew off everyone off the stage!”

Yo at least remember my name.


The crowd cheered in their loudest voice till now, and we were led off the stage, back into the waiting room. Pars approached me.

“Whoa, you are much stronger than I expected. Though I’m a bit dissatisfied by how you didn’t show that strength back at the test, it really was worth it to save you for the last.”

Save me for the last? What am I, dessert?

“It wasn’t that impressive.”

“Hmph. It really wasn’t.” Balfazar scoffed. “All he did was blow away some amateurs using a shockwave produced from his hand. Anyone could do it.”

“See? That’s what I’m talking about.”

Balfazar raised his eyebrow when I unexpectedly agreed with him.

“Hmph. I look forward to our fight.”

With that, he went ahead, leaving me and Pars alone.

“What the hell is that guy’s problem? Always an asshole.”

Pars insulted him behind his back.

Anyway, I wonder how the next round would go, and how much strength would I need to use. The reason I went out of my way and defeated my opponents in such ostentatious ways was to impress Cecile, though I wonder if it’ll work or not.

What I’m more interested in is the opponent she has prepared for me. Lantz is the only one who caught my eye till now. Is there someone else? A dark horse who’ll sweep the stage with unorthodox techniques and overwhelming strength? Or……


I look forward to it.


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