Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 4


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Anyway, enough about these mundane matters. Let’s complete the procedure and go to Meteron’s world.”

I decided to set aside the matter about Simone, Chloe and others for now; there’s not much I can do at the moment. Moreover, it’s dangerous to stay in the God’s realm for too long. It would be beyond problematic if someone found us out.

“About that, have you decided exactly who will go with us?”

Phiria posed the natural question.

Hmm, now that she has mentioned it, I haven’t properly thought about that, have I? Because initially, only me and Jack were supposed to join the Hero’s programme, the rest were added later either due to unavoidable circumstances or due to interference from my so-called subordinates.

Anyway, for the time being, Chloe, Susan and Cornellia will stay here. The world we’ll go to next is a SS difficulty class world, that means our enemies would be much stronger, while the allies would much fickler than what we encountered in Phiria’s world. So they’ll stay here and train under the various gods and angels until they can be of use to me. This’ll also have the added effect of avoiding suspicion from others.

As for Liera, she would be training under Jack for the time being, so I guess she, along with Jack would also remain here. The last is Shiggurath. Although she is strong enough to accompany me there, it would actually be better to leave her here as a last resort, so that she can protect the others in case something goes wrong. After all, Jack, while being absolutely perfect when it comes to obliteration, is not excellent in protecting someone. Not to mention that his recent actions have become somewhat suspicious.

That just leaves me, Phiria and Regina. Well, that works for me, I guess. I also wanted to have a chat with Regina, alone.

Hmm, and since it’s Meteron’s world, the one in charge of it would be Solomon, right?

⟦Ain’t that right, Maxwell?⟧



“The one going to that world would be me, you and Regina.”

“So you are bringing the Demon King along, huh?”

“Well, of course. She’s going to be very useful once we get there.”

So useful in fact that she might become one of the most important pieces in my hand. And this time, she won’t betray me. I’ll make sure of that.

“Call everyone now and inform them that we are being enlisted into the Hero Programme.”

Jack announced to Phiria.

“Let’s go now, shall we?”

Phiria asked as she headed towards the door.

“Ah, what about my mask?”

“Are you talking about this?”

Jack asked as he waved my mask in right hand.

“Wait, why do you have that?”

“I prepared an extra, just in case.”

He replied while eyeing Phiria, who in turn simply averted her gaze as if whatever we were talking about didn’t involve her. Good grief.

I grabbed the mask from Jack and put it over my face. And with this, my disguise was complete.

I am now perfectly ready.

“So, where are we going now?”

“The weapons’ room.”

Hooooh, is that where they have confined Tzeeneth? How foolish.

“And by the way, I have already asked Rachel to call the others there.”

“That was fast, too fast in fact. You sure you can do everything at your own discretion?”

“Of course, I can, Sam. None of them have the authority to question me.”

Isn’t that abuse of power? She’ll make a terrible politician. Well, as expected of the princess of God’s Realm.

After exiting through the gate, we once again walked through the hallway which had brought us here. However, there was something different about it. Even though the structure of the hallway remained the exact same, its position seemed to have changed. I mean, the direction of the moonlight entering from the windows was different by an angle of 70 degrees. Well, 69.879543 degrees to be exact.

Phiria, perhaps sensing what I was thinking (how did she even do it when my face was hidden by a mask?), started explaining.

“This isn’t a normal hallway, you know. In fact, this palace itself isn’t normal. It was designed by Meteron, and I was given the authority of it. So, I can change the destinations and positions of all the corridors and rooms as I see fit.”

I see. That explains why her room was directly connected to the summoning chamber. And that explains why there weren’t any guards guarding it. There’s no use for guards when she can directly manipulate the space within the hallways.

And I’m sure that she got overconfident and thought something like ‘I don’t need any guards! I can protect this place myself!’

I won’t be too surprised if her overconfidence became the downfall of her one day. Well, I’ll do my best to protect her, though.


“By the way, Sam.” Phiria started. “How was life in my world?”

Hmm? Life in her world……

“It was so-so, I guess?”

“What kind of answer is that?”

She giggled.

“I mean, things progressed too quickly for me, don’t you think so? In a normal shounen isekai adventure, I’m not supposed to meet the strongest being before I have defeated two or three of the commandments through Nakamah Powahh. But I met Shiggurath and formed a contract with her, right on the day when I was allowed to leave the castle. The system is too messed up, don’t you think?”

“Fufufufu, the system was designed in such a way that it’d impose the least amount of limitations upon you. So, if you think that the system was messed up, then you are even more messed up.”

“Thank you for that really accurate, yet useless, analysis.”

I’ll admit that I’m messed up, but there’s no need to specifically point that out, is there?

While chatting about such useless things, we exited into a large hall. Like the summoning chamber, this room also had white as its base, but it was much more lavish than it. However, on the wall opposite me was a really large set of double-doors. Beside the doors stood two angels with spears in their hands and swords hung on their waists.

If they are standing in front of the all-important weapons’ room, they are most likely second-generation angels. The two pairs of wings on their backs just confirmed my hypothesis.

Seems like the Tzeeneth really is here.

“Hey Sam!”

Suddenly, someone called my name thus bringing me back from my thoughts. I turned my head in that direction and found the usual party standing there, except Shiggurath who was replaced by Rachel. The one who had called me was Cornellia while waving her hand with large motions, beckoning me to come over to her.

We three proceeded to the place where they were.

“Where’s Shiggurath?”

I asked, but the one who answered was Rachel.

“Lady Shiggurath is currently in a meeting with the Council of Dragons.”

Ah, the Council. I guess they want to ask her what she’s doing in God’s Realm. Though I don’t think that they, including Bahamut, would do anything as rash as fighting her here. Neither Phiria nor Meteron would forgive them if they did.

But still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I glanced at Phiria once, and she understood my intentions immediately.

“The council can wait. Tell them that I demand the presence of Lady Shiggurath.”


“That’s an order.”

“As you wish, your majesty.”

Rachel bowed and walked away.

“Will she be alright?”

I’m kinda sceptical whether whose old fools will listen to her orders or not.

“Don’t worry. The council doesn’t have the guts to oppose a direct order from me. And if they did, then that’ll just give me an excuse to eliminate those shitty geezers.”

See? That’s what you call abusing your power.

“So, have you finished your important discussions, Sam?”

Cornellia asked the question which was brimming in the minds of perhaps the whole group.

“Yeah, pretty much. Lady Phiria was telling me about the rewards that would be conferred to us for our exceptional service.”


“Indeed.” Phiria stepped forward. “Even if you have accepted my proposal of joining the Hero’s programme, you are still worthy of- no, I should say, you still have the right to have your wishes fulfilled by me, as is dictated by the rules of God’s Realm. I had originally prepared two rewards for each of you in case you decided to accept my proposal; the first was granting your wish, and the second was to provide you with a gift that would be helpful on your upcoming journey. Now, since we’re a bit short on time right now, we’ll proceed with the latter first. So-”

She paused for a moment, the smile on her face clearly conveying that she was having fun while watching us wait with bated breaths.


“So, I shall gift you with weapons you are worthy of.”


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