Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 9


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“Show you that I’m your God.”

I announced.

“A-as if………………!”

Even though she was under so much pressure from me, Regina still chose to stick to her view that I was not her Demon God.

Her stubbornness is quite refreshing and mildly amusing, but it’s ultimately a hindrance. If she continues being so stubborn like this, I’ll be left with no choice but to take harsher measures.

“I see. Then, summon the Devourer.”

I gave my second order.

“W-what…?” She jeered. “As if I’d ever do that- wha?!”

Even though she was once again trying to struggle against my order, her body obeyed it and summoned the black voracious sword.

“Now, kill yourself.”

And then I gave my last order. Despite her wishes, Regina’s body took the sword in a reverse grip and thrust it with the intention to kill her.


But just before the blade could impale her, I stopped her. Her body was wet with sweat, perhaps because she was afraid of the Devourer impaling her. I guess she knew that even the Devil’s Halo would be hard pressed to heal an injury caused by that gluttonous sword.

“Unsummon it.”

This time, Regina didn’t even try to struggle as the Devourer vanished into thin air.


Neither did she resist now when I made her stand and face me.

“You can move on your own now.”

And finally, I released her body from my control. I half-expected her to fall on her knees like a puppet whose strings had been cut, but she proved to be slightly stronger than I imagined her to be.

This was another perk of obtaining Tzeeneth; it allowed me to get my full authority as the Overlord back.

Meanwhile, Regina glared furiously at me while grinding her teeth fiercely, as if someone- me, in this case- had made her eat a bitter bug against her wishes.

“How….?” With much difficulty, she spoke again. “How can you be the Demon God?! The God I worship-”

“There’s one thing I would like you to understand, Regina.” I decided to interrupt her as I wasn’t interested in listening to her banter. “Admiration, is the emotion furthest from understanding.”


“You keep saying ‘Demon God this’ and ‘Demon God that’, but all you’re doing is just giving him an image that you’ve formed based on your own admiration. You have never met this God that you speak of, have you? Neither have you ever conversed with him. You were just influenced by what others thought of him, and over the course of time began to consider their thoughts as your own.”

“W-what do you mean to say?”

She asked, her fists clenched tightly and her glare stronger than before.

“You still don’t understand? Then let me spell it out clearly for you: You don’t know shit about your Demon God, so stop spouting bullshit about how that God is supposed to be.”


Regina tried to argue back, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t come up with anything logical to say.

That was to be expected, of course. What I said was the truth; the Demon God she admires so much is known to her only through stories. I bet that one of the demons told her that her birth in Phiria’s world was by the Demon God’s will, and that following that God’s decree was her life’s purpose.

Of course, what they said wasn’t exactly wrong. But instead of loyalty, what took place in her heart was admiration. They might seem similar on the surface, but admiration is actually a dangerous emotion. Admiration causes the admirer to close their eyes (metaphorically speaking) which doesn’t let them see the person they admire for who they truly are. Normally, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But as a leader, I definitely don’t want admirers anywhere near me. Under the effect of admiration, they’ll fail to see the faults within me (I’m not perfect after all), which might lead to failure.

And failure, has no place in my plans.

Regina has realised it deep inside her that I wasn’t exactly lying. Not to mention that despite how stubborn she is acting, it’s not like she is a completely dumb woman. She must have realised that what we were saying was at least partially the truth, the proof being Solomon. Not only did Solomon know everything about her, he possessed the same characteristics as her. From their surnames ‘Maxwell’ to their abilities ‘The First Lord’ and ‘The Second Lord’, they are just too similar to be a mere coincidence.

“Anyway, it’s not like I want you to believe that I’m the Demon God. It doesn’t really matter to me, actually.”


Regina groaned idiotically, perhaps because what I said was completely unexpected.

“All I want is you to understand one thing; you are under my command. So, any order that I give you is absolute. Consider it as a way to pay off your debt which you accumulated when I helped you despite your betrayal.”

Though honestly speaking, all that deal with her betrayal was utter bullshit. Had I known that Regina was a part of the Ten Asuras, the group of 10 Demon Kings under my direct command, I wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble. I could have just proven to her that I was the Overlord, and then given her orders.

And for all that, fuck you Maxwell and Phiria! I knew that Phiria had borrowed one of the Demon Kings, but I didn’t think that she would alter that Demon King to this degree. Even Jack failed to recognise her.

The only one who could have recognised her was…..

⟦You, Maxwell.⟧

⟦What are you saying? I never knew that she was a part of the Ten Asuras.⟧

Maxwell tried acting innocent.

⟦Oh yeah? I can actually go ahead and prove it if you’re going to be so stubborn. Should I start?⟧

⟦Okay okay. I’ll admit that I had a really small hunch who Regina really might be, but due to Phiria’s masterful disguise, I couldn’t be sure. That’s why I held myself from telling you until I got further proof.⟧

⟦I’m confident that this wasn’t the only reason.⟧

⟦What are you talking about?⟧ He played ignorant. ⟦What other reason could I have?⟧

⟦Something like…….. testing me?⟧

⟦Oh, and do tell me, why exactly would I need to do that?⟧

⟦I dunno. Maybe, something like,………… colluding with the other Hell Guards to perfect the Trial.⟧


His silence alone was enough of an answer.

Fucking bastards.

“And what if I refuse?”

While I was cursing them, Regina inquired with a rebellious glint in her eyes.

“Then I’m sure that you know exactly what I’m capable of, right?”

I tried threatening her. Her body froze as she glared at me, so much so that if glares could kill, I would’ve died more than a thousand times. As her brain ran on full throttle while trying to weigh the pros and cons, she ultimately let out a huge sigh and stiffly nodded in affirmation.

“Understood. For the time being, I’ll listen to you.”

“Thank you for your understanding.” I did threaten her though. “So, for the time being, you’ll be under Solomon’s care.”


“Haah?! You seriously can’t be leaving me alone with this madman!”

Her expression made a complete 180 as she once again screamed at me.

“But I have no other choice, you see. I mean, you are a demon. And in this world, demons aren’t really welcome in cities and countries ruled by humans, especially when the said demon is as powerful as you.”

“B-but I could use illusion magic to change my appearance or something!”

“No, that won’t do. Unless I know exactly what the people here are capable of, I won’t be taking you with me. But rest assured, Solomon will take good care of you. Isn’t that right, Solomon?”

“Of course, my lord.”

He answered with a devilish smile.

“See that smile?! He’ll clearly attack me the moment you are gone!”

“Oh, you’re just being paranoid.”

“I’m not!”

“Okay okay geez.” I turned to him. “Solomon. Train her.”

“Wait what the fuck are you saying now!?”

She grew even more furious.

“As you wish, my lord.”

While Solomon replied, his devilish grin growing even wider.

“Oh, and don’t try to forcibly change her thoughts about me. Loyalty brought about by force is the opposite of loyalty after all. Just train her so that she can be useful. Also, prepare the entire Demon Race according to the instructions given to you under the second stage of Rododactylus. That’s an order.”

“Your wish is my command, my lord.”

He bowed. Regina, sensing that I was about to leave, grew even more frantic.

“Wait don’t leave me-”

But Phiria, taking my cue, quickly teleported us. When the light from the spell faded and I could finally open my eyes again, what entered my vision was a red sun on its way to hide behind the mountains. Pleasant wind blew, and below the cliff I was standing on was a large forest, in the middle of which was a huge city. The city was surrounded by tall walls on all sides, and a huge palace was situated in the middle of it.

“Well then, let’s go Phiria- huh?”

But as I turned around so that we could go, Phiria was no longer there. In her place was a bunny girl, literally.

With silver hair and equally silver fluffy bunny ears growing on her head, wearing a maid uniform, the beauty before me had a benevolent smile on her face.


“………………Who are you?


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