Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 12


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“None of you would be able to even touch me, after all.”

I said that, but it’s not like the chances are completely zero. That would depend on my performance, I guess.

First of all-

‘Limit 10’.

Now my stats are ‘apparently’ three times those of the Hero’s. Anything more than that would be too overwhelming, not to mention that showing that kind of strength here would raise several problems. After all, while humans do welcome the strong, they fear the overwhelmingly strong.

“You sure are cocky, Sir Samael.” Thor’s eyebrows were twitching. “Very well, we shall give it our best as well.”

“I hope you will. I’ll count from 10 till 0; that’s all the time you will have to prepare.”

I wanted to say that they had 10 seconds, but then Sherry would have asked me how I knew about ‘seconds’. There is a limit to how much knowledge I can say I got from Solomon.



Hey, hey, time’s running out, you know. By the way, Cecile had already positioned herself at the sidelines in order to not interfere.



“Grr!” He turned around. “Blake! Take the 4th group with you and handle the rear!”


Following his command, Blake, along with 4 girls and 5 guys, went to the very back of the formation.


“Arya! Take Sherry and the 3rd group with you to protect the rear guard!”


Arya and Sherry went with 7 other guys to protect the rear guard. Sherry seemed like the healer, while the other 7 guys looked like tanks. The basic job of a tank is to take damage in place of those behind him and then allow them to attack. Because of this, their basic HP and defence are high.


“The 2nd and 5th group are to follow us!”


“Michael! You and I will lead the charge against him! We’ll follow Plan B! Remember the simulations?!”

“Yeah!” Michael nodded, but not as enthusiastically as the others. “Let’s do this!”


It seemed their preparations were now complete. Their plan seemed to be simple; those at the rear would start the battle by firing long range magic at me, while the tanks would stay in front of them to protect them from my return attacks.


While I would be busy defending against those magic attacks, those at the vanguard, Michael and Thor in this case, would physically attack me using skills. Of course, they would expect to be fended off.

That’s where the mid-range fighters come into play. As I’d defend against the vanguard’s attacks, they’ll seize this opportunity to attack from behind or protect those in danger.


They gulped, waiting for me to say zero.

But of course, it’s not like I was just observing them while counting. I had already deployed my cards.

“And, 0.”

Just as I’d expected, those at the back instantly deployed their magic areias to cast their spells. The magic system in this world was a bit different; unlike in Phiria’s, the presence of a magic areia was a must for the successful completion of the spell.

The areias contained important information about the spell, and could produce dramatically different results if they were tampered with. Unfortunately, I’m not knowledgeable enough to grasp the effects of a magic spell just by seeing its magic areia, but that doesn’t mean I cannot interfere with it.


The mana bullets that I had already deployed in the air were fired at once, but they were really small this time to avoid detection. And what were they fired at? At random positions on the 9 magic areias that had appeared at the rear.

If I’m lucky, which I’m not as evident by my 0 LUC, I’ll cause the spell to misfire and hit the vanguard.

But since I’m not lucky, that didn’t happen. 8 of the spells were instantly disabled. However, the last one produced unexpected results.


“Ha- Guaahh!”

One of them, which was probably a fire element spell, had its potency increased by leaps and bounds. That also increased the mana consumption at once which in turn put a great load on the caster, and he misfired due to the pain of having all his mana sucked dry. His new target; the tanks protecting him.

Fire rained from the sky and hit those large burly guys straight on their heads. Since they weren’t expecting an attack from their own side, they weren’t able to defend on time and were heavily damaged.


The next part was important now.

“What is happening there?!”

“No, Thor! Don’t-”

Thor involuntarily turned around at the unexpected development, while Michael’s eyes also left me in order to warn Thor.

And that was all the time I needed.

Using the enhanced speed due to using ‘Overdrive’, I dashed from my place and appeared before them and put my hands on their chests. Thankfully, they were standing together; were they not, I would have prioritised Michael.

“Flare Wave Explosion.”

And so I released the upgraded version of ‘Wave Explosion’ from my hands.



They both groaned as they were sent flying backwards, towards their comrades.


Those at the front dropped their weapons to catch Michael and Thor flying them, thus giving me time to play my next card.

Interestingly, they were huddled into a group, so I used a really small scale ‘Schlachten’, mass-energy conversion magic, on a stone weighing around 1 gram lying right in their middle. The large blast that followed sent them flying as well after severely burning them at several places.

My path was now open for those behind them, that is the already injured tanks and the magicians who were preparing other spells to cast.


“What the heck?!”

“My spell!”

“Try again, everyone!”

At times like these, you need to pull back and create some distance, ya know.

“Swath of the Death God!”

I stopped in my tracks and spoke, my voice a little louder than before. Sherry instantly recognised this spell.

“This dumbass!” She shouted to everyone around her. “Everyone, fall back! Now!”

Perhaps they knew about my spell too, because the tanks quickly grabbed the magicians and jumped back.

It goes without saying that I had no intention to use ‘Swath of the Death God’ here.


I once again cast that spell, but now deep inside the ground where they were supposed to land. The moment their feet touched the ground, the earth exploded with a loud boom and sent debris and fire flying everywhere.

“Oh shit-”

Unfortunately, Sherry was late to realise my trap. She, along with others, were hit by the several pieces of rock and the blast and were swiftly decapitated.

Oof, did that guy just lose his leg? And hey, why is a rock piece sticking out of her chest?

I turned my eyes to the other side-

What the fuck who is that zombie?!

Ah, it’s just a student badly burned by the blast. Please put your entrails back into your stomach; it’s unnerving to look at.

And hey, that boy. I think you’ll need a synthetic eye, and synthetic jaw as well.

“Well, it seems like I’ve won.”

I turned to my side to look at Cecile- she was the referee for this match after all- and her mouth was hanging agape with wide, bloodshot eyes.

“What the heck are you doing?!”

She shouted at me and ran towards the others, but her steps halted as she couldn’t decide who to help first- provided she can help them, of course.

“Calm down-”

“Calm down!? You have the nerve to say that after doing this?!”

Her hands instinctively reached for her sword, but she stopped them. Turning around, she made her place towards Sherry; perhaps she thought that saving the healer first would raise their chances of saving the others as well.

Of course, there wasn’t any particular need for her to do that.

“Angel’s Breath.”

Someone beside me muttered in a soft whisper, and a large, green magic areia appeared in the sky. It glowed strongly, and green light beams were fired from that areia, towards those lying on the ground.

One hit me as well and exploded into sparkles. My body started glowing just like the others’.

“I wasn’t hurt though.”

“Maybe.” Phiria smiled warmly. “But it wouldn’t hurt to check, would it?”

“I’m in your care then.”

She turned to the others, and I followed. As I had expected, the others were already healed. The torn off limbs had grown back, the charred bodies were returned to their former colour, the rock pieces sticking in their bodies had been taken out and the wounds closed properly.

I walked towards Cecile who was looking around her in a daze at the miraculous scene unfolding around her.

“I told you to calm down, didn’t I?”

I would have given her a smile had I not been wearing a mask. But she replied with a cold yet burning glare.

“Just what is the meaning of this?!” She shouted. “Were you trying to kill them?!”

Her body was trembling, and it seemed she would attack me if I replied carelessly.

“Haha, of course not.”

I turned and walked towards a certain place; probably a good move because Cecile was on the verge of striking me. Unable to calm her rage, she followed me.

I arrived at where Thor was still laying. He hadn’t been hurt too badly- at least not in comparison to his comrades- so he was still conscious.

He looked at me as my shadow covered his face. I wonder how he sees me now? Perhaps a demon?

No, a more accurate term would be ‘monster’.

“I’ll ask this last time.” Cecile said from behind me, and I could feel mana ‘blowing’ around her. “What was your intention in doing all of this?”

Geez, isn’t she overprotective-

The scene of the students groaning in agony and despair due to losing their limbs and being burned severely and getting their bones broken and heads smashed and intestines flung out and the pain of their mana running amok once again played in my head.

Hmm, yup, too overprotective.

“Please do not make such a scary face, Princess. I was simply.” I stepped on Thor’s chest, and he grunted with pain. “Teaching some brats just how much of a trash they are.”



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