Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 15


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“We are going on a date.”

The steps which were following her through the streets of the noble district abruptly stopped as I wondered whether I had heard her correctly.

“Let me get this straight; the date you’re talking about is not the romantic one which couples go on, right?”

“Unfortunately for you,” She smiled wryly, “We are going on that one.”

What, did she actually fall for me? I’ll admit that it’s difficult to resist my charms, but they shouldn’t have shown their effect so early……

Well, who am I kidding?

“Did someone start to suspect us?”

“I think Maria might be on to us.”

Maria…… if I remember correctly, she’s the head-maid of Cecile’s mansion.

“You think?”

“Just the other day, she was asking how our relationship was progressing. When I told her that there weren’t many changes, she doubted whether I was trying hard enough.”

Seriously? Damn.

“And to show the results of our progress, we are going on a date?”

“Not progress, but to show that I’m actually trying to woo you.”

“My condolences.”

She scowled.

“Don’t sound as if it has nothing to do with you. We are in this together.”

“Yeah yeah. So, where are we going?”

“Do you have any place you’d like to go to?”

“The Grand Library.”

“Yeah, it was a mistake to ask you…..” She sighed lightly. “But I don’t really know any good restaurants or anything like that. What about you?”

She doesn’t? Like, isn’t she the Third Princess of this country?

“Neither do I.”

I mean, this is my 3rd week in this world itself. There’s no way in hell I would know anything about it. Well, I might have, but I never thought that I would have to go on a date with royalty. What has my life come to?

Well, I could ask Phiria who’s currently tailing us in secret along with Lantz, but then she would give me some serious suggestions and I would have to spend some ‘lovey-dovey’ time with Cecile. I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Now that I think about it, just what do couples do on a date? I don’t have anything regarding that in my database, neither have I experienced one.

I wish Sherry was here- nah, she’s as hopeless as me. Jack might know something, but he’s not here right now…..

⟦Hey Maxwell, what do you think people do on a date?⟧

⟦Date? If I remember correctly, that’s when a boy and a girl who are interested-⟧

⟦Yeah, that’s enough.⟧

This guy’s a lost cause as well.

⟦Well, Simone, do you have any knowledge pertaining to these otherworldly events?⟧

⟦Otherworldly…..?⟧ She sighed and then chuckled. ⟦I see, so the great strategist does not know anything about dates, huh?⟧

⟦Unfortunately, no, I don’t.⟧

Something about her tone irks me, but I don’t really have any choice right now.

⟦First of all, it is customary for the man to take the lead in these cases.⟧

⟦I see, I see.⟧

I took a mental note of that.

⟦Now, since the sun is already on its way to set, I think you should first head to a fun place, like a museum, park or even opera.⟧

If this was earth, we could have gone to the amusement park, but I guess that’s impossible here.

⟦What do we do after that?⟧

⟦As the night approaches, you should head to a classy restaurant to have a nice candle light dinner. The place you went to before this would give you something to talk about in case you run dry of topics. After that, go for a walk along someplace peaceful.⟧

The last part sounds difficult.

⟦And then, at the end, as a man, confess your feelings for the girl!⟧

⟦Yeah, that’s not happening.⟧

What was with that squeal, oi? And what does she mean by ‘as a man’? That’s sexist!

⟦Tch.⟧ Did she just click her tongue? ⟦And I wanted to see how you would handle a relationship.⟧


⟦Something about you tells me that you would be really awkward in a romantic relationship, and would screw up again and again, which would be fun to watch. Well, any other questions that you might have for the Great Simone?⟧

It pains me greatly that I cannot disagree with her assessment.

⟦None. Though…..⟧

⟦Hmm? What is it?⟧

⟦How should I put it……. Your ideas were pretty normal, especially because you are a girl who dearly loves her father.⟧

⟦SA-MU-EL! What the heck do you mean by that, you dense monster?!⟧

Did I step on a landmine? It’s the truth though.

⟦Nothing in particular? Just that as Reishu’s only daughter, you love him a lot. Don’t you?⟧

⟦That’s true, but….⟧ I could feel her glare. ⟦Something about your way of saying that pisses me off.⟧

⟦That’s surely your imagination. Now if you’ll excuse me.⟧

⟦Yeah.⟧ She probably smirked. ⟦Now, give me an entertaining show.⟧

How rude. Since it’s come to this, I’ll try my best to make this a memorable date.

“So, Cecile, have you thought of something?”

“Hmm? No, I haven’t.”

“I see. According to my database, we should probably head to someplace fun, like a museum or something.”

“Hmmm.” She subbed her chin. “But what would be the most fun place?”

“The Grand Library.”

“Shut up. I was talking to myself.”

Why can’t people appreciate books? I could probably read books for my entire life without getting bored.

“It pains me to say this.” Cecile started. “But in times like these, there’s only one person we can rely on.”

“Only one person?”

Who could it be- wait. Don’t tell me-



“Hi!” She cheerfully waved to us as soon as we entered through the door. “Long time no see, Cecile, Samael.”

We made our way towards the reception desk.

“Hello, Guild Master Selica.”

“There’s no need to be so distant with me, you know.”

I’d like to maintain my distance though.

“Enough with the tomfoolery, Selica.” Cecile’s tone was harsh. “We’re here on urgent business.”

“Urgent? Together?” She smirked. “Let me guess. You two are on a date, but don’t know where to start, right?”

Is this what they call the intuition of a female? Or has she sent spies after us? Or maybe she’s in cahoots with Phiria and Lantz, who are currently sitting in the tavern area and peeking towards us from behind the menus?

“You are right.”

Cecile sighed heavily. I’m sorry that you have to spend your time with me.

“Now, now, don’t let it bother you.” Selica giggled; she was clearly enjoying this. “So, have you visited any place yet?”

“No. We just left my mansion.”

“I see.” She nodded. “I assume you aren’t really hungry right now, so you should head to the museum first. There, you can have tea in its cafeteria and then admire the various exhibitions.”

Isn’t that the same as Simone? Is it because both of them are women, or is this simply the general format a date should proceed in? How mysterious.

“Samael had the same opinion as you.” They both looked at me, and Selica gave me a thumbs up. “What should we do for dinner then?”

“Considering your tastes…..” Selica pondered for a bit. “I think Veceri would be the right choice.”

That sounds like a high-class restaurant, oi. I guess today’s the day when I’ll join the ranks of the poor.

“I see. Thank you.”

“Yup.” Selica winked at me. “All the best; I’m rooting for you!”

Please don’t; I’d be more tempted to fuck it up then.

And so, we left the Guild. With Phiria and Lantz in tow, we made our way through the market. Since I didn’t know where the museum was, Cecile took the lead.

“Hmm, even though the Third Princess herself has made her appearance, the reaction of the people here is too lukewarm.”

It’s not like the people didn’t know her; we were being subjected to the gazes of almost everyone around us, but when they looked at me they simply smiled warmly and continued with what they were doing before.

“It’s their own way of showing consideration. Most likely they do not want to disturb us on our date.”

“How did they even reach that conclusion?”

“Think for yourself. The Princess is walking through the town with a man and seems like she is enjoying herself. Then there is the fact that there are no guards around her. From this they would have inferred that I’m trying to spend some time alone with you, and must have decided to respect my wishes.”

That makes sense.

“How’s the reception usually?”

“On any other day, I would have been swarmed by the people thanking me for my hard work. I’m not bragging, but it seems that I’m pretty popular among the masses.”

Then what’s with the smug look, huh?

As we kept walking, my gaze fell on a stall that was selling skewers. At that moment, a gust of wind blew and sent the aroma of those skewers towards our way, and suddenly I felt a small rumble in my stomach.

“Would you like some skewers?”

Cecile followed my gaze and looked at the stall.

“Sure, why not?”

And so we made our way towards the stall.

“Ah, Lady Cecile!” The stall lady’s expression brightened upon seeing her. “Long time no see! Are you on a date with your boyfriend?”

She laughed after looking at me.

“Maybe? Two skewers please.”


“Coming right up!”

That lady took two skewers from the grill and skilfully poured a red sauce over them. Then she handed them over to us.

“Thank you. How much?”

I took them and asked as I shuffled through my pocket.

“10 bronze coins.”

I handed over the money to her. After bidding her farewell, we continued towards the museum.

“Oh? Delicious.”

I mumbled as I took a bite. The meat had been grilled perfectly, while the spicy sauce brought out its flavour even more.

“Right.” Cecile smiled. “Tsuka makes the best skewers in this city. Though the flavour has changed today.”

“How is it usually?”

“There’s a bit of sweetness mixed in with the spiciness of the sauce.”

She said as she took another bite.

“Really? I guess I’m lucky today.”

“Hmm? Why?”

“I hate the combination of spiciness and sweetness.”

I don’t know how people can eat that. I’d choose death over that.

“Well, I love it.”

“Well, to each their own.”

Who am I to criticise lower lifeforms who love such an abhorrent recipe? One might say that it’s my duty to put these lost lambs on the right path, but I’ve never been a follower of noblesse-oblige, and I don’t plan to change that.

“You were thinking something rude, right?”


Uwaah her intuition is scary.

As I was thinking that, I saw a little child from the corner of my eyes.

The child was standing at the edge of the entrance of a street and was silently crying. Probably 6 or 7 years old, he was alone. As I was contemplating whether the child was lost or not, from the darkness of the street behind came a hand aiming for him.


And before I could make a move-

“What were you planning to do with that child?”

Cecile had already appeared at that place. She grabbed the hand and yanked out its owner from the darkness like an adult uprooting a small plant.

“W-what!? Who are you?!”

The muscular man who had been brought out took a swing with his left hand at Cecile’s face.

Good grief.

I finished my skewer and rushed to where Cecile was. Before she could pull out her sword and deprive him of his arms, I grabbed the man by his neck and bashed him into the wall behind. The sheer force formed a crater in the wall, and as much as the man tried to free himself from my clutches, he couldn’t succeed.

“The lady asked you a question. Either answer it, or.” I increased the force in my hand grasping his throat. “Die.”


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