Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 18


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“All right then, time to go to the dungeon!”


All of them replied enthusiastically.

“And by the way, why are you coming with us, Leige?”

I looked up at the man who was standing beside me, and he looked down to meet my gaze.

“King’s orders.” He replied curtly. “We cannot let the Hero die just because someone got too conceited in their powers, now can we?”

“Oh well. Do as you wish.”

“I will.”

This guy’s quite cocky, ain’t he? Well, he is the Fae Lord.

“And what about you, Lantz? Also acting on the King’s orders?”

I asked the other man who was standing by Cecile’s side and whispering something to her.

“No. I just thought it would be interesting.”

What kinda dumbass reason is that?

“Don’t you have any work to do? You are the captain of the First Order of Knights, aren’t you?”

“It’s precisely because I’m the captain that I can accompany you.” He smirked. “Situations that require the captain to act occur only once or twice a year.”


“Can I become a Captain too?”

“Sure, if you join the Imperial Army and perform exceptionally well, I could put in a referral for you.”


“Well, we’ll think about that later. Let’s depart.” I turned back to the Fae Lord. “Leige, I hope you’ll keep an eye on the others from the skies and inform me immediately if any of them get involved in a fatally dangerous situation.”

Since he’s coming along, I might as well make full use of him.

“Will do.”

Leige took to the skies with that. I turned to the others.

“The rest of you will travel together, on foot.”


Voices of dissatisfaction arose from my classmates as they were denied the privilege of travelling in a carriage.

“I won’t tolerate any objections. A map has been given to each of you; it’s your choice whether you want to travel with the others or do it alone; just don’t stray too far from each other. Your goal is to reach the dungeon within 3 days.”

“T-three days!” Cecile almost shouted. “The dungeon is 400 leagues away from here! It takes more than a week to get there by a carriage!”

League was the unit used to measure distance in this world, and was approximately equal to 800 metres. In other words, the dungeon is around 320 km from here.

“I know all of that.” I turned to the students again. “Those who don’t reach the dungeon on time shall be punished.”


They groaned again, which I spectacularly ignored.

“Your time starts…. Now!”


They hurriedly huddled together for a discussion. After some time, it seemed they had decided to form small ‘balanced’ groups of 4-5 and head towards the dungeon. Interestingly, Thor was in Michael’s group, along with Sherry.

From what I’ve seen after coming to this world, Thor wouldn’t try some dumb shit against Sherry, but even if he does, I’m sure Michael will protect her. Aside from those three, two more girls were in his group, and were practically fawning over Michael. If I remember correctly, they were Elisa and Amber, a magician and a warrior respectively.

After making their preparations, the groups departed for their destination, leaving the four of us alone.

Now, what exactly am I doing here?



The day after my failed date with Cecile where we accidentally cracked down on a human trafficking group.

It was around 10 in the morning, and I was ‘presiding’ over the exhausted Heroes who were lying on the ground after their sparring session with me. As usual, some had suffered some accidental severe injuries, and Sherry was healing them. Of course, this isn’t enough for her training, so starting tomorrow, I’ll teach her some other interesting things.

I was standing with Cecile, Lantz and Phiria, who was, as usual, standing really close to me.

“So, what did you find about those ‘smugglers’?”

“At this stage, all we know is that they were partaking in the buying and selling of children. To whom they were sold and how; we haven’t been able to find that out. The ringleader we captured refuses to open his mouth even after repeated questioning.”

My hunch was right; we shouldn’t have let that guard escape.

“Should I have a talk with him?”

“I don’t think you would use any respectable methods to get answers, would you?”

Of course, I won’t. He doesn’t want to answer? Then I will simply make him answer. I know exactly how to break his will.

“Who knows?”

“We need to keep up appearances……” Then Cecile smiled coldly. “At least, for now.”

‘I’ll depend on you when the time comes’, was what her eyes seemed to be saying to me.

“I see.”

I acknowledged her hidden meaning with a nod.

Well, personally speaking, I’m not really interested in this affair. But since I have already become involved in it, I should see it to its end so that unforeseen variables don’t crop up in future.

“Well, let’s keep that aside for now.” Lantz interjected. “How are the Heroes doing?”

What do you mean by how are they doing? I have been their teacher for only a day, you know?

“There are still several issues that need to be tackled. The first and foremost of them is the issue of a weapon.” I faced Cecile. “What’s the rating of the weapon that Michael is using right now?”

“It’s a SS class weapon, this country’s treasure-”

“Yeah that’s no good.” She frowned. “Solomon, Regina, Dark Hero; all three of them, or at least the former two, would definitely use God Class weapons. We need something similar for Michael, if not for everyone.”

Lantz nodded in understanding, and Cecile held her chin with her right hand; her habit that comes into play when she thinks hard about something. After some time, she finally spoke up.

“There is something that can be done about that.”


“And that would be?”

“The dungeon ‘Gods and Demons’.”

Hmm? I seem to remember that name.

Ah, right. According to the shop owner of Missien from where I got my Spirit Sword, the dungeon ‘Gods and Demons’ was where the colourless spirit stone was originally discovered.

“What of it?”

“Ever since the Holy Wars between the humans and demons started, the dungeon ‘Gods and Demons’ has been providing a weapon to the Hero to finish off the Demon King. According to our records, each of those weapons has been of God class.”

Well, that sure is a complicated system.

“And where are those weapons right now?”

“They disappeared after the Heroes went back to their worlds or died after staying here.”

I see, the Gods have been taking special care to ensure that those weapons do not fall into the wrong hands.

“So we have to go to that dungeon and get a new weapon, huh?”


Cecile nodded. I guess there’s nothing we can do about that.

“Are there monsters in that dungeon?”

Let’s make that trip worthwhile, shall we?

“Yes, a lot of them. And they are really powerful, too.”

This time, Lantz replied.

That’s good. Just training won’t be enough; the Heroes also need to do some field work to get a handle on their abilities and shortcomings.

“All right, then.” I declared. “We’ll depart for the dungeon and get that weapon for Michael in a week’s time.”

“Wait, I’m still not done yet.” Cecile stopped me. “There is a continuation to that story; to get the said weapon, the Hero must complete a Trial imposed upon him by the Gods. Only after passing that Trial would the weapon accept the Hero as its wielder.”

Wait, what? What’s with these Trials and shit? Why does everyone like them so much? If you want the Hero to kill the Demon King, then just give him the damn weapon and let him do his job, yeah?

I stared at Phiria, and as if she had understood my thoughts- which she most probably had (scary)- she shook her head as if saying ‘That’s not the case’.

Well, yeah, I know that.

“Any idea on what that Trial could be?”

Let’s keep my complaints aside and focus on the issue at hand.

“No.” Cecile shook her head. “The Church has put a strict gag order on any information regarding the Trials; none of the past Heroes’ was ever allowed to talk about it.”

Fucking church. They were definitely thinking something along the lines of ‘We would protect/maintain God’s Trial’s sanctity’.

“Well, prepare anyway. We’ll handle the Trial.”

Or more like, the Heroes will. Not that we have any other choice.

Hmm, now that I think about, ain’t I getting too much into the character of a ‘teacher’? I admit that it’s important to raise their abilities so that they can be useful, but in the novels I read, teachers who have shown the same level of devotion as me ended up dying to protect the Heroes.

Haha, not that it will ever happen-

……………That sounds like a flag, so I should stop here.



So a week had passed, and as we had decided earlier, we set off for the dungeon we had talked about.

After reminding my classmates to be careful and seeing them off, I turned to Cecile.

“And that goes for you two as well. Three day is all the time you have.”

Cecile scowled at me.

“Is this how you treat your fiancée?”

But before I could reply, Phiria, who had been silent till now, grabbed my head and buried it in her breasts-

Wait, what?

“My, what are you saying, Ms. Cecile?” She said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. “Samael belongs to me, you know.”

Yo, don’t objectify me please.

Cecile’s eyes widened at Phiria’s hostility.

“But weren’t you the one who gave me permission to-”

“While that is indeed true.” She embraced my head even tightly and buried it into her boobs further. “When we are alone, Samael belongs solely to me.”

Good grief.

“………” Cecile furrowed her eyebrows. “Well, as you wish.”

She clearly couldn’t comprehend Phiria’s thought process, but had decided to go along with it for now. As I enjoyed the softness hitting my cheeks- Phiria had been considerate enough to leave me some room for breathing- Lantz, looked at me, his eyes asking me the reason behind Phiria’s actions.

But since I wasn’t too sure myself, I simply signalled to him that I did not know. No, before that, why are we even communicating with our eyes?

Now let’s hope that we can get to the dungeon without any troubles cropping up in our way.


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