Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 29


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【3rd person’s POV】


“Huh. Is that the God Class weapon Cecile and Samael were talking about?” Lantz mumbled to himself as. “And wait, am I the only one here?”

He stared at the giant crystal jutting out from the ground at the end of the large hall he was in, and sighed.

Lantz, who should have been the last to enter the crevice, was ironically the first to reach the hall where the weapon for the Hero was supposed to be kept.

I wanna try that sword out……. Nah, she’ll kill me. He smiled bitterly, and with an exaggerated sigh, sat on a relatively comfortable looking boulder.

He looked around the hall he was in. Aside from the entrance through which he arrived, there were two more caves which were connected to this hall. If what he knew was right, then one of them was for the Heroes to reach this hall, while the other was for them to exit this dungeon.

He looked at the crystal again. It was huge, but he could not make out anything inside it. Perhaps the contents were reserved only for those who passed the Trial.

He checked himself again, and as he had predicted, there wasn’t any blood on him. So now, he could do nothing but wait for others.

“They sure are taking their time…..”

He complained after waiting for a long time.

“We can’t really blame them for that, can we?”

He recognised the voice that answered his complaint.

“Oh, Mary. You sure are fast.”

Did she……

“Well, what can I say? The Trial was easier than I thought.” Mary smiled.


Is she saying that she has no doubts regarding herself? Well, not really impossible.

What he didn’t know was that as the Goddess of Life, there was no way Phiria would have to give a Trial meant solely for mortals.

“What about you, Sir Lantz? You were here even before me.”

There was something about Mary’s smile that put Lantz on his guard.

“I’m the same as you. The Trial wasn’t that hard.”

He couldn’t really tell her that he used a secret path which allowed one to bypass the Trial itself. Though in return, that man wouldn’t be rewarded either.

Finding it was a Trial in itself though…… Lantz lamented. Had he known that finding that path would have been so much trouble, he would have taken the original Trial itself. Not that he actually could.

The Trial created by the system, which was nothing more than a cheap knockoff of Hell Guard’s Trial, was simply underqualified to test the Commander in Chief, Johan Lantz. But this wasn’t something many knew, so he had taken the secret path.

Mary gave a coy smile at his answer and took a seat at another boulder not far from his. An awkward silence descended between both of them.

Lantz observed her again- covertly, of course. That woman looked pretty much average; not too beautiful, but not ugly either. Perhaps she would look different if she applied makeup and wore better clothes, and perhaps she wouldn’t. He simply had no opinions regarding her physical appearance.

It was the same when he first met her.

Hmm? He stopped this trail of thought at that moment. If I remember correctly, there was a commotion back then caused by them. But what did they do? Lantz tried hard, but he could not remember why the guard had stopped them from going inside.

Thinking that it mustn’t have been anything important, he stopped caring about it. What was important was how she could contribute to humanity.

Lantz still had no idea about her strength or abilities other than that she had some amazing healing spells. Samael claimed that Mary was stronger than him, but she herself was adamant that she was just a Healer. Who was lying?

Samael was a crafty guy, so it was possible that he was the one who lied. But again, since he knew nothing about Mary (except her infatuation with Samael), he could not arrive at an answer.

Well, now wasn’t the time or place to decide. He should wait until he gets more information.

The reason he wanted to know about them was to prepare for a scenario where they would stand against Lantz. He didn’t really want that, but he was prepared nonetheless.

If Samael’s words were to be believed, he had a connection to the current Demon King, Solomon. That’s why he had to take special care while dealing with Samael; who knew what kind of trump cards and information he was still hiding.

Well, getting that information was his job. And if that information could threaten humanity, then it was his responsibility to weed out those threats.

While he was thinking that, he detected the presence of someone in the middle hallway; someone had completed their Trial and was now heading towards this chamber.

Lantz had an idea about who that person could be, and when he saw the face of the person who entered-


【Sam’s POV】



Someone eked out the moment I stepped out from the hallway into the large hall. From what I could see, its sides measured somewhere around 100 metres, while the ceiling was abnormally high.


The stifled yet pleasant giggling was something I was familiar with.

“……..It’s rude to laugh, ya know.”

And so was the grumble which came from my right.

Why, they were the voices of Phiria and Sam II respectively.

“Ahahahahahahahaha!” Phiria couldn’t stop herself and chortled out. “What’s with that face hahahahaha!”

Sam II, who was wearing a brown horse mask, stared at her with the unmoving, lifeless eyes and the agape horse mouth of the mask.

“W-what’s with that…?” Even Lantz was trying hard not to laugh out loud. “No, who is that?”

“Ah, meet him.” I pointed to Sam II. “He’s Samael version 2.”

“Hi.” Sam II raised his hand in greeting. “I’m the improved, better version of the Samael you know.”

“I-I see.” He nodded with some hesitation. “And why that……. mask?”

“Ah, this?” Sam II touched the horse mask. “It was to help you guys differentiate the original from the clone.”

Well, that was partly correct.

I had initially given him the same mask I was using, but then we decided to try something new and exciting. We used stone-papers-scissors, and the loser, Sam II, had to wear this mask for the entire duration we were here.

“How is it?” Sam II asked Lantz.

“Oh…….. exotic, I guess.”

“Thanks. I knew you’d like it.” They nodded; Lantz had a wry expression.

A silence descended upon us- well, not really ‘silence’, because we could still hear the giggles of Phiria.

“Ahem!” Lantz coughed to divert the topic, and we decided to go along with it. “Anyway, how did you bring your clone here?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, weren’t you supposed to fight your own self so that the latter could determine the depth of your resolve?”

“Ah, that.” I nodded. “Well, we simply let go of our baser instincts and talked like the civilised men we are supposed to be.”

“Uhh, which means?”

“We talked it out and decided that we could co-exist.”

Or should I say, I used the talk-no-jutsu?

“What?” He raised his eyebrows. “Is that even possible?”

“We are the living examples of it.” Sam II pointed out.

At this time, Phiria, who was satisfied after laughing to her heart’s content, hopped down from the boulder and made her way towards us. She stood in front of Sam II and……. Sniffed?

“Yep, it’s really him.” She beamed. “He’s really the clone of Samael.”

Dude, what? How could she conclude that after sniffing him? Is she a dog or something?

I’m confident that I wasn’t the only one who had these doubts.

“Thank you for the confirmation, Mary.” Sam II answered.

“Ah!” Phiria blurted out, as if she had an epiphany. “Since there are two Samaels here, we can have a threesome!”

That’s it. I’m going back to God’s Realm to ask for a replacement who won’t lust after me!

Goddamn, her thirst never ceases to amaze me. It’s kinda scary how she can be so blunt about it.

⟦Maxwell, if Phiria ever assaults me, I’ll be relying on you.⟧

⟦Got it.⟧ He replied in a deep, sombre voice. ⟦I’ll make sure to record everything.⟧


⟦Don’t do this to me maaaaaaaaaan.⟧

I wonder what would happen if Phiria ever came to know that Maxwell could do something like recording the ‘exploits’ of our night.

……….Just thinking about it sent shivers down my spine.

⟦What about you, Simone? Can’t you do something?⟧

⟦I’ll be sure to capture those moments from different angles.⟧


⟦Whoa, a pervert?!⟧

⟦No!⟧ She instantly denied the truth.

⟦That’s not the truth at all you piece of shit! I just want to see you fail at something!⟧


⟦And you think I’m not a good performer?⟧

⟦Of course.⟧ She harrumphed.

⟦I’ll have you know that back on Earth, I was called the ‘One Thrust Man’ because that’s all it took to make the women panting in ecstasy.⟧ I paused for some moments. ⟦I can demonstrate it directly to you if you want.⟧

⟦Uwaaaah! Gross! Bastard! You fucking pervert! How could you think of sleeping with another woman when you already have such beauties making advances towards you?⟧

⟦What can I say? I’ve always loved you after all.⟧

She made sounds as if she was retching.

⟦Say anymore and I’ll die!⟧

⟦Aren’t you already dead though?⟧

⟦I’ll die again! You, of all people, are not qualified to talk about love when all you’ve done is simulate emotions, you heartless cold monst-⟧

She suddenly gasped and stopped speaking. After some moment, she spoke up with a trembling voice.

⟦I-I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have said that……..⟧

This was perhaps the first time I had seen her so meek and docile. She seemed to be really apologetic.

⟦I never knew you could act like that.⟧

⟦You aren’t angry?⟧ Her voice trembled a bit. ⟦I just…….. insulted your very existence, didn’t I?⟧


⟦Not really.⟧

She wasn’t wrong to begin with. It would be unreasonable of me to get angry in the face of mere facts.

⟦Why?⟧ She asked. ⟦Why won’t you rage?⟧

Huh. This sudden change in her is interesting, to say the least. But how should I answer her question……..

Let’s just speak the truth.

⟦Because conjuring anger won’t benefit me in any way.⟧


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  1. It is very interesting. He understand and can feel emotions but selectively uses them on command depending on the situation. I wonder if it was his experience in Hell that gave him the skills to do that or if it was more due to him consuming something/someone (Death maybe?).

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