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Author: Anit666

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【3rd person’s POV】


“There might be a dragon outside this dungeon lusting for the blood of your friends.”

“Huh? Say what?” Sam doubted his ears for a moment.

“You heard me the first time.” Jack sighed.

“Well, then I would appreciate it if you could go ahead and see to it that they don’t die accidentally.”

“Hmm?” Jack furrowed his brows. “Regina should suffice for that, I presume.”

“But only if they let her.”

Jack immediately imagined a situation where those humans decided to divert their resources between keeping Regina at check and fighting that dragon. That would increase the chances of death for those brats by a considerable degree.

He personally thought that they would be fine since both Liege, the Fae Lord, and Lantz, the Commander in Chief, were there. But it would be better to not take any risks.

Besides, this was a good opportunity to properly introduce himself to them.

“Fine.” Jack shrugged nonchalantly and put Lui down. “Lui, be a good girl and stay here with this Uncle, okay?”

“B-but he is a human…” She groaned and hid behind Jack.

“No.” Jack smiled. “He is your God.”

“God?” Lui looked up at him, confused.

“Yes, the Demon God that you worship. So, he won’t harm you.”


“Really.” Jack smiled.

Seeing that smile, Lui steeled herself and while trembling, made her way towards Sam. Sam took off his mask and welcomed her with a smile, but the stiffness in his expression was clear for Jack to see.

As usual, Sam was bad with children, and Jack was sure that his interaction with Lui would make for an interesting sight. So as not to miss any of it, he decided to finish this job quickly.

But before that-

“Here.” He said as he threw a black briefcase to Sam, which the latter caught with ease. “A gift.”

With a confused look, Sam opened it. After peering inside, he looked at Jack again and smirked.

“More like ‘I was bored so I made these and you’re gonna be the guinea pig’, right?”

Jack was caught immediately.

“Same thing.” He muttered and then made his way towards the Heroes.

Hmm, now that I think about it, Sherry should be among them. He was now looking forward to meeting the last pillar of Sam.

Jack’s luck- unlike a certain someone- seemed to be high today; he reached the group of Heroes at the perfect timing.

They were just at the mouth of the cave, hesitating to go out. Lantz peeked out covertly for a moment, and then swiftly pulled his head in.

“Is it still there?”

If he remembered correctly, then the one who said those words was Michael. And since his memory was perfect, that boy ought to be Michael.

“Yeah…” Lantz murmured. “Didn’t Samael say that he took care of it?”

“Why don’t we drag him out and ask him to take care of it again?” Regina suggested.

“Hey, what kind of history do you have with Samael?” Sherry asked abruptly.

“Ugh.” Regina groaned. “Don’t ask me that. I don’t want to remember those days.”

“Hoohhh…..” For some reason, Sherry smirked. “Were you perhaps lovers?”

Huh? Even Jack was taken aback for a moment by this question. Well, she was supposed to be Sam’s closest friend. And that’s how he decided to rationalise her totally out of place query.

“Huh? No way in hell could I ever love that bastard!” Regina clutched her sides and shivered violently.

Jack had a different opinion, but he decided to not say anything.

“I-I see.” Even Sherry was stunned by her fierce rejection.

With their conversation over, Jack decided to make his move. So, he covertly approached Sherry and asked.

“What’s happening here?”

“Ah, there’s just a dragon outside, and it seems that it’s out for our blood.”

“My condolences.” He murmured.

“Huh? What kind of-” Sherry turned around at this strange answer and froze. With wide eyes and a pale expression, she asked. “W-what are you…..”

“Sir Samael sent me.” Jack responded with the truth.

“He did?” Sherry blinked. “Why?”

By now, everyone else had also discovered him and fallen back. In the centre of that group now stood Sherry and Jack.

“Why are you stepping back?” Someone asked Regina.

“Oh, right.” She muttered, but didn’t budge from her place.

Lantz and Liege took positions in front of Sherry, as if to protect her, and looked down on Jack.

“Are you here to take her back?” Lantz glanced at Regina and then back at Jack, while his hand was resting on the hilt of his sword.

Liege, on the other hand, simply stared at him, as if daring him to make a move. Jack thought this situation to be amusing. Some other day, he might have taken them on to kill some time, but today he had work to do.

“Oh, no, of course not.” He smiled amicably. “Sir Samael sent me here to handle that dragon.”

“Huh? He did? Why would he do that?” Lantz enquired, perhaps thinking that Jack had lied.

“He thought that with Regina in your hands, you might have trouble dealing with that dragon. So, he sent me here.”

Liege narrowed his eyes a bit, and he finally opened his mouth.

“Are you saying that you’ll fight along with us, demon?”

Jack smiled wryly in his heart.

“I’m the Dark Hero, you know, the sword of demonkind. By the way, I don’t remember seeing you before this. Where did you pop out from?”

He was also the Adjudicator and an Extinction, but there was no way these primitive creatures could understand that.

“I’m the one asking the questions.” Liege glowered.

“Oh, right. Humanity and its petty pride.” Jack scoffed. “Well, your impertinence is mildly interesting, but no, I’m not going to fight along with you.”

“Oh?” Lantz crossed his arms. “Then what, you’ll fight that enraged Ancient Dragon alone?”

“Wouldn’t be my first time.”

Should I mention the number of dragons I killed in that scuffle with Regina and Bahamut? Jack chuckled to himself.

He now looked at the other members of the group. He made sure to meet eyes with everyone around him; some of them held fear, others held confusion, while a small number of them were filled with wrath.

“You guys are Heroes, right?” He locked on to Sherry while asking that question.

“Of course.” Sherry answered without hesitation.

“Huh.” Jack nodded in an exaggerated manner, and then started walking towards the entrance of the cave. “Then allow me to show you what a Hero truly is.”

Before any of them could reply, Jack stepped out from the cave and into the open. There was a large red dragon flying overhead, and it instantly noticed Jack. It swept down and landed in front of him. The gales from its wings raised clouds of dust and its claws dug into the ground. Its massive figure loomed over Jack, and it opened its maw.


The shockwaves from its mighty roar rent the ground and parted the dust cloud as they made their way towards Jack to tear him into pieces.

“So loud.” Jack sighed to himself.

In the next moment, the shockwaves were scattered as if they had been a lie, and the dragon’s tongue was ripped out from its mouth. It hadn’t sensed any movement from Jack, let alone see it. Yet the pain it was feeling in its mouth was real.

The dragon thrashed about while letting out unintelligible screams in agony. With blood dripping from its mouth, it swiped its tail at Jack to smash him into smithereens, yet before it could reach Jack the tail was torn apart from the dragon’s behind.

The majesty and authority it exuded just a few moments ago was gone as it was reduced to a mere lizard roaring in agony in front of Jack.

While this dragon was Ancient according to this particular world’s standards, it was no more than a pup when pitted against the dragons of the entire Universe. Only dragons of up to the 10th generation who had amassed more than a certain amount of knowledge could be considered to be truly ‘Ancient’.

Had this dragon been one of them, it would have realised that the smartest move was to throw itself at Jack’s feet and hope that the Adjudicator was in a jolly mood and thus merciful in his judgement.

But of course, this dragon wasn’t one of them, so when faced with something incomprehensible, its instincts kicked in and it tried to fire its signature dragon breath.

Jack, on the other hand, yawned, and moved. The world around him stopped as he did so, or at least that’s how it appeared due to his sheer speed- Jack Hargreave was just so fast that everything around him seemed to have its time halted.

In this stopped world, Jack leisurely walked to the dragon and stood in front of it. He looked up at the massive figure of this stupid lizard, and wondered just how long it would take to notice Jack. It would require at least a year before it could, but Jack wasn’t sure because he had never been patient enough to try it out.

And so, he flicked his finger on the dragon. That was enough for its torso to burst like a balloon. The chunks of meat and bone, and a massive amount of blood spread out from the torso and now hung in the air. It was as if an exhibit had been put up to show in detail how a body burst.

“Ah!” Jack exclaimed when he looked at the pool of blood hanging in the air.

How could he have made such a catastrophic mistake? For a moment it seemed his world had ended. This was unforgivable for the ‘Infinite One’, founder of God’s Realm, Jack Hargreave.

When he looked at the pool of blood, it showed him a reflection. Within that, he saw that his hairs were messy.

While Jack Hargreave seemed nonchalant on the surface, he put great care in everything he did, be it the great plan to bring down the administrators of this universe and resurrect the Creator, or his own appearance. He chose only the finest material out there in the universe to create his clothes using his spectacular fashion sense, and went to extra length to ensure that every strand of his hair was set in the correct position to create the perfect hairstyle.

And so, his current appearance was simply unacceptable.

Damn that Lui. He cursed, and using the reflection from the blood, fixed his hairstyle.

He gave a satisfied nod when he was done, and returned to his place. As he brought down his speed to the level of mere mortals, the scene played out as it should have, and the blood and chunks of meat and bones were splattered on the ground, thus ending the pitiful life of the dragon. Only the lower half of its body was left behind as a corpse.

To outsiders, like the Heroes and Lantz, Cecile and Liege, it seemed that the dragon’s body had been blown apart out of nowhere. After all, for them, Jack hadn’t moved from his place.

After making sure that not even a single drop of blood was there to blemish his impeccable appearance, he turned around and walked towards the group of humans and fae which had stepped out from the cave.

Of course, their jaws seemed ready to touch the ground because of the sheer absurdity of what had played out in front of them. At the forefront of that group were Lantz and Liege, not as surprised as the Heroes, but wary of him nonetheless.

“So much for fighting together.” Jack smiled as he passed by them, and stopped in front of Sherry.

“Is…” Her lips trembled. “Is that what a Hero is supposed to be?”

“Of course.” Jack nodded.

“Oh, come on! You finished that dragon in mere seconds! I bet even the Demon King cannot do that!” She exclaimed as she looked at the mass of meat behind him.

“I won’t deny that.”

“See?” Sherry crossed her arms. “I bet you planted a bomb or something in it.” Her voice then turned into a quiet whisper. “Tell me your secret, please. I’ll give you a Cola in return.”

Jack was intrigued. According to Sam, Sherry was supposed to be the calculating type, yet here she was, having a friendly chat with an enemy. The gears of his mind turned as it quickly arrived at a rather interesting yet preposterous answer, and Jack couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What? Why are you laughing?” She frowned. “And now that I look at you carefully, aren’t you wearing a suit?”

Jack indeed was wearing a three-piece white suit, with a light purple coloured shirt and violet tie.

“Yeah, I like the fashion of your world. And don’t worry, I wasn’t laughing at you.” He explained. “It’s just that…” He smiled. “I finally understand what you think of Samael.”

Sherry furrowed her brows for a moment, and then her lips curled upward into a beautiful smile.

“And that would be?” She asked, clearly excited.

But Jack simply shrugged.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Jack winked at Sherry and made his way inside the cave, thus leaving behind the brats that were scared shitless of him, two men who saw him as a great threat, and a girl who was grinning to herself.

He reached the hall with the crystal shortly, only to come upon an unexpected scene.

Sam and Solomon were arguing.

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