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Author: Anit666

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【Sam’s POV】


“Hu…… mans……”

A ghastly hoarse voice came from that woman, and with that she raised her head. From beneath her bangs shone a pair of green, bloodshot eyes, which seemed hazy and out of focus.

“Uwaah, she’s naked.” Phiria panicked. “Don’t look at her Sam!”

“I only have eyes for you.” My whisper immediately shut her up.


She mumbled again, and scrutinised us. Her gaze passed through Solomon, Jack, Lui and Phiria as if they weren’t even worth any second, and settled on me. Her breathing became ragged and her eyes widened.

“Hooooommaaaan!” She screamed.


The next moment, I moved. To be more precise, Jack grabbed my collar and dragged me back, and the next moment, from the place I was standing came out several blood red stakes.

This happened so fast that I would have been pierced by them if Jack hadn’t moved me.

“What the hell?”

Before I could catch my breath, several spears- formed from what seemed to be blood- shot out from the ground and ceiling, aimed right at me. But I was ready this time so I was able to dodge with just one minor scratch on my arm.

That woman, Serasta, tilted her head as if she couldn’t understand what had happened.

She raised both of her hands towards me and attacked in the same way again. Except, this time, the number of spears had increased by several times, and so had their speed.

I instantly knew that dodging all of them would be impossible and prepared myself to come out of this with the least amount of damage possible.

But before they could touch me, a white hue enveloped them and they stopped in their tracks; Phiria had stolen the control of those spears from Serasta. Even she appeared shocked despite her clearly abnormal state.

“N…ot…… inter… FERE!” She eked out.

In response, the spears turned around and faced her. Phiria then fired all the spears, which numbered around 300, towards the Witch. Serasta reacted by pulling in her hands and then throwing them up, and a crimson wall of blood arose from the ground and enclosed her.

The spears clashed with the dome of blood and were easily repelled.

“Yo, what’s wrong with her?” I used this small window of time to ask the question budding in my mind.

“Most likely, she’s in a berserk state due to those monsters, and currently cannot be reasoned with.” Solomon replied.

Oh, so now she’s following her most basic desire which happens to be slaughtering humans. And it just so happens that I’m the only human here. Perfect.

“That’s why I told you to stop those monsters, goddamnit!”

“I’m terribly ashamed of my blunder, my lord.” He bowed.

“Now what? Do we have to defeat her to bring sense back to her?”

“So it would seem.”

Wow. Who would have thought that I would encounter another Michass so soon.

Meanwhile, the volley of spears was over and they had melted into blood.

“Hoomaaann… give… Neia…”

And what the hell is Neia?

While I was wondering that, two pillars of blood arose from the ground by her side. The blood twisted and turned into itself, and from the top of each of those pillars two protrusions sprung out and formed an… Artillery?

What in the goddamn fuck? Did this woman just whip out twin-barrelled artilleries? Fuck me!

Oh, and the barrels are spinning; seems like they are rapid fire artilleries, just like a chain gun.

“Heh, this should be fun.” Jack smirked, took Lui into his arms, and jumped to the very edge of this hall.

This asshole, I swear I’ll whoop his ass one day!

The artillery finished their warm up and started shooting artillery shells at us with a speed surpassing modern chain guns. Oh, and it seemed that they had an auto aim function too, so literally every single one of them was aimed at me.

Shit. I’ll run.

“No, you can’t just mow me down like this!”

“Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” Went the artilleries at 1000 rpm or some shit idk fuck it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

‘Limit Off’, ‘Overdrive’.

The shells travelling at what looked like fucking Mach 2 cut through the air and reached me within the blink of an eye, but due to my enhanced speed I wove through them and emerged unscathed.

But it seemed the artilleries had an unending supply of shells, so I took out the guns Jack gave me and fired them at both the artilleries. Two bullets came out from the two barrels, travelled at a speed that would make a sloth yawn, and fell down on the ground after covering a measly distance of two metres.

Silence descended on the battlefield.

Both mine and Serasta’s gazes were now fixed on those two bullets. I guess even in her current state where her IQ was less than the room temperature, she was wary of those two sad bullets which were just lying on the ground.

Most likely, she couldn’t comprehend their reason for existence; for her, those bullets must serve a purpose, something other than… this. For her, I must have a reason for using something which couldn’t even reach her.

The next moment, the artilleries changed their aim and fired on those two small bullets. Several shells bombarded those bullets simultaneously and reduced them and the ground around them to mere dust, thus forming a big crater.

Serasta seemed to be satisfied; she had stopped whatever evil plan I had by destroying those bullets.

But, forgive me for saying this, Serasta, but that was all those bullets had to offer.

You know what? Just do it. Just kill me. Like, I have seen gay parades straighter than the line these bullets travelled in.

“Hahahahahahahahah!” Jack burst out laughing. “Insert mana in them, dumbass, hahahhaahha!” Even Lui was stifling her laughter.

I did as he said and lifelessly fired at the two artilleries, thus destroying them.

Haaaahh, I’m tired now.

Serasta flinched when her two weapons were destroyed. Gnashing her teeth and snarling, she raised a much larger amount of mana than before.


But I blew it away. She tried again, but with the same effect, and she finally understood that I was the cause for it. Her body started trembling in rage as she pulled at her hair and scratched her arms and cheeks.

“Hoo… man… Hooman, human, human, human, human, human, HUMAAAN!” She hollered at the top of her lungs, and suddenly a nonsensically large amount of crimson mana burst out from her body. “Give me back Neeeeeiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Mana gushed out from her body at a ridiculous rate and started spreading out to the surroundings. Soon, fierce gales began to blow in this closed room, and then a large dome formed out of blood appeared and covered the entire room.


I looked back at her again, only to see that she was now wearing an armour formed from blood. She looked like a Valkyrie that had descended upon us mortals to exact vengeance.

Several magic areias appeared around her-


-and this time, they were unaffected by Demolition. From those areias appeared knights clad in full body crimson armour. Of course, they were formed from blood too.

Meanwhile, the ceiling and the walls of the dome started squirming, and just as I feared, what appeared from them was artilleries. But this time, the artilleries were bigger, the barrels of each were longer, wider and numbered six, and there were around 100 of those artilleries.

And yes, all of them were aimed solely at me.

I’m not gonna lie though; this skill is kinda cool. I want it.

“GIVE. BACK. NEIA!” Serasta gave her final ultimatum.

A wrong answer, and around 10000 shells and the 60 knights would be launched at me simultaneously. Those are simply too much for me considering the countless restrictions I have imposed on myself.

What a fucked-up situation.

“Fine, I’ll give you Neia.” I raised my hands.

Whatever, or whoever, this Neia is.


Bruh, wat?



Ok, what? Like, wait, for fuck’s sake, just wait a second!

“Then why the hell are you asking me to give her to you?!”

“DIE!” She screamed, and instantly, the whirling artilleries spewed out their rain of death while the knights lunged at me.

At that same moment, Phiria, Solomon, Sam II and Jack appeared around me.

Phiria erected a translucent white barrier to protect us from the barrage of shells, while Solomon used a magic spell to bind those knights through chains. Sam II and Jack, being the dicks they are, just stood behind me and enjoyed the show.

Tuning the deafening sound of shells hitting the barrier as background noise, I put forward the question I had been wanting to ask since shit hit the fan.

“…Phiria, what are her stats?”

“Hmm? They average around 85 thousand.”


“Come again?”

“Uh, alright.” She rolled her eyes. “84,987.3875982145. There, happy?”

Oh, wow, so she was off by 12.61240179. How helpful.

As if!

“Do I have to release Gamma one or what?”

How else am I supposed to fight that monster?

“Phiria, keep that barrier up for a bit.” Sam II intervened. “And I have something for you.”


What does he have for me?

“Basically, the System has decided that it will facilitate the teleportation of any Demon other than the Deus and Arcus ranks, through skills.”

Oh? Oh oh oh oh ohhhhhh!



Woah, what the fuck! This is perhaps the best news I have heard after coming to this world. Since the Deus and Arcus have been excluded, I can’t summon Walter and the others, but I can summon them!

And I just have the perfect skill for that.

Well, it’s not like I can’t summon them without any skill, but that would be the same as personally going to the God’s Realm and greeting Meteron with a ‘Hey boii, look, I’m here.”

“Now that is interesting. Lemme call them.”

“Go ahead.” Sam II nodded and stepped aside with Jack to give me some room.

This is a skill, or I should say, ability that I got after killing Malphas, the Protector of the city of the damned, Nekroheim. He was one hell of an opponent, but this ability alone is worth all the effort I had to put to defeat him.

Ability: Hellrave.

I activated the skill and started the chant which I had modified to make sure that only they answered it.

“The Ruler of Hell hereby commands you; answer to my call and present thyself before me. I summon thee- Destroyers of Fate, the Knights of Sin!”

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