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Author: Anit666

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【Sam’s POV】



Bruh, wat?

Serasta completed her ritual to summon a Spirit King (fuck), and a torrent of fiery mana shot out from her body. The flames of the summoning circle at her feet frolicked and danced about, and then spread out to form a bigger, much larger magic formation. The formation began spinning and started levitating. The spinning of that formation spread fire everywhere.

After being like that for some moments, it suddenly shot up in the air and stopped at the ceiling of the hall. And when it did, from it descended a figure.

Now, Stolz being Stolz, simply stood there and let the figure make his full appearance.

From the formation out came a 6-armed humanoid giant. Towering over 8 metres, with the exception of his eyes, his entire body seemed to be formed out of crimson flames. The ground he stood on sizzled and melted, while the hot air around him wiggled and made his surroundings blurry.

Serasta, on the other hand, was really pale and panting heavily, but satisfied nonetheless. It seemed that summoning this Spirit King had taken a huge toll on her.


NAME: Solis Feuzaru

RACE: Spirit King

LVL: 2000

Huh? Did I read that right? Level 2000? And before that, why is it showing his status in the same way as it would show a human’s? I was expecting the System to treat it like a monster and show its stats like ATK etc. Hmm……

Why am I hearing boss music?

Stolz and Solis now stood against each other. Neither of them was ready to back down without a fight, so were they trying to gauge the opponent’s power?

Let’s see. The System treated Solis as something other than a monster. So would it be safe to assume that it follows the same rules as us? If I remember correctly, the level limit for a demon is 255. Since Serasta is the former Dark Hero, she should be at that level.

According to Phiria, her stats averaged at 85 thousand. I’ll give the benefit of doubt to Solis and take the value to be 100,000. Multiplying it by 8, we get 800,000.

So, the 2000 level Solis’ stats should average around 800,000. Now, I know for a fact that Stolz’s stats wouldn’t be lower than a million, so in terms of stats, he is the winner.

But does that mean that his victory is guaranteed? Of course not. A battle is decided not just from stats, but also by the respective abilities and skills of the fighters. It is completely possible that Solis has attacks that could kill Stolz in just one hit.

As Stolz took a stance with his sword- a clear indicator that he sees Solis as a worthy opponent-, the Spirit King took away his gaze from Stolz and looked over at us. His eyes met mine. Our gazes were locked with each other for some moments until his body trembled in what seemed to be… excitement.


The moment he jumped from his place and bypassed Stolz was the moment I bashed the keyboard of the piano and started Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2’s friska. As I pressed the keys of F-sharp minor, Solis reached the halfway point in the air and was now descending towards me.

Faultier tried erecting a barrier, but the tempo  of the music was still not fast enough to let him finish on time. With his three right hands drawn back and his fists clenched, Solis descended upon us with his entire might.

He landed right in front of the piano as his fists slammed into the ground and spread out a sea of fire around them.

With his head dropped down, his figure resembled that of a… retainer kneeling in front of his lord?


Ahhhh, now I see.

「Why…」 Solis’ deep snarly voice echoed in my mind. 「Why do I feel Lord Balgaar’s presence from you?」

Yepp, thought so.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Spirit King of Fire, Solis Feuzaru. I’m Samuel Hayden, the Only Lord.”

「I-impossible!」 His head jerked up. 「To defeat all of them is…!」

“But do you not feel it? The power of the Six Lords of Hell that is flowing through me?”

While that power is currently sealed under the gamma protocol, existences like the Spirit Kings which are overly sensitive to people’s auras can clearly sense it. I’m sure that Solis would have had his doubts when he sensed Balgaar’s, his God’s, aura from me, but he was smart enough to not risk it and decided to confirm with me first.

「T-that’s…!」 He was flustered.

“Then that is all the proof you need.”

「…Is it true?」

“Of course. The Six Lords of Hell fell in a battle against me, the Ruler of Hell.”

「………」 He remained silent for several moments. 「I see, so you are our new God…」

Huh. Now that I think about it, it’s true, isn’t it? So not only am I the Demon God, but also the God of all the elemental species, like spirits et cetera. This is interesting.

“Yes. I am your God.”

Solis’ eyes widened, and he bowed his head even deeper.

「I, the Spirit King of fire, Solis Feuzaru, hereby swear my fealty to our new God, Samuel Hayden.」

“I accept it.” I nodded. “Be at ease. There’s no need to fear or be overly servile with me. Remember, just as you respect me, I also respect all the creatures under me. We may not be equals, but we can still maintain a healthy superior-employee relationship.” I flashed a gentle smile.

Solis looked up at me with what seemed to reverence in his eyes.

「You… are different.」


“How so?”

「In the presence of Lord Balgaar, all I felt was terror and the respect that was born from it. But with you, I feel a sort of… warmth. It feels that you are seeing me as Solis Feuzaru, and not as a subordinate.」

Ah, I can understand that. After all, it’ll be a waste to treat him as a mere subordinate when he could be much more.

“That’s just how I am.” I shrugged. “Anyway, what are we going to do with her?” I pointed to Serasta.

She had fallen on her knees from exhaustion and seemed to be throwing a tantrum by scratching her cheeks and arms. Her hazy eyes were swimming, looking for a way to kill me.

“BETRAYER.” She accused him when her eyes met with him. “SOLIS. BETRAYER!” She broke out in tears.

「Serasta…」 He muttered and faced me. 「Serasta is a pitiful child.」


「Pain and suffering are all she has known her entire life. Her parents were killed in front of her eyes when her clan was purged, and she was ostracized by both humans and demons. When she finally found happiness in Neia, that was also snatched away from her by humans.」

That explains her intense hatred for humans.

“Then why is she crying?”

「I… was by her side since the beginning, so seeing me like this…」

Ah, seeing her only comrade bowing to her hateful enemy must have been the highest form of betrayal for her. It must have broken her heart.

「I beg you, my liege.」 He bowed till his head touched the ground. 「Please show mercy to her.」

Huh. That’s quite an intimate relationship he has with Serasta. Surely, they must have gone through a lot of hardships together for their bond to be this deep. Like, Solis is literally begging me to show mercy to her.

As the God whom both of them worship, isn’t it my duty to ensure that their relationship is not sullied due to any misunderstandings?

Besides… they are going to be incredibly useful tools.

“Don’t worry about that, Solis.” I stood up from the piano. “I’m her God too.”

I circled around the Devil’s enchanter and started walking towards Serasta. Even though her heart had been shattered and she had expended all of her energy, it seemed she still had some fight left in her.

A small amount of blood started gathering in front of her, and from it emerged a small artillery, small enough that it could be considered a gun.

⟦Maxwell, initiate protocol Gamma One Seven.⟧

⟦About time you used it. I was getting bored of your little skirmishes.⟧

An overwhelming amount of power coursed through my body when Maxwell did as he was told.



LVL: 1

HP: 9563031/9564304

MP: 593129/791205

STR: 837218

VIT: 573120

DEX: 203478

AGI: 965134

INT: 9999

POT: 666

LUC: 0


800k, huh? I expected as much. But why the fuck is my level still 1 and luck 0? Like, come on man! Would it hurt to give me some luck? Goddamnit!

“I. WILL. KILL. YOU!” Serasta cursed as her little artillery fired at me.

The bullet shot out from that ‘gun’ travelled at supersonic speed and hit me right where my heart was. Of course, it simply bounced off from my chest after reducing my HP by one point.

“WHA?!” Serasta was shocked, but still didn’t relent and fired at me again.

Just how much does she hate humans to try to kill me despite her current state? Just how much did she love Neia to go to such lengths to kill even one more human?

It’s not hard to imagine. Witnessing her parents’ gruesome deaths while her clan was being purged, and that too at such a young age, must have traumatised her. She must have felt lonely when she was ostracized by everyone. She must have hated herself thinking that if the entire world was detesting her, then the world must be right. Her comrade, Solis, must have been the only thread that was preventing her from going insane.

And then she met Neia, and suddenly, her world changed. Her colourless life was suddenly filled with colours, and for the first time, she felt happiness. For the first time, Serasta felt wanted, she felt… loved.

And yet, humans snatched that very Neia from her. Her heart must have been filled with so much despair and hatred that she felt the need to eradicate every single human. She might have succeeded too, but Solomon arrived in this world and sealed her away in a crystal.

And today, the monsters of this dungeon finally released her. Of course, the monsters must have used some skill or magic spell to make her go berserk, but that only served to intensify her burning hatred for humans.

That’s when she saw me, a human. Every fibre of her existence must have screamed at her to destroy me, and she simply followed it. And that’s why she’s putting up this resistance, even though she understands that it’s futile.

I can understand her. I can understand her all too well.

After all, even if we are on different sides, we are still in the same positions.

And that’s exactly why I pity her.


⟦Shhh, just let him be.⟧

If eradicating humanity is enough to fulfil her revenge, then she’s pitiful. If killing every single human by her own hands is enough to satiate her hatred, then she’s pitiful.

She’s so pitiful that it’s nauseating. I cannot stand for it. I will not stand for it. Her lame idea of revenge is just so insulting that every single cell in my body is burning with humiliation.

This is unacceptable! This is unforgivable!

I finally got close enough to her that she could touch me, but all she could so was hit my legs with a stone she found lying around her and cry out-


Her tenacity is touching, but everything else is just utter shit. She must not have the time to cry or despair. She must not have the liberty to let her enemy decide her final fate. This pathetic farce is just inexcusable.

As her God, I must take it upon myself and show her just what it truly means to avenge a loved one. 

And so, I issued my order.


AN: Original Hungarian Rhapsody. Those of you who have watched Tom and Jerry might recognise this song.

While we are at it, if you want to read a really good and satisfying revenge story, try ‘Confessions’ by Kanae Minato. You can buy it from amazon or find a free copy by searching it on google. It has also been adapted in a movie by the same name, but I recommend reading the book.

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