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【Sam’s POV】



Upon receiving the command infused with the authority of the Overlord, her body inadvertently followed it and did what was asked of it.


Serasta immediately stopped pounding my legs and fell on her hands. Judging from the trembling of her kowtowing figure, it seemed that she couldn’t understand what was happening.

I grabbed her hair and lifted her face to force her to look up at me. At the same time, I released my entire bloodlust on her thus making her shiver in fear.

“Do you know why I won’t give you Neia back?”

“RELEASE. ME…” She grumbled in pain.

“Because you are weak.” I scoffed. “The very fact that you have to beg me to release you shows just how weak you are. You will never achieve your revenge this way.”

“NO!” She hissed. “I. WILL. KILL. EVERYONE!”

“Really?” I pulled her hair even more and she winced in pain. “Even though you are kneeling in front of me? Even though you couldn’t kill me?”


Is that all she thinks about?

“Even though I’m your God?”


Talking with her in this state isn’t going anywhere. I might as well be talking to a rock.

“Here, make her normal.” I threw Serasta towards Phiria.

Serasta flew through the air in an arc. But instead of catching her or slowing her descent, Phiria hurled her palm in an uppercut motion. Her palm released a shockwave of mana upon contacting Serasta which flung her back at me, at great speed.

“What the hell?” I barely managed to catch her.

“She tried to kill you.” Phiria shrugged.

“Dude, she was in a berserk state.” I lay the unconscious Serasta on the ground.

Though that doesn’t pardon her attempt at my life, it can still allow us to show some leniency.

“That’s why she is alive.” Phiria harrumphed. “I will be expecting appropriate compensation in return.”

Wow. So now I have to reward my partner for not killing my enemy. Damn.

“What exactly do you expect?”

“An heir.” She replied in a matter-of-fact tone.


“Fine.” She rolled her eyes. “We can use protection.”

“Tempting offer, but nope.”

Really tempting, in fact.

“Tch.” She clicked her tongue. “How about a French kiss?”

Huh. I can consider that.

⟦Kissing a woman who loves you even though you don’t reciprocate her feelings? Trash.⟧

⟦Truly the lowest of scum.⟧

…Well, let’s keep it as a last resort.


“Then a Nosphalsu kiss.”


“That sounds interesting but I don’t know what it is, so, nope.”

“Nope this, nope that, what the hell can you give me?!” She flared up. With a pout, she turned her face away.

This spoiled brat… Why is everything sexual anyway?

“Well, how about a proper, romantic date?”

“Oh?” She stole a glance at me, then demanded with a stern tone. “Do continue.”

Now, how do I explain a romantic date?

“I’ll set out a day just for you. We will go on a date with just the two of us. I’ll be your escort and act as your lover.”

That wouldn’t be too far from the truth, actually.

Phiria faced me and stared at me for some time, perhaps trying to figure out whether I was lying or not.

“That would be…” She started with a really serious expression. “Marvellous!” And broke out in a beaming grin.

Happiness was practically dripping from her and her lovely dreamy expression was a sight to behold. If I could somehow paint this beauty on a canvas, that painting alone would start the second great war of God’s Realm.

Maybe I should make a protocol for it. This is the second time I’ve lost such a precious business opportunity. Though knowing that I’m the only one who can witness this isn’t such a bad feeling either.

“Nnn…” A painful groan ruined the peaceful atmosphere.

As one might expect, the groan came from the woman lying on the ground, Serasta La Graes, the Witch of the Ruin and the former Dark Hero. Her eyes moved behind her eyelids, and before soon, she opened them.

Of course, they were filled with confusion. She moved her head a little and found me. She squinted, perhaps to make out my figure more clearly, and eked out.

“A human…?”

Haah, this is going to be a pain in the ass.

“Technically, yes. But-”

“Then prepare to die- Ouch!” She yelped when she tried to move her body. “Why does my body hurt so much?”

“Because I’ve already beaten you.”

“Beaten? You? No human-”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, no human could have beaten you because you are the Witch of the Ruin, the former Dark Hero and have formed a pact with the Fire Spirit King, Solis Feuzaru. I know all that, and I’ve beaten you despite all that.”

“…Even if we forget about me, do you really think I would believe your claim of defeating the Spirit King himself?” She looked at me as if I was a joker.

“I didn’t beat him, per se.”

“Then you sealed him? Equally unlikely.”

“No- You know what? Talk to him yourself.” I looked towards the Devil’s Enchanter, only to see that Solis was still kneeling at the same spot. “Yo, Solis. Come over and explain the situation to her.”

“What?” She frowned. “He is here?”

「Yes, my lord.」 Solis obliged and made his way towards us, followed by the Knights of Sin, Phiria, Jack and Lui, Sam II and Solomon.

“Solis… what are you doing here?”

「You summoned me here yourself.」

“I did? When-”

「You were in a berserk state till a few moments ago and were engaged in a battle with Lord Samuel. You summoned me here when you were on the brink of defeat.」

“Who’s Lord Samuel?”

「The Only Lord and the Ruler of Hell. In simpler terms, my God.」

“What?!” She exclaimed. “I fought your God?! Where is he? Let me apologise!”

Oh? She seems to have more sense than I expected her to.

「It’s him.」 Solis pointed at me with his gaze. 「My lord, my saviour, my God, Samuel Hayden.」

Hmm? Did I tell him my full name? I don’t remember doing it, but he must have asked the others.

“…….” Serasta looked at me, and then back at Solis, and then at me again. “Is this some sort of joke? Are you guys playing with me?”

「Do I look like I’m joking?」 Solis snorted.

“But you have to!” She yelled and sat up. “A human, and your God? Do you seriously believe that?! You are a spirit for damn’s sake!”

It pains me to admit that her argument makes sense.

「That doesn’t matter. He’s my God, and I know it.」

“Just what the hell did you do to him?!” She turned to me.

“What kind of answer do you want?”

“The truth, obviously.”

“Then I did nothing.” I shrugged. “He followed your request and came to attack me, but stopped at the last moment when he realised that I wasn’t his, or your, enemy.”

“Yeah, right.” She scoffed. “You don’t really expect me to believe that, do you?”

“He’s right, Serasta.” Solomon intervened.

“Ah, Solomon, you piece of shit. I was wondering when you’d open that filthy mouth. I’m actually surprised you have the audacity to show yourself in front of me.” She turned towards Jack and Phiria. “And who are these turds? Your concubines?”

Oof. Why is she making it hard for herself? Like, how about calming down and having a civilised talk?

A dangerous frown formed on Phiria’s face, while Jack smiled and shook his head.

“Guh!” The next moment, Serasta’s throat was in Jack’s clasp.

He squeezed it tight and raised her body into the air. Her dangling feet made their futile resistance by kicking Jack, while her hands clawed and scratched at his arm, but to no avail.


“Shut up, or I’ll blow you out like a candle.” Along with Jack’s threat came a deathly chilling glare.

That was enough to hold Solis at his place. Jack’s sheer bloodlust had terrified Solis to the point that he couldn’t move a single muscle.

Wait, would it be alright to call it ‘muscle’? Solis is made up entirely of flames, so should I call it a layer of fire or something?

“Haahh…” I sighed. “Leave her, Jack.”

“I refuse.”


“Dude, she’s needed.”

“Really?” He furrowed his brows. “Her?”

“L-Lord Jack.” Lui interfered before I could answer. “Please show her mercy. She was once my Hero too.”

Jack turned his gaze to Lui, which caused her to flinch. Tears gathered at the edge of her eyes, but she didn’t turn her eyes away from him.

“…Fine.” Jack sighed and opened his hand, and Serasta fell down following the law of gravity.

“Thanks!” Lui smiled brightly and climbed up to Jack’s shoulder (what is she, a monkey?) and rubbed her face against his.

Is it just me, or has Lui figured out how to make Jack do things for her? What a terrifying little Satan. Damn.

“Khoff! Khoff!” Serasta coughed and gasped for breath. Tears and snot sullied her face and she squirmed on the ground.

“You need to learn how to pick your enemies, Serasta.” Solomon looked down at her. “The people you just insulted are more than capable of making you witness Neia’s death a million times over.”

I don’t think Serasta would have any sanity left after witnessing Neia’s death again, but I’m fairly certain that Phiria would take appropriate measures to ensure that Serasta would never go insane.

And Phiria seemed ready to do just that, but was keeping herself in check because of me. Which means that I’ll have to make the promised date even more worthwhile.

First Michass, and then Serasta; these useless fucking pieces of shit are doing nothing but making my life harder. Maybe next time I’ll just let Phiria have her way and give them the cruellest death possible.

Anyway, Serasta finally regulated her breathing and wiped her tears. Most of all, she looked more wary than before, which would mean she would use her words more wisely.

“I think we started off on the wrong foot.” I flashed a smile. “So, let me reintroduce myself.”

She faced me with an expression of confusion with a touch of caution. I reached out to her, gently took her hand, and helped her on her feet. I stepped back and gave a courteous bow.

“Samuel Hayden, the Demon God, at your service.”

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