Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 6


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“To the new level 2 warrior, Samael. Cheers!”


The hall in Cecile’s mansion was currently filled with people from various backgrounds; from nobles to adventurers and soldiers to maids.

What am I doing at this place, you ask?

Simple, I have been forcefully dragged here.

The day before, I won the Contest of Champions hosted by the Adventurer’s Guild in conjunction with the State. I had to defeat the Hero to do that, and I would have liked a day or two of respite for achieving such an amazing feat.

In return for winning, Cecile, the Third Princess, allowed me to work alongside the Heroes after I gave her the information on Regina and Dark Hero. Then Leige appeared, and after a small skirmish, we parted ways after exchanging information.

And now here we are, where Cecile decided to announce my inclusion to the Hero Party through a party where all the nobles and the Commanders of all the Orders of Knights have been invited.

I mean, is there really a need for such pretences? She could have just prepared a brochure and sent it to them. There was no particular need to personally greet them.

But the biggest culprit was Phiria. ‘Let’s attend this party!’, she said, and nabbed me by my collar and dragged me here.

Good grief. What’s the point of having subordinates if they can’t even listen to me?

As I was cursing the cruel series of events, everyone present in the party raised their glasses in the air and celebrated my inclusion in the Hero party.

“Level 2?”

But what do they mean by ‘Level 2 warrior’?

“Ah, do you not know about this country’s level system?”

The one who addressed my doubt was Sherry, who was chosen to entertain me because Cecile was busy with the guests.

“I used to be a traveller after all.”

“Right, Cecile did say that.” She gazed in my eyes. “Why did you abandon that life and decide to fight alongside us?”

Now then, how should I answer this question? Because I got bored of my travelling life? Because the war wouldn’t let me travel in peace? Hmmm…

“It has been my dream to fight alongside a Hero. Well, to be more honest, what I originally wanted was to become a Hero myself, but after realising that isn’t possible, I changed my goal to fight together with them.”

Though technically speaking, I already achieved this dream when I was summoned to Phiria’s world. Should I tell them that I am a Hero as well? If they ever looked at my ‘Properties’ screen, then they would be able to see the Hero title. I should find a camouflage skill as soon as possible.

“What noble intentions.”

Her gaze left my eyes and travelled to the place Cecile was at.

“Thank you. And the level system that you were talking about was……?”

“Ah, right.” She gulped down the contents of her glass in one swig (what’s the legal age for drinking in this world anyway?) and then turned to me. “In this Kingdom, or let’s say, in humanity in general, people are divided into levels from 0 to 10 based on their power, influence and achievements.”

“I see, I see.”

“The lowest is level 10, and it goes from up there till 0. Now, since you are more powerful than the Heroes, and your achievement is defeating that said Hero, you were placed in the 2nd level.”

“I appreciate your magnanimity.”

I said with a light bow.

“You’re an interesting guy.” She giggled. “By the way, Lantz and the captains of the other knight orders are level 1, while the Demon King Solomon and Fae Lord Leige are in level 0. We Heroes are in the 3rd level.”

“Ranking Solomon in the same level as Leige? Good grief.”

He should be in level -10 or something.

“Do you not agree with that assessment?”

“Let’s just say…… I do agree. I mean, he’s at the highest level. You can’t create a level -1 just for him, now can you?”

Hmm, now that I think about it, what level would the others be in? Especially Jack Hargreave. Level minus infinity, perhaps?

“Hooh….” She seemed bemused. “You know about integers?”

That’s what she’s impressed about? Wow.

“Intijars? What?”

“In-te-gers. That numbers can go below zero as well.”

“Ah, that.” I made a show of understanding. “So they’re called integers, huh? What a fancy name.”

“It’s not fancy………… But how do you know about them?”

“Simple; Solomon taught me.”

“Oh?” Her eyes widened. “You seem to be quite close to the King of Demons.”

“Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not a spy sent by him.”

“I had no such thoughts.”

“I appreciate that.”


“Ah, Solomon, right? Well, I’ve known that guy even before he had been crowned as the Demon King. We spent some time together, and he taught me various things during that time. We were good friends.”

“Then why did you leave his side? Why did you join us?”

Yo, gurl, there’s a thing called tact. What would she have done if I started reciting a heart wrenching theory where Solomon betrayed me and trampled on something precious to me, and so now I’m looking to exact revenge against him?

“Simply to even the sides.”

This answer benefits me the most.

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”

“Let me put it in this way; the only reason you guys are still alive is because Solomon has let you live. In fact, if he were to launch a full-scale attack on this city right now, the most we would be able to do would be to run with our lives.”

“….And how does that relate to you being here?”

“Solomon won’t attack carelessly as long as I am here.”

“That’s-!…………… possible, actually.”

“I have attacks in my arsenal that can wipe out his entire army in just a single hit, and he knows that I won’t hesitate to use them in the middle of the city if push comes to shove.”

“In the middle of the city?!” She was flustered. “You’d kill everyone here if you launched that spell here!”

“You know, right? That progress takes sacrifice?”

Of course, she knows it, because I was the one who taught her that. Her eyes widened instantly, and with quivering lips, she managed to mutter.

“A-are you…………”

“Ah, I finally found you, Samael!”

But before she could finish, someone interrupted us. And that someone was Lantz.

“Do you need something from us, Sir Lantz?”

Sherry asked, both her tone and glare cold.

“Eh? Did I disturb you guys?”

He asked, a bit taken aback.

“……Forget it.” She sighed. “What do you need?”

“O-Oh. Her Highness was asking for him.”

“I see. Let’s go, Samael.”

Lantz looked at me, his eyes asking why Sherry was mad, but since the reason was too complex to just communicate with eyes alone, I decided to just shrug. He shrugged in return and we silently decided to never speak of this incident again.

And so we made our way towards Cecile, who was surrounded by 3 young men (one of whom was Michael). She was chatting with Phiria and giggling pleasantly. Were they having that cursed ‘Girl’s Talk’?

“I see, so you’re here, Samael.”

“Were you afraid that I had run away from this party?”

Two of those men almost glared at me when I spoke so casually with her. In other words, they are trying to court her so I should get away from here, the reason being the teasing smile adorning Phiria’s face.

I could tell before even coming here that she was up to no good again.

“Of course not.” She giggled. “I called you to discuss some other important matter.”

There it is! I knew that they were scheming something!

“And that would be?”

“You see, this party was not just to welcome you.”

“That makes me happy.”

Because that means I’m not the main attraction of this party.

“This party was organised so that I could choose my fiancé.”

Hmm, this is bad. Cecile’s eyes while saying this held some irritation in them.

“I see.” Then I turned my eyes to a place behind her. “Oh, looks like he is calling me. Please excuse me, Your Highness.”

Time to get the fuck out of here.

“Now, now.” Cecile grabbed my hand. “There is no need to hurry.”

I could almost listen to the sounds of the other 3 young men grinding their teeth. And why are you doing that, Michael?

I stole a glance at Sherry, but her expression wasn’t fazed in the slightest.


“You are also one of the candidates, Samael.”



“This man is?!”

“A candidate?!”

Michael seemed to be the most shocked among them.

“Hmm, do you have a problem with my judgement, gentlemen?”

“N-no, how could we…”

At the edge of my vision, I could see that Phiria had turned around and was trying hard to contain her laughter. I see, so she was the one who trapped me here.

“But I am not really interested in marriage right now, Your Highness. So-”

But before I could finish, Lantz had already appeared behind me. He got close to my ear and whispered.

“This is for a special program, so please play along for now.”

*presses X to doubt*

I looked at Cecile, but her smile didn’t betray her emotions or thoughts.

All right then, let’s play along.

I’ll be your suitor for today, Cecile. So, entertain me.



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