Ruler Vol 5 Interlude: Because You are Here


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes




Everything was white.

The walls, ceiling, ground, the large gate, the mist my breaths formed; all of them were white.

And there was no one around me.

The rhythmic beeps resounding in this place were my only companions.


I shivered and sneezed, again, something which I had started only recently.

As I continued my work in silence, handling the insane amounts of requests and information and incorporating them into the database, I received a rather peculiar request.

It was a request related to him.

But before I could tackle it, a swoosh resounded as the gate in front of me opened. Wind blew due to the temperature difference that was generated, and in stepped a man.

Flowing white hair, azure eyes and a gentle smile on his face; I was pretty familiar with that man.

“How may I help you, your Excellency?”

“We are in the same positions, aren’t we? There’s no need to be so courteous with me.”

His lips curled into that indiscernible smile which I could never understand. There was nothing in my database relating to that, which confused- that is the technical term, I believe- me even more.

He approached me and sat down on his knee to reach my eye level.

“I was wondering whether you had changed your mind or not.”

“I will never do that.”

He chuckled.

“Your defiance is cute, but do you seriously believe that man will come for you? Even after all this time?”


I involuntarily raised my voice- a phenomenon that I haven’t fully understood yet.

“Your determination is pretty cute as well.” He chuckled again and stood up. “But I hope you understand; he is not coming for you.”

“You are a liar!”

“Really? Surely you must know it; he was recently in the God’s Realm. Yet he did not even make any attempt to contact you.”

“Papa must have had some reasons for that. Yes, papa is a very busy man after all. So, you are a liar!”

“Is that so?”

He turned around and started walking towards the gate. But before he left, he looked back at me and smiled in that way again.

“I sincerely hope that you can realise what a liar that man is.”

He exited after that, and the gate closed.

But the only liar here is him.

Papa would never lie to me. He’ll come back for me. And when he frees me from this place, we’ll go and see the rest of the world; we’ll visit the many beautiful places he told me about, meet the many wonderful people he told me about. We’ll eat those various delicacies, indulge in many games, and create a lot of memories together.

And then, I will gain a heart.

I’m sure of it.

Papa promised me after all.


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